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Names ending with -ana

-ana names ending with -ana for females. Names that end in -ana are used more often as feminine names. Here is the list of -ana names for boys. Usage of these girl names reached its peak in 2011 and it has remained as widespread to this day, but with names like Juana, Shana, Tatyana, Dana and Jana becoming somewhat dated. The most trendy baby names in this list are Giuliana (#373), Milana (#762), Elliana (#296), Luciana (#469) and Aviana (#802).

Abra - Adina

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[Abrahana, .. 3 more] Var. of Abra 1 From Hebrew, Arabic, Akan elements. "Father of many; example, lesson; girl born on Tuesday." The version Abrahana is rarely used as a first name. See also Abriana. ..

Abriana 2 Based on Hebrew element. "Father of many." Unique as a given name. See also Abrahana. ..

Adana 3 Origin fr. Hebrew word. "Earth." Adana is rarely used as a feminine name. See also Adena. ..

[Adeana, .. 1 more] Var. of Adin 4 Source fr. Hebrew word. "Delicate and slender." Scarce as a girls' name. See also Aydana.

[Adeana, .. 5 more] Var. of Adina 5 Origin fr. Hebrew word. "Noble, gentle, delicate." The variant form Adeana is rarely used as a feminine name. See also Adan.

Popularity of -ana baby names

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Related Names

Similar-sounding names for -ana that end with: -aena, -ahna, -aina, -anae, -anah, -anay, -anea, -ani, -ania, -anna, -any, -anya, -auna, -awna, -ayna, -eana, -ena, -iana, -ina, -oana, -ona, -uana, -una, -wana, -yana, -yna, -na, -a.

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Summary of all names grouped by variations for -ana names for girls.

[Abra - Adina]
Abra [Abrahana], Abriana, Adana, Adin [Adeana], Adina [Adeana]

[Adrienne - Amana]
Adrienne [Adriana], Agraciana, Aileen [Liana, ..], Aiyana, Alana [Lana], Alda [Aldana], Alexandra [Dzana], Aliyah [Aleana], Allena [Alana], Amana

[Ana - Aura]
Ana, Andrea [Andriana], Ann [Nana, ..], Ariadne [Aryana], Ariana [Aryana, ..], Arlene [Arleana], Aryana, Aubrey [Aubriana], Audriana [Audreana], Aura [Auriana]

[Aurelia - Brittany]
Aurelia [Aureliana], Aviana, Ayanna [Iana, ..], Bettina [Betiana], Bibiana, Biljana, Bogdana [Bohdana], Breanna [Breiana, ..], Brianna [Bryana, ..], Brittany [Brittana]

[Caprice - Christen]
Caprice [Capriana], Carina [Cariana], Carla [Carlana], Caroline [Caroliana], Cedrica [Cedriana], Chana, Chandana, Chevonne [Shifana], Cheyenne [Chiana], Christen [Christana]

[Christian - Damia]
Christian [Cristiana], Christiana [Tiana, ..], Christina [Christiana], Ciana [Kiana], Cipriana [Sypriana, ..], Corazon [Corazana], Corinna [Coreana], Cypris [Supriana], Dahlia [Dahiana], Damia [Damyana]

[Dana - Dena]
Dana, Danna [Dana], Daria [Dhariana], Davina [Daviana], De- [Delana], Deanna [Deeana, ..], Deborah [Debriana], Delana, Demi [Demiana], Dena [Deana]

[Devon - Edana]
Devon [Devana], Dhana, Diana [Dyana, ..], Didiane [Didiana], Dillian [Dilliana], Doria [Doriana], Duana [Dwana], Dulce [Dulsiana], Dylana, Edana [Aydana]

[Egidia - Etana]
Egidia [Egidiana], Eileen [Leana, ..], Eirian [Eirana], Elaine [Elliana], Elana [Ilana], Eliana [Ileana, ..], Elkana, Elvia [Elviana], Emilia [Emiliana], Etana

[Evania - Galiana]
Evania [Evana], Fabia [Fabiana], Felicia [Feliciana], Flana, Flora [Floriana], Florence [Floriana], Gaea [Gaiana], Gaetana, Galiena [Galiana], Galiana

[Gana - Giordana]
Gana, Geila [Gilana], Georgia [Georgyana], Georgina [Georgyana], Germaine [Germana], Gianna [Giana], Gilana, Gillian [Giliana], Gina [Geana], Giordana

[Giovanna - Hadria]
Giovanna [Jovana, ..], Gitana, Giulia [Julliana, ..], Giuliana, Giustinia [Justiniana], Glenna [Gleana], Gloria [Gloriana], Grace [Gratiana], Gregoria [Gregorijana], Hadria [Hadriana]

[Haldana - Iolana]
Haldana, Hana, Hannah [Hana], Helen [Nelliana, ..], Hosanna [Osana], Ilana [Iliana, ..], Iliana [Illiana, ..], Indiana [Idiana], Ioanna [Ioana], Iolana

[Irene - Jean]
Irene [Iriana], Iris [Iridiana], Ishana, Ivana, Jade [Jadeana], Jae [Jaelana], Jan [Jana], Jana, Jane [Juana, ..], Jean [Jeana]

[Jeovanna - Jordan]
Jeovanna [Jeovana], Jessie [Jessana], Jiana, Jill [Jillana], Jillian [Jilliana, ..], Jo [Jolana], Joanna [Joana], Johanna [Johana], Johnna [Jana], Jordan [Jordana]

[Jorgina - Kalani]
Jorgina [Jorjana], Josephine [Josana], Jovana, Juanita [Juana], Judith [Judeana], Julia [Julyana, ..], Juliana [Giuliana], Jumana, Ka- [Katana], Kalani [Kalana]

[Kara - Kim]
Kara [Kariana], Katherine [Katriana], Kay [Kayana], Keena [Keeana], Keilana, Keitha [Keithana], Kerry [Kerridana], Khristina [Khristyana], Kiana [Quiana], Kim [Kimana]

[Kira - Liana]
Kira [Kiriana], Kristina [Krystiana], La- [Laquana], Lana, Lantana, Laura [Laurana], Leanna [Leana], Levana [Livana], Lewana [Livana], Liana [Leiana]

[Lillian - Malana]
Lillian [Lilliana], Lily [Liliana], Lori [Loriana], Louise [Louisiana], Luana [Luwana], Luciana [Ciana], Lucy [Luciana], Luisa [Luisana], Luz [Luziana], Malana

[Marcia - Milena]
Marcia [Marciana], Marian [Mariana], Marianne [Mariana], Marlene [Marlana], Mary [Mariana], Matana, May [Mayana], Melanie [Melana], Melina [Meleana], Milena [Milana]

[Miliana - Nissa]
Miliana, Mira [Miriana], Miriam [Miyana], Montana, Morgan [Morgana], Nan [Nana], Nana, Natana, Natasha [Tassiana], Nissa [Nissnana]

[Nitza - Philana]
Nitza [Nitzana], Nolan [Nolana], Oceana, Octavia [Octoviana, ..], Oksana, Oliana [Oleana], Olympia [Olimpiana], Ora [Orarariana], Oriana [Oreana], Philana

[Philippa - Rexanne]
Philippa [Philana], Priscilla [Prisciliana], Quiana [Qiana], Quintana, Quintina [Quintana], Rachana [Rashana], Rana, Rani [Rana], Rayann [Rayana], Rexanne [Rexana]

[Rhiannon - Ryan]
Rhiannon [Riana], Rhona [Roana], Riane [Riana], Rihana, Rohana, Roma [Romana], Roseanne [Rossana], Roshan [Roshana], Roxanne [Ruksana, ..], Ryan [Ryana]

[Sana - Shannon]
Sana, Sanna [Sana], Santana, Savannah [Savana], Seana, Sebastiane [Sebastiana], Sha- [Sharana], Shaina [Shana], Shana [Lashana], Shannon [Shana]

[Sharlene - Solana]
Sharlene [Sharlana], Shawna [Siana, ..], Shaya [Shayana], Shayna [Shana], Shoshana [Shana], Sian [Siana], Silvana, Silvia [Sirvana], Siri [Siriana], Solana

[Stephanie - Tanya]
Stephanie [Stevana, ..], Susan [Suzana, ..], Susanna [Susana], Susannah [Zuzana, ..], Suzanne [Suesana], Svetlana [Swetlana], Sylvia [Sylviana, ..], Ta- [Tawana], Taja [Tajiana], Tanya [Tana]

[Tasha - Tori]
Tasha [Toshiana], Tatiana [Tiatiana, ..], Te- [Teana], Terry [Teriana], Texana, Thana, Tia [Tiana], Tiana [Tyana], Titania [Tiziana], Tori [Toriana]

[Tricia - Vianna]
Tricia [Trishana], Trista [Tristana], Tristana, Tryphena [Tryphana], Tzigane [Tsigana], Urbana, Valerie [Valeriana], Vanna [Vana], Veronica [Rana], Vianna [Viana]

[Victoria - Zetta]
Victoria [Victoriana], Viridiana, Vivian [Vyvyana, ..], Yoana [Yana], Yordan [Yordana], Yuridiana, Zaina [Zana], Zanna [Zana], Zelia [Zelleana], Zetta [Zetana]

[Zigana - Zora]
Zigana [Tzigana], Zora [Zorana]


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