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"ANNA" baby names ending with -anna are used more often as feminine names.

Adoption of these girl names reached its apex in the year 2006 (adoption of 0.06%) and is almost as conventional today (adoption 0.05%, 16.41%), but with names like Breanna, Deanna, Ayanna, Tianna and Giovanna becoming somewhat dated. The more fashionable names for newborns among these are Ivanna (#664), Elianna (#651), Lilianna (#648), Aryanna (#546) and Arianna (#40). Elbanna (top 70%) and Tanna (40%) are conventional -anna surnames.

pinAbriana - Ayanna

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of -anna names: Adrianna, Aiyanna, Alanna, Alianna, Anna

[Abrianna, .. 4 more] Var. of Abriana 1 Derivative of Hebrew. "Father of many." Abrianca, Abrianne and Abrianta are kreatif forms. ..

Adanna 2 Derivative of Nigerian language. "Her father's daughter." Uncommon. Adanna, like Arionna, has the -nna ending. See also Adeena.

[Adreanna, Adrianna, .. 23 more] Forms of Adrienne 3 Based on Latin language. "From Hadria." Ranked in Top 1000. ..

[Agracianna, Agracyanna] Var. of Agraciana 4 Root fr. Spanish. "Forgiveness." Not Top 1000 names.

[Ileanna, Ilianna, Illianna, Leanna, Lianna, .. 37 more] Forms of Aileen 5 Root fr. Norman word. Scottish variant of Eileen, which possibly .. Ranked in Top 1000.

[Aiyanna, Ayanna] Var. of Aiyana 6 Origin fr. Native American Indian element. "Forever flowering." Listed in Top 1000. ..

[Alanna, Lanna, .. 31 more] Forms of Alana 7 Derivative of Old German, Hawaiian words. "Precious; awakening." Listed in Top 1000. ..

[Alexanna, .. 18 more] Var. of Alexis 8 Derivative of Greek word. "Defender." Not in Top 1000. See also Alejanda.

[Alianna] Var. of Aliana 9 Source fr. Hebrew. "My God has answered." Common, and Alianna is similar to popular surname Avina (top 3%), which also ends with -na. See also Alannah. ..

[Alanna, .. 11 more] Form of Allena 10 Derived fr. Old German word. "Precious." Listed in Top 1000. See also Allana. ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of -anna names: Arianna, Aryanna, Aubrianna, Audrianna, Avianna

Top 1000 baby names ranking of -anna names: Ayanna, Leanna

[Anna, .. 46 more] Form of Anastasia 11 Stems fr. Greek language. "Resurrection." Usage of Anna as a children's name in 2014 was up 1.4% compared to 10 years ago. See also Ania. ..

[Andreanna, Andrianna, .. 50 more] Var. of Andrea 12 From Greek language. "Manly, virile." Unique, with the feminine-sounding -na ending for Andreanna, Andrianna, like Adelyna. ..

[Anna, .. 95 more] Form of Anne 13 Source fr. Hebrew word. "He (God) has favored me." Anna is popular as a birth name compared to . See also Arna. ..

Anna 14 Source fr. Hebrew element. "He (God) has favored me." Listed in Top 1000. See also Aanya. ..

[Arianna, Aryanna, .. 12 more] Forms of Ariadne 15 Source fr. Greek language. "Most holy." Arianna and Aryanna were Top birth names in 2014.

[Arianna, Aryanna, .. 7 more] Forms of Ariana 16 Origin fr. Welsh. "Silver." Common. Arianna, Aryanna (cf. Adalina) ends with -na. ..

[Aubrianna, .. 12 more] Form of Aubrey 17 Based on Old German language. "Elf or magical being, power." Aubrianna is an unconventional feminine name. See also Audrianna. ..

[Audreanna, Audrianna, .. 1 more] Var. of Audriana 18 A blend of Audrey and Anna. Unconventional, with usage of 0.001% for Audreanna and Audrianna as baby names in 2014, lower than 0.011% a year ago.

[Avianna, .. 1 more] Form of Aviana 19 Blend of Ava and Ana. Widely used, with usage of 0.117% for Avianna as a birth name in 2014, higher than 0.079% the year before. See also Alianna.

Ayanna [Aivanna, Aiyanna, Ianna, .. 8 more] 20 Root fr. Kiswahili language. "Beautiful flower." Usage of Ayanna, Ianna, etc. as baby names in 2014 was down 80.5% compared to the previous decade. ..

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for -anna names for girls.

Abriana - Ayanna
Abriana [Abrianna], Adanna, Adrienne [Adrianna], Agraciana [Agracyanna], Aileen [Lianna, ..], Aiyana [Ayanna], Alana [Lanna], Alexis [Alexanna], Aliana [Alianna], Allena [Alanna], Anastasia [Anna], Andrea [Andrianna], Anne [Anna], Anna, Ariadne [Aryanna], Ariana [Aryanna], Aubrey [Aubrianna], Audriana [Audrianna], Aviana [Avianna], Ayanna [Ianna, ..]

Belanna - Davina
Belanna, Bibiana [Bibianna], Breanna [Breeanna], Brianna [Breayanna, ..], Canna, Chana [Channa], Charlene [Charlanna], Cheyenne [Chianna], Christian [Cristianna], Christiana [Kristianna, ..], Christina [Christianna], Chrysantha [Crisanna], Ciana [Cianna], Cipriana [Ciprianna], Corey [Corrianna], Dana [Danna], Danielle [Danna], Danna, Daria [Darianna], Davina [Davianna]

Deanna - Galiena
Deanna [Deeanna], Deborah [Debreanna], Dena [Deanna], Devon [Devanna], Dhana [Dhanna], Diana [Dyanna, ..], Didiane [Didianna], Dillian [Dillianna], Doria [Dorianna], Eileen [Lianna, ..], Elaine [Elanna], Elana [Elanna], Eliana [Elianna], Elkana [Elkanna], Enda [Eanna], Evania [Evanna], Fabia [Favianna], Fay [Fayanna], Flana [Flanna], Galiena [Galianna]

Georgia - Jean
Georgia [Georgianna], Georgina [Georgianna], Geraldine [Gerianna], Gianna, Gillian [Gillianna], Giovanna [Jovanna, ..], Gitana [Jeetanna], Gloria [Gloryanna], Hadria [Hadrianna], Haldana [Haldanna], Hannah [Hanna], Hosanna [Osanna], Ilana [Ilianna, ..], Iliana [Illianna, ..], Ioanna [Yohanna], Ivana [Ivanna], Jan [Janna], Jana [Janna], Jane [Johanna, ..], Jean [Jeanna]

Jeovanna - Lana
Jeovanna, Jiana [Jianna], Jillian [Jillyanna], Jo [Josanna], Joanna [Johanna], Johanna [Jovanna, ..], Johnna [Jovanna, ..], Jordan [Jordanna], Josephine [Josianna], Jovana [Jovanna], Joy [Joyanna], Juanita [Wanna], Julia [Julyanna], Juliana [Julieanna], Jumana [Jumanna], Kara [Karianna], Kerry [Kerianna], Kiana [Quianna, ..], Kristina [Krystianna], Lana [Lanna]

Lantana - Oriana
Lantana [Lantanna], Leanna [Leighanna], Levana [Livanna], Lewana [Lewanna], Liana [Lianna], Lillian [Lillianna], Lora [Loreanna], Lou [Louanna], Luana [Luanna, ..], Lucy [Lucianna], Madeline [Dalanna], Marianne [Maryanna], Mary [Marianna], Maryann [Maryanna], Miriam [Miyanna], Montana [Montanna], Nan [Nanna], Oksana [Oksanna], Oliana [Olianna], Oriana [Orianna]

Osanna - Ryan
Osanna, Philana [Filanna], Polly [Pollyanna], Pollyanna, Quiana [Quiyanna, ..], Rachana [Rachanna], Rae [Raeanna], Rayann [Rayanna], Reanna, Rexanne [Rexanna], Rhiannon [Rianna, ..], Riane [Rianna], Roanna [Ranna], Rohana [Rohanna], Roseanne [Rozeanna, ..], Rowan [Roanna], Roxanne [Ruksanna, ..], Roya [Royanna], Roza [Rozanna], Ryan [Ryanna]

Sanna - Tatiana
Sanna [Zanna], Savannah [Vanna, ..], Seana [Seanna], Shana [Shanna], Shannon [Shanna], Shawna [Sianna, ..], She- [Shelanna], Shoshana [Sosanna], Shyanne [Shyanna], Sian [Sianna], Silvana [Silvanna], Silvia [Sirvanna], Susan [Zanna, ..], Susanna [Suzanna, ..], Susannah [Zuzanna, ..], Suzanne [Susanna], Svetlana [Svetlanna], Sylvia [Sylvanna], Ta- [Talanna], Tatiana [Tatyanna, ..]

Te- - Zsazsa
Te- [Teanna], Texana [Texanna], Tiana [Tyanna], Toya [Toyanna], Urbana [Urbanna], Vanessa [Vanna], Vanna [Lavanna], Veronica [Ranna], Vianna, Viridiana [Viridianna], Vivian [Vivianna], Yoana [Yoanna], Yolanda [Jolanna], Yordan [Yordanna], Ysanne [Ysanna], Zanna, Zigana [Ziganna], Zoanne [Zoanna], Zsazsa [Zsuzsanna]