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"AH" baby names ending with -ah are used more often as feminine names.

These girl names were at the apex of their popularity in 2013 (usage of 0.0324%) and have remained as popular to this day (usage 0.0317%, down 2.4%), but with names like Moriah, Micah, Savanah, Kaylah and Khadijah becoming somewhat outmoded. The more fashionable baby names among these are Alayah (#558), Jaylah (#358), Ariah (#688), Laylah (#593) and Avah (#708). Sayah (top 57%) and Trayah (71%) are familiar -ah last names.

Here is the list of -ah names for boys.

pinAbiah - Akela

Page 1/18 of 356 -ah grouped names.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of -ah names: Adah, Akeelah, Dinah

Abiah [Aviah, .. 1 more] 1 Derived fr. Hebrew language. "God is my father." Not Top 1000 names. ..

Abijah [Abishah, .. 4 more] 2 Root fr. Hebrew word. "God is my father." Aiabijah, Aijah and Auabijah are kreatif variations.

[Abrah, .. 3 more] Form of Abra 3 From Hebrew, Arabic, Akan languages. "Father of many." Outside Top 1000. See also Afra. ..

Achsah 4 Stems fr. Hebrew language. "Ankle bracelet." Unusual. Achsah (cf. Alisah) has the feminine-sounding -sah suffix.

[Achimah, Acimah, .. 1 more] Var. of Acima 5 Source fr. Hebrew word. "God will judge." Outside Top 1000. ..

[Addiah, Adiah, Aidah, .. 11 more] Var. of Ada 6 Origin fr. Old German element. "Noble." Not in popularity charts. ..

Adah 7 Based on Hebrew. "Adornment." Not Top 1000 name. See also Alah. ..

[Adrah, .. 1 more] Form of Adara 8 From Arabic, Greek, Hebrew languages. "Virgin; beauty; noble." Not Top 1000 name. See also Audra.

[Adellah, .. 9 more] Form of Adela 9 Based on Old German. "Noble." Outside Top 1000. See also Ahdella. ..

[Adellah, .. 28 more] Form of Adeline 10 Source fr. Old German. "Noble." Unique. Adellah, like Akeelah, has the androgynous -lah ending. See also Adelle. ..

[Adinah, Denah, Dinah, .. 4 more] Forms of Adena 11 Based on Hebrew language. "Decoration." Not in Top 1000.

[Adibah, .. 1 more] Var. of Adiba 12 Origin fr. Arabic element. "Cultured, refined." Outside Top 1000. See also Atifah.

[Adinah, .. 5 more] Form of Adina 13 From Hebrew language. "Noble, gentle, delicate." Not in popularity charts. See also Adibah.

[Adivah, .. 1 more] Form of Adiva 14 Derived fr. Hebrew. "Polite, considerate." Not in popularity charts. See also Adibah. ..

[Adriah, Adrianah, Adriannah, Adrienah, .. 21 more] Forms of Adrienne 15 Derivative of Latin element. "From Hadria." Unusual. Adrianah, Adriannah, Adrienah, like Alenah, uses the -nah ending. ..

[Affricah, Affrikah, Africah, Afrikah, Apirkah, .. 8 more] Var. of Africa 16 Source fr. Celtic. "Pleasant." Not in Top 1000.

[Agnah, Agnellah, Agnettah, Agnolah, Ainah, Inah, Annisah, Nessah, Nestah, Nevesah, Oonah, Unah, .. 63 more] Var. of Agnes 17 From Greek language. "Pure, holy." Not in popularity charts. ..

[Leanah, Leannah, Lenah, Liannah, Linah, .. 37 more] Forms of Aileen 18 Derivative of Norman element. Scottish variant of Eileen, which possibly .. Unusual, with the common -nah ending for Leanah, Lenah, etc. like Luannah.

[Aayshah, Aeeshah, Aeshah, Aeshah, Aieshah, Aisiah, Aishah, Ashah, Ashiah, Asiah, Ayeesah, Ayeisah, Ayeeshah, Ayeishah, Ayisah, Ayishah, Ieashah, Ieshah, Ieashiah, Ieeshah, Ieeshiah, Yieshah, .. 40 more] Var. of Aisha 19 Based on Arabic element. "Alive and well." Not in popularity charts.

[Akeelah] Form of Akela 20 Source fr. Old German language. "Noble." Outside Top 1000. See also Akilah. ..

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for -ah names for girls.

Abiah - Akela
Abiah [Aviah], Abijah [Abishah], Abra [Abrah], Achsah, Acima [Acimah], Ada [Aidah, ..], Adah, Adara [Adrah], Adela [Adellah], Adeline [Adellah], Adena [Dinah, ..], Adiba [Adibah], Adina [Adinah], Adiva [Adivah], Adrienne [Adrienah, ..], Africa [Apirkah, ..], Agnes [Unah, ..], Aileen [Linah, ..], Aisha [Yieshah, ..], Akela [Akeelah]

Akilah - Amaris
Akilah, Akiva [Kivah, ..], Alaia [Alayah], Alana [Lannah, ..], Alannah, Aleeza [Alizah, ..], Alfreda [Frydah, ..], Alice [Lichah, ..], Alida [Lydah, ..], Alina [Lynah, ..], Alisa [Alyssah, ..], Alizah [Aleezah], Aliya [Alliah, ..], Alla [Alah], Alma [Almah], Almeda [Almitah, ..], Almera [Myrah, ..], Alva [Alvah], Amanda [Amandah], Amaris [Amariah]

Amelinda - Atifa
Amelinda [Amelindah], Amica [Amicah], Amina [Amynah, ..], Aminta [Amintah], Amira [Mirah, ..], Amiya [Amiyah], Amy [Amiah], Ania [Aniyah], Anisa [Anisah], Anna [Annah], Annora [Norah], Arava [Aravah], Arda [Ardah], Aria [Ariyah], Ashira [Ashirah], Ashra [Ashirah], Ashley [Ashleah], Asia [Asyah], Asta [Hadassah], Atifa [Atifah]

Ava - Chanya
Ava [Avah], Aviva [Avivah], Azaria [Azariah], Azuba [Zubah], Bara [Barah], Beatrice [Beah], Beulah [Byulah, ..], Bina [Binah], Blimah [Blimah], Breanna [Breah], Brenda [Brenndah], Brenna [Brennah], Brianna [Briannah], Caoimhe [Keevah], Cara [Carah], Carla [Carleah], Chamania [Chamaniah], Chana [Chanah], Chanina [Haninah], Chanya [Hanyah, ..]

Chasidah - Delilah
Chasidah, Chava [Chabah], Chazona [Chazonah], Chepzibah, Chermona [Hermonah], Christa [Krystah], Christina [Tinah], Ciara [Cierrah], Cira [Cyrah], Cyra [Cyrah], Dakota [Dakotah], Dalia [Dalyah, ..], Dana [Danah], Danna [Dannah], Dara [Darrah], Datya [Datyah], Daya [Dayah], Deborah [Devorah, ..], Deja [Dejah, ..], Delilah [Lilah]

Dena - Elmira
Dena [Dinah], Derora [Drorah], Devora [Devorah], Diana [Diannah], Dimona [Dimonah], Dinah [Dynah], Ditza [Ditzah], Dora [Dorah], Edna [Ednah], Eila [Elah], Eileen [Eilah], Eithne [Ethnah], Elana [Elanah], Eleanor [Norah], Elfrida [Friedah, ..], Eliora [Eliorah], Eliza [Elizah], Elizabeth [Elisah], Elkana [Elkanah], Elmira [Myrah, ..]

Emilia - Halleli
Emilia [Emilyah], Erica [Erykah], Eulalia [Eulah], Eva [Evah], Farrah [Farah], Fatima [Fatmah, ..], Galila [Glilah, ..], Gana [Ganah], Geila [Gilah, ..], Geneva [Jonevah], Geulah, Gilana [Gilah], Gilia [Giliyah], Habibah [Havivah], Hadara [Hadarah], Hadassah, Hafsa [Hafsah], Hala [Halah], Halima [Halimah], Halleli [Hallelujah]

Hamida - Jana
Hamida [Hamidah], Hana [Hannah], Hania [Hannyah, ..], Hannah [Hanah, ..], Harela [Harrellah], Haviva [Havvivah], Hedia [Hedyah], Hedy [Hediah], Hephzibah [Hepzibah, ..], Honor [Norah], Hulda [Huldah], Idona [Idonah], Ieesha [Ieeshah], Ioanna [Ioannah], Ja- [Jaliyah], Jae [Jaeleah], Jameelah [Jamilah], Jamila [Jamilah], Jan [Jannah], Jana [Jannah]

Janae - Karla
Janae [Janah], Janoah, Jay [Jaylah], Jedida [Jedidah], Jemima [Jemmimah, ..], Jenna [Jennah], Jerusha [Jerushah], Jessica [Jessah], Joanna [Johannah], Johanna [Johannah], Jorah, Jumana [Jumanah], Kaila [Kailah], Kalei [Kaleah], Kalila [Kylilah], Kamilah [Kamillah], Kara [Karrah], Karima [Karimah], Karina [Karenah], Karla [Karlah]

Kayla - Leila
Kayla [Kaylah, ..], Kefira [Kefirah], Keila [Keilah], Keisha [Keeshah], Kelila [Kelulah], Kendra [Kennah], Keturah, Kezia [Keziah], Khadija [Khadijah], Kia [Kiah], Kiana [Kionah], Kira [Kiriah], Kylie [Kylah], Kyra [Kyrah], La- [Latifah], Laila [Laylah], Latifah [Lateefah], Latoya [Latoyah], Leah, Leila [Lilah, ..]

Lemuela - Mariah
Lemuela [Lemuellah], Lenore [Lenorah], Leonora [Norah], Leora [Leorah], Lida [Lidah], Lila [Lylah], Lora [Lorah], Luana [Luannah], Luba [Lyubah], Lyla [Lilah], Madeline [Marleah], Mahalia [Mahaliah], Maia [Mayah], Maiya [Maiyah], Majida [Majidah], Malia [Maleah], Malka [Milcah, ..], Mara [Marah], Maria [Moriah, ..], Mariah

Maura - Nathifah
Maura [Morah], Maya [Miah], Medea [Medorah], Menora [Menorah], Mia [Miah], Micah [Mykah], Michaela [Micaiah], Miranda [Mirandah], Mona [Monah], Moriah [Moraiah], Myra [Myriah], Naavah, Nabila [Nabilah], Nadira [Nadirah], Naila [Nailah], Naima [Naimah], Natalie [Nataleah], Natasha [Natashah], Nathania [Natanyah], Nathifah [Natifah]

Nechama - Rabab
Nechama [Nehamah], Neena [Neenah], Neoma [Neomah], Nia [Nyah], Nina [Neenah], Nona [Nonnah], Nora [Norah], Nyla [Nylah], Ophrah [Orpah], Orit [Orah], Orpah [Oprah], Otzara [Otzarah], Palma [Pallmirah], Pandora [Pandorah], Pelia [Peliah], Peninah, Peri [Perah], Petula [Petulah], Qiturah [Queturah], Rabab [Rabiah]

Rabiah - Sahara
Rabiah, Rafa [Rafah], Raina [Rainah], Rama [Ramah], Rashida [Rashidah], Raziah, Reanna [Reannah], Rebecca [Rivkah, ..], Rena [Rinah], Rinah, Riona [Rionnah], Riva [Rivkah], Rose [Rosenah], Roseanne [Rosehannah], Saba [Shebah], Sabina [Sebinah], Sabra [Sabrah], Sadie [Sadah], Safiyah, Sahara [Saharah]

Salimah - Shawna
Salimah, Salome [Selmah], Samira [Samirah], Sarah [Zarah, ..], Sariah, Savannah [Savanah], Sedona [Sedonah], Seema [Simah], Selima [Selimah], Selma [Zelmah], Serena [Serinah], Sha- [Sharayah], Shaina [Shainah], Shalisa [Shalishah], Shalom [Shalvah], Shamira [Shamirah], Shana [Shannah], Shaneika [Shaneikah], Shasta [Shastah], Shawna [Shawnah]

Shayla - Taima
Shayla [Shaylah], Shayna [Shaynah], Sheba [Shebah], Sheena [Sheenah], Sheila [Shilah, ..], Shera [Sherah], Shifra [Shifrah], Shiri [Shirah], Shona [Shonah], Shoshana [Sosannah, ..], Shyla [Shylah], Sidonia [Sydonah], Simone [Shimonah], Sofia [Sofiah], Soraya [Soreeyah], Susan [Suzannah, ..], Susannah [Suzannah, ..], Suzanne [Suzannah], Ta- [Taleah], Taima [Taoimah]

Taja - Wanda
Taja [Tajah], Talia [Taliah], Tallulah, Talma [Talmah], Tamara [Tamrah], Tanya [Tonyah], Tara [Tarrah], Tatiana [Tatyanah], Terra [Terrah], Thurayya [Surayyah], Tiara [Tiarah], Tikva [Tikvah], Tirzah [Tyrzah], Toby [Tovah], Tova [Tovah], Tsila [Tzilah], Tzipporah [Zipporah], Umnia [Umniyah], Una [Unah], Wanda [Wandah]

Winona - Zora
Winona [Winonah], Yaffa [Yaffah], Yaminah, Yoana [Yoannah], Yonina [Yoninah], Zahavah [Zehavah], Zahira [Zahirah], Zahra [Zahrah], Zaina [Zaynah], Zakiya [Zakiah], Zara [Zariah], Zilla [Zillah], Zilpha [Zilpah], Zippora [Zipporah], Ziv [Zivah], Zora [Zorrah]