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Names ending with -ay

Page 1/4. 64 -ay name results ending with -ay for baby girls, listing 1-20. Here is the list of -ay names for boys.

Adora (Greek, Old German, Latin) "A gift; beloved; adored."

Anastasia (Greek) "Resurrection." ..

Annemae Combined form of Ann and May.

Ashanti (Ghanaian) From the name of a powerful African empire (17th to early 20th century) ..

Ashley (Old English) "Ash meadow."

Bay (Old French, Latin) "Berry." ..

Carondelet Geography name: street name in New Orleans ..

Cassidy (Irish, Gaelic) "Curly-headed." ..

Catherine (Greek) "Pure." ..
[Cay, Kay]

Cha- (American) Combination of the Cha- and Che- prefixes with various name endings ..

Chante (French) "To sing." ..

Chantal (Old French) "Stone."
[Chantay, Chauntay, Shantay]

Chardonnay Name of the grape and the popular variety of wine from which it is made ..

Cherie (French) "Dear, darling." ..

Claramae (English) A compound form of Clara with May.

Courtney (Old French) "Domain of Curtius." ..
[Cortenay, Courtenay, Courtnay, Kortnay, Kourtenay]

Da- (American) Combination of the Da- prefix with various endings ..

Dana (Old English) "From Denmark." ..

Danae (Greek) Mythology: the mother of Perseus by Zeus.
[Danay, Denay, Dinay, Donnay]

Day (Old English) "Day."

Top 1000 baby names ranking of -ay names: Kay

Chantay, Kay and Shantay are commonly used names, while the other -ay names are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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