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"EE" names ending with -ee for women. Names that end in -ee are used more often as feminine names. Click here for the list of names containing the element "ee", and here for the list of -ee names for boys. Adoption of these girl names was at its highest in the year 2009 (usage of 0.0258%) and has remained as widespread to this day (usage 0.0203%, down 21.2%), but with names such as Caylee, Ashlee, Destinee, Natalee and Hailee becoming somewhat outmoded. The trendier girl names here are Charlee (#313), Aubree (#61), Baylee (#361), Bailee (#560) and Jaycee (#618).

Abigail - Aida

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[Abbee, .. 42 more] Form of Abigail 1 Derived fr. Hebrew word. "Father of exaltation." Abbee is not a Top 1000 name. ..

[Abree, .. 4 more] Var. of Abriana 2 From Hebrew. "Father of many." Rare. Compare Abree, and popular surnames Abrev (Top 63%), Abrew (46%), with the Ab- prefix. See also Abeer. ..

[Adalee, .. 7 more] Var. of Adalia 3 Derived fr. Hebrew, Old German elements. "God is my refuge; noble one." Adalee is unusual as a baby name. See also Athalee. ..

[Adoree, Adorlee, .. 13 more] Var. of Adora 4 Stems fr. Greek, Old German, Latin. "A gift; beloved; adored." Unique. Adoree and Adorlee are not found in the US Census.

[Aidee, .. 5 more] Var. of Aida 5 Source fr. Arabic element. "Reward, present." Rather quaint as a birth name. See also Ailee. ..

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Summary of all names (grouped by variations) for -ee names for girls.

[Abigail - Aida]
Abigail [Abbee], Abriana [Abree], Adalia [Adalee], Adora [Adorlee], Aida [Aidee]

[Aileen - Aponi]
Aileen [Ailee], Aimee, Ainsley [Aynslee], Alcina [Alcee], Aleta [Lettee], Alexandra [Sandee], Alice [Alidee], Amadea [Amedee], Amanda [Mandee], Amberly [Amberlee], Amelia [Amalee], Amy [Aymee, ..], Ana [Analee], Andie [Andee], Andrea [Andree], Angela [Angelee], Anika [Anikee], Anne [Nancee], Anna [Annalee], Aponi [Aponee]

[Arlene - Bernice]
Arlene [Arlee], Ashanti [Shauntee, ..], Ashley [Lee, ..], Athalia [Athalee], Aubrey [Aubree], Audrey [Audree], Auralee, Aurelia [Irelee], Ava [Avalee], Azure [Azuree], Bailey [Baylee], Banee, Barbara [Bobbee], Bathsheba [Bethsabee], Bea [Bee], Beatrice [Bee], Bee, Bentley [Bentlee], Bernadette [Bernee], Bernice [Bernee]

[Berry - Cady]
Berry [Berree], Bethany [Bethanee], Beverly [Verlee, ..], Bibi [Beebee], Billie [Bilee], Blake [Blakenee], Bonnie [Bonnylee], Bradley [Bradlee], Brady [Bradee], Brandy [Brandee], Breanna [Bree], Bree, Breena [Brenee], Brianna [Bree], Bridget [Bridee], Brie [Bree], Britney [Brittnee], Brittany [Bryttnee, ..], Bunny [Bunnee], Cady [Kadee]

[Calandra - Cecilia]
Calandra [Callee], Calantha [Callee], Callie [Kallee, ..], Cambria [Cambree], Camilla [Millee], Candace [Dacee], Candy [Candee], Capri [Capree], Cara [Karalee], Carla [Carlee], Carly [Karlee], Carol [Carolee], Carrie [Carree], Casey [Kaysyee, ..], Cassandra [Sandee], Cassidy [Kassidee, ..], Cassie [Cassee], Catherine [Kittee, ..], Cayla [Kaylee], Cecilia [Cee]

[Cha- - Constance]
Cha- [Chanee], Chantal [Chantee], Charity [Sharitee], Charla [Charlee], Charlie [Charlee], Chastity [Chastitee], Chelsea [Cheslee], Cher [Cherylee], Cherie [Shuree, ..], Cherry [Cheree], Cheryl [Cherylee, ..], Chloe [Chloee], Chrissie [Chrissee], Christina [Chrystee], Christy [Krystee], Cindy [Sindee, ..], Claudia [Claudee], Cody [Kodee], Conradine [Connee], Constance [Connee]

[Cora - Deborah]
Cora [Coree], Coral [Coralee], Coralie [Coralee], Corey [Koree], Corliss [Corlee], Courtney [Kourtnee, ..], Cree, Crystal [Kristalee], Cydney [Cydnee], Cynthia [Synthee, ..], Dacey [Daicee], Daisy [Daisee], Danae [Dee], Danielle [Danee], Danna [Dannee], Daphne [Dafnee], Darby [Darbee], Darcie [Darsee], De- [Delaree], Deborah [Debralee, ..]

[Dee - Dusty]
Dee [Deedee], Deirdre [Deedee], Deja [Dejanee], Delicia [Deedee], Demi [Demee], Desiree [Deziree], Destiny [Destinee], Devany [Devinee], Diana [Deedee], Didi [Deedee], Dimity [Dimitee], Dixie [Dixee], Dodie [Dodee], Dolly [Dollee], Dominique [Dominee], Donna [Donnalee], Dora [Doree, ..], Doris [Doree], Dorothy [Dorothee], Dusty [Dustee]

[Ebony - Eulalia]
Ebony [Ebonee], Edith [Edee], Edmonda [Edmee], Eithne [Ethnee], Eldora [Eldoree], Elise [Elisee], Elizabeth [Elsee], Ella [Ellee], Elleree, Ellie [Ellee], Emeline [Emmalee], Emily [Emylee, ..], Emma [Emmalee], Erica [Rickee], Esme [Esmee], Esmeralda [Esmee], Estee, Estelle [Estee], Esther [Estee], Eulalia [Eulalee]

[Fanny - Haidee]
Fanny [Fannee], Fay [Fee], Fernley [Fernlee], Fiona [Fee], Fortney [Fortnee], Fran [Frannee], Frances [Francee], Frederica [Freddee], Galatea [Galatee], Genevieve [Genivee], Geraldine [Jeralee], Gigi [Geegee], Ginger [Gingee], Ginny [Ginnilee], Gloria [Gloree], Golda [Goldee], Grace [Gracee], Guinevere [Wendee], Gypsy [Gipsee], Haidee [Haydee, ..]

[Haley - Jamie]
Haley [Haylee], Hannah [Hanalee], Harley [Harlee], Harmony [Harmonee], Harriet [Hatsee], Hayley [Haylee], Heidi [Hydee], Helen [Ellee], Hildegarde [Hellee], Holly [Hollee], India [Indee], Irene [Irenee], Ivy [Ivee], Jacey [Jaycee, ..], Jackie [Jackee], Jacobina [Jackee], Jade [Jaydee], Jae [Jaylee], Jaime [Jaymee], Jamie [Jaymee, ..]

[Jana - Jubilee]
Jana [Jannalee], Janae [Jenee], Jane [Janee], Je- [Jeree], Jean [Jeanee], Jenilee [Jennylee], Jenna [Jennasee], Jennie [Jennee], Jennifer [Jennee], Jenny [Jennylee, ..], Jeremia [Jeremee], Jeri [Jeralee], Jerrie [Jerree], Jessie [Jeziree], Jinny [Jinnee], Joan [Jonee], Jody [Jodee], Jolie [Jolee], Josephine [Josee], Jubilee [Jubalee]

[Judith - Kelsey]
Judith [Judee], Judy [Judee], Julia [Julee], Julie [Jullee], Kacie [Kaycee], Kady [Kaidee, ..], Kalila [Kaylee], Kandace [Kandee], Kara [Karee], Karla [Karlee], Karlotta [Lottee], Kate [Katee], Katherine [Kathee, ..], Kathy [Kathee], Katie [Kaydee], Kay [Kaylee], Kaylee [Kalee, ..], Kelila [Kaylee], Kelly [Kellee], Kelsey [Kelsee]

[Kennedy - Lily]
Kennedy [Kenadee], Kerry [Keree], Kiley [Kilee], Kimberly [Kymberlee], Kinsey [Kinzee, ..], Kirsty [Kirstee], Kitty [Kittee], Kodi [Kodee], Kora [Koree], Kori [Koree], Kylie [Kylee], La- [Laree], Lacey [Laicee], Langley [Langlee], Laura [Loree, ..], Leah [Lee], Lee, Leslie [Lezlee], Libby [Libbee], Lily [Leelee]

[Linda - Marie]
Linda [Lindee], Lindsay [Linzee], Loni [Lonee], Lora [Lorree], Lorelei [Lorilee], Lori [Lorilee], Lynda [Lyndee], Lyndsey [Lynzee], Lynn [Lynlee], Macy [Macee], Mahalia [Mahalee], Maisie [Maisee], Mallory [Malloree], Manda [Mandee], Marcella [Marcilee], Marcy [Marsee], Margery [Margeree], Mari [Marilee], Maria [Maree], Marie [Maree]

[Marilyn - Molly]
Marilyn [Marilee], Marjorie [Margeree], Marketa [Markee], Marlee, Marlene [Marlee], Marni [Marnee], Mary [Marylee, ..], May [Maelee], Mckayla [Mckaylee], Melanie [Melanee], Melody [Melodee], Merry [Merrilee, ..], Michaela [Mickee], Michiko [Michee], Mimi [Meemee], Mindy [Mindee], Minnie [Minnee], Misty [Mystee], Mitzi [Mitzee], Molly [Mollee]

[Myra - Rayna]
Myra [Myree], Na- [Natahnee], Nalani [Nalanee], Nancy [Nansee], Natalie [Natilee, ..], Normandie [Normandee], Nyree, Oralee [Orlee], Oralia [Oralee], Patricia [Pattee], Penny [Pennee], Polly [Pollee], Rae [Raelee], Raina [Rainee], Rajani [Rajanee], Ramona [Ramee], Ranae [Renee], Randy [Randee], Rani [Ranee], Rayna [Raynee]

[Rebecca - Sarah]
Rebecca [Rivalee, ..], Renata [Renee], Renee [Ranee], Riley [Rylee], Riva [Rivalee], Roberta [Robbee], Robin [Robee], Ronni [Ronnee], Rosae [Rosee], Rosalie [Rosalee], Rosemary [Rosemaree], Roza [Rozalee], Ruby [Rubee], Rylee, Sadie [Saidee], Sally [Sallee], Samantha [Sammee], Sandra [Sandee], Sandy [Sandee], Sarah [Saralee, ..]

[Selby - Stormy]
Selby [Selbee], Sesame [Sessamee], Shaila [Shalee], Shaina [Shanee], Shandy [Shandee], Shaneika [Shantee], Shanti [Shantee], Shari [Sharee], Sharlene [Sharlee], Shawna [Shawnee, ..], Shawnee, Shea [Shaylee], Shelby [Shelbee], Shelley [Shellee], Sherry [Sherree, ..], Shirley [Shurlee, ..], Sigourney [Sigornee], Sissy [Sissee], Stacy [Staycee, ..], Stormy [Stormee]

[Sukey - Tori]
Sukey [Sukee], Sunny [Sunnee], Susan [Suzee, ..], Sydney [Sydnee], Sylvia [Sylvee], Tabitha [Tabbee], Tahnee, Taja [Tajanee], Tally [Tallee], Tammy [Tammee], Tandy [Thandee], Tansy [Tansee], Tanya [Tanee, ..], Taree, Tawny [Tawnee], Terry [Terree], Thaddea [Thadee], Toby [Tobee], Toni [Tonee], Tori [Torree]

[Tracy - Wilhelmina]
Tracy [Tracee], Trilby [Trilbee], Trinity [Trinitee], Trixie [Trixee], Tuesday [Tuesdee], Tyler [Tylee], Tyra [Tyree], Valerie [Valleree, ..], Valley [Vallee], Vanity [Vanitee], Vashti [Vashtee], Veronica [Ronnee], Vicky [Vickee], Victoria [Vickee], Virginia [Ginnee], Vivian [Vivee], Wendy [Wendee], Weslee, Whitney [Whitnee], Wilhelmina [Billee]

[Yancey - Zoe]
Yancey [Yancee], Zoe [Zoee]