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-elle names ending with -elle for women. Names that end in -elle are used more often as feminine names. Here is the list of -elle names for boys. These girl names are at the height of their popularity today, except for forms like Marcelle, Maybelle, Mechelle, Rachelle and Rochelle which have fallen out of favor. The most trendy baby names in this list are Arielle (#339), Noelle (#251), Brielle (#118), Annabelle (#57) and Anabelle (#464), with Annabelle enjoying a rebound in popularity.

Abelia - Adora

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[Abelle, .. 1 more] Var. of Abelia 1 Root fr. Hebrew word. "Breath, vapour." Seldom used as a birth name. See also Adelle. ..

[Abrielle, .. 4 more] Var. of Abriana 2 Derived fr. Hebrew word. "Father of many." The variation Abrielle is more popular as a given name among the different variant forms of the name. See also Aurielle. ..

[Adelle, Edelle, .. 8 more] Var. of Adela 3 Stems fr. Old German element. "Noble." The variant form Adelle is recognizable (Top 49%) as a female name, while Edelle is scantly used comparatively. ..

[Adelle, Delle, .. 55 more] Var. of Adelaide 4 Derivative of Old German element. "Noble kind." The name Adelle has declined in favor as a name for baby girls over time since 1900. ..

[Adorabelle, .. 14 more] Var. of Adora 5 Stems fr. Greek, Old German, Latin elements. "A gift; beloved; adored." Rarely used as a birth name for girls.

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Summary of all names grouped by variations for -elle names for girls.

[Abelia - Adora]
Abelia [Abelle], Abriana [Abrielle], Adela [Edelle], Adelaide [Delle], Adora [Adorabelle]

[Adrienne - Arabella]
Adrienne [Adrielle], Agnes [Agnelle], Almeda [Maelle], Amabel [Belle], Anabel [Annabelle], Andrea [Andrielle], Angela [Angelle], Ann [Annelle, ..], Annabel [Annabelle], Arabella [Orbelle, ..]

[Ardelle - Axelle]
Ardelle, Ardith [Aedelle], Arella [Arelle], Ariel [Arielle], Arista [Aristelle], Arnelle, Asphodel [Asphodelle], Audrey [Audrielle], Aurelia [Aurielle], Axelle

[Basilia - Brooke]
Basilia [Bazeelle], Belinda [Belle], Bella [Belle], Belle, Bernice [Bernelle], Bethel [Bethelle], Blondell [Blondelle], Bonnie [Bonnibelle], Brandy [Brandelle], Brooke [Brookelle]

[Bruna - Chanel]
Bruna [Brunelle], Bryn [Brynelle], Candace [Candelle], Cara [Carabelle], Carabelle [Carrabelle], Carmel [Carmelle], Catherine [Katelle, ..], Cha- [Chevelle], Chandelle [Shantelle, ..], Chanel [Shynelle, ..]

[Chantal - Christelle]
Chantal [Shontelle, ..], Chavela [Chavelle], Chelle [Lachelle], Chelsea [Chelle], Cher [Sherelle], Cherelle, Cherie [Sherrelle, ..], Cheryl [Cherelle], Christabel [Cristabelle, ..], Christelle

[Christina - Danielle]
Christina [Cristelle], Christine [Christelle], Claire [Claribelle], Clara [Clarabelle], Claudia [Claudelle], Cora [Correlle], Cordelia [Kordelle], Cornelia [Cornelle], Crystal [Krystelle, ..], Danielle [Dhanielle, ..]

[Danna - Dielle]
Danna [Dannelle], Darcie [Darchelle], Daria [Darrelle], Darlene [Darrelle], Darnell [Darnelle], Daryl [Darrelle], Dawn [Dawnyelle, ..], Della [Delle], Denelle [Donelle], Dielle

[Donna - Franisbel]
Donna [Donnelle, ..], Dora [Dorelle], Dulce [Dulcibelle], Eleanor [Nelle], Elizabeth [Yzabelle, ..], Emmanuelle [Emanuelle], Estelle [Stelle], Flora [Florelle], Frances [Fransabelle], Franisbel [Franisbelle]

[Fredella - Grace]
Fredella [Fredelle], Gabrielle [Gavrielle, ..], Gael [Gaelle], Gail [Gayelle], Gazella [Gazelle], Gemini [Gemelle], Gina [Ginelle], Ginny [Ginnelle], Giselle [Gizelle], Grace [Gracielle]

[Griselda - Janelle]
Griselda [Griselle], Hazel [Hazelle], Idelle, Isabel [Yzobelle, ..], Ja- [Jazelle], Jacqueline [Jacquelle], Jae [Jaenelle], Jael [Jaelle], Jane [Jonelle, ..], Janelle [Jonelle, ..]

[Je- - Joelle]
Je- [Jemelle], Jean [Jeanelle], Jeanelle [Jennelle, ..], Jewel [Jewelle], Jezebel [Jezibelle], Jiselle [Jozelle, ..], Jo [Jovelle, ..], Jocelyn [Jocelle], Jodelle, Joelle [Jowelle]

[Johnella - Krystal]
Johnella [Jahnelle], Johnna [Jonnelle], Joy [Joyelle], June [Junelle], Kara [Karielle], Karmel [Karmelle], Katherine [Katelle], Kora [Corabelle], Kristen [Kristelle], Krystal [Krystelle, ..]

[La- - Lynn]
La- [Lanelle], Laurel [Lorelle], Laveda [Lavelle], Leandra [Leonelle], Leona [Leonelle], Lora [Loribelle], Lorelle [Lowrelle], Luella [Luelle], Lynette [Lynelle], Lynn [Lynnelle]

[Mabel - Mary]
Mabel [Maybelle, ..], Madeline [Madelle], Maravilla [Marvelle], Marcella [Marselle, ..], Maribel [Meribelle, ..], Mariel [Marielle], Marina [Marinelle], Martha [Martelle], Marvell [Marvelle], Mary [Murielle, ..]

[Maxwelle - Miranda]
Maxwelle, Mehitabel [Mehitabelle], Melina [Melibelle], Meriel [Merielle], Merry [Merrielle], Michaela [Mikelle], Michelle [Mychelle, ..], Mira [Mirielle], Mirabel [Mirabelle], Miranda [Mirelle]

[Mireio - Norell]
Mireio [Myrelle], Moselle [Moiselle], Muriel [Murielle], Nan [Nanelle], Nathania [Nathanielle], Neilina [Neelle], Nichelle [Nishelle], Noelle, Nora [Norelle], Norell [Narelle]

[Odele - Rae]
Odele [Odelle], Ora [Orabelle], Oralia [Orielle], Oriel [Orielle], Pascale [Pashelle], Pernella [Pernelle], Petra [Petronelle], Prunella [Prunelle], Rachel [Rashelle, ..], Rae [Raynelle]

[Raina - Rhonda]
Raina [Raynelle], Ranae [Ranelle], Randi [Randelle], Ranielle, Raphaela [Rephayelle, ..], Raquel [Raquelle], Reina [Reynelle], Renata [Renelle], Renee [Renelle], Rhonda [Rondelle]

[Ricarda - Rosa]
Ricarda [Richelle], Richelle, Roberta [Robelle], Rochelle [Roshelle], Roma [Romelle], Romola [Romelle], Rona [Ronelle], Ronelle [Ronnelle], Ronni [Ronnelle], Rosa [Rosabelle]

[Rosabel - Sandra]
Rosabel [Rosabelle], Rosalie [Rozelle], Rose [Roselle], Roza [Rozelle], Rudelle, Ruth [Ruthelle], Sabelle, Sadie [Sydelle], Samuela [Samuelle], Sandra [Sandrelle]

[Sarah - Shell]
Sarah [Sydelle], Semele [Semelle], Shan- [Shandelle], Shaneika [Shantelle], Shanelle [Shynelle, ..], Shantelle [Shontelle], Shari [Sharelle], Shawna [Shawndelle], She- [Shenelle], Shell [Shelle]

[Sheryl - Virginia]
Sheryl [Sherrelle, ..], Shirley [Shirelle], Sibyl [Sybelle], Stella [Stelle], Susan [Suzelle], Sybil [Sybelle], Sydney [Sydelle], Ta- [Tanelle], Udele [Yudelle, ..], Virginia [Jenelle]

[Wendell - Zoe]
Wendell [Wendelle], Wilhelmina [Williebelle], Wynstelle [Winstelle], Ysabel [Ysabelle], Zoe [Zoelle]