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Names ending with -anna from Alana - Ayanna

Page 2/18. 174 -anna grouped name results ending with -anna for females. Listing 6-15.

Alana (Old German, Hawaiian) "Precious; awakening." ..
[Alanna, Lanna]

Alexis (Greek) "Defender."

Allena (Old German) "Precious." ..

Andrea (Greek) "Manly, virile." ..
[Andreanna, Andrianna]

Anna (Hebrew) "He (God) has favored me." ..

Ariadne (Greek) "Most holy." ..
[Arianna, Aryanna]

Ariana (Welsh) "Silver." ..
[Arianna, Aryanna]

Audriana A blend of Audrey and Anna.
[Audreanna, Audrianna]

Aviana Blend of Ava and Ana.

Ayanna (Kiswahili) "Beautiful flower." ..
[Aivanna, Ianna]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of -anna names: Alanna, Anna, Arianna, Aryanna, Audrianna, Avianna, Ayanna

Alanna, Anna, Arianna and Ayanna are commonly used names, while Adanna, Aivanna, Alexanna, Andreanna, Andrianna, Aryanna, Audreanna, Audrianna, Avianna, Ianna and Lanna are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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[Abriana - Aileen], [Alana - Ayanna], [Belanna - Christiana], [Christina - Davina], .. , [Vivian - Zsazsa]


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