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-elle names ending with -elle for women. Names that end in -elle are used more often as feminine names. Here is the list of -elle names for boys. Adoption of these girl names is at its apex presently, except for names such as Mechelle, Maybelle, Nelle, Rachelle and Rochelle which have fallen out of style. The more fashionable names for newborns here are Arielle (#339), Noelle (#251), Brielle (#118), Annabelle (#57) and Anabelle (#464), with Annabelle going through a rekindling in usage.

Abelia - Adora

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[Abelle, .. 1 more] Var. of Abelia 1 Origin fr. Hebrew element. "Breath, vapour." The form Abelle is an unconventional given name. See also Arbelle. ..

[Abrielle, .. 4 more] Var. of Abriana 2 Source fr. Hebrew element. "Father of many." The variation Abrielle is more generally used as a given name among the various versions of the name. See also Adrielle. ..

[Adelle, Edelle, .. 8 more] Var. of Adela 3 From Old German word. "Noble." The version Adelle is common (Top 49%) as a feminine name, while Edelle is rare comparatively. ..

[Adelle, Delle, .. 56 more] Var. of Adelaide 4 Based on Old German word. "Noble kind." The version Adelle is conventional (Top 49%) as a women's name, while Delle is rarely used in comparison, Delle occurring regularly (Top 46%) as a surname in the US Census. ..

[Adorabelle, .. 14 more] Var. of Adora 5 From Greek, Old German, Latin words. "A gift; beloved; adored." The version Adorabelle is a rare first name.

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Summary of all names (grouped by variations) for -elle names for girls.

[Abelia - Adora]
Abelia [Abelle], Abriana [Abrielle], Adela [Edelle], Adelaide [Delle], Adora [Adorabelle]

[Adrienne - Arabella]
Adrienne [Adrielle], Agnes [Agnelle], Almeda [Maelle], Amabel [Belle], Anabel [Annabelle], Andrea [Andrielle], Angela [Angelle], Anne [Annelle, ..], Annabel [Annabelle], Arabella [Orbelle, ..]

[Ardelle - Axelle]
Ardelle, Ardith [Aedelle], Arella [Arelle], Ariel [Arielle], Arista [Aristelle], Arnelle, Asphodel [Asphodelle], Audrey [Audrielle], Aurelia [Aurielle], Axelle

[Basilia - Brooke]
Basilia [Bazeelle], Belinda [Belle], Bella [Belle], Belle, Bernice [Bernelle], Bethel [Bethelle], Blondell [Blondelle], Bonnie [Bonnibelle], Brandy [Brandelle], Brooke [Brookelle]

[Bruna - Chanel]
Bruna [Brunelle], Bryn [Brynelle], Candace [Candelle], Cara [Carabelle], Carabelle [Carrabelle], Carmel [Carmelle], Catherine [Katelle, ..], Cha- [Chevelle], Chandelle [Shantelle, ..], Chanel [Shynelle, ..]

[Chantal - Christelle]
Chantal [Shontelle, ..], Chavela [Chavelle], Chelle [Lachelle], Chelsea [Chelle], Cher [Sherelle], Cherelle, Cherie [Sherrelle, ..], Cheryl [Cherelle], Christabel [Cristabelle, ..], Christelle

[Christina - Danielle]
Christina [Cristelle], Christine [Christelle], Claire [Claribelle], Clara [Clarabelle], Claudia [Claudelle], Cora [Correlle], Cordelia [Kordelle], Cornelia [Cornelle], Crystal [Krystelle, ..], Danielle [Dhanielle, ..]

[Danna - Dielle]
Danna [Dannelle], Darcie [Darchelle], Daria [Darrelle], Darlene [Darrelle], Darnell [Darnelle], Daryl [Darrelle], Dawn [Dawnyelle, ..], Della [Delle], Denelle [Donelle], Dielle

[Donna - Emmanuelle]
Donna [Donnelle, ..], Dora [Dorelle], Dulce [Dulcibelle], Elaine [Elle], Eleanor [Nelle], Elizabeth [Yzabelle, ..], Ella [Elle], Ellen [Elle], Ellie [Elle], Emmanuelle [Emanuelle]

[Estelle - Gemini]
Estelle [Stelle], Flora [Florelle], Frances [Fransabelle], Franisbel [Franisbelle], Fredella [Fredelle], Gabrielle [Gavrielle, ..], Gael [Gaelle], Gail [Gayelle], Gazella [Gazelle], Gemini [Gemelle]

[Gina - Ja-]
Gina [Ginelle], Ginny [Ginnelle], Giselle [Gizelle], Grace [Gracielle], Griselda [Griselle], Hazel [Hazelle], Helen [Elle], Idelle, Isabel [Yzobelle, ..], Ja- [Jazelle]

[Jacqueline - Jezebel]
Jacqueline [Jacquelle], Jae [Jaenelle], Jael [Jaelle], Jane [Jonelle, ..], Janelle [Jonelle, ..], Je- [Jemelle], Jean [Jeanelle], Jeanelle [Jennelle, ..], Jewel [Jewelle], Jezebel [Jezibelle]

[Jiselle - Kara]
Jiselle [Jozelle, ..], Jo [Jovelle, ..], Jocelyn [Jocelle], Jodelle, Joelle [Jowelle], Johnella [Jahnelle], Johnna [Jonnelle], Joy [Joyelle], June [Junelle], Kara [Karielle]

[Karmel - Leona]
Karmel [Karmelle], Katherine [Katelle], Kora [Corabelle], Kristen [Kristelle], Krystal [Krystelle, ..], La- [Lanelle], Laurel [Lorelle], Laveda [Lavelle], Leandra [Leonelle], Leona [Leonelle]

[Lora - Maribel]
Lora [Loribelle], Lorelle [Lowrelle], Luella [Luelle], Lynette [Lynelle], Lynn [Lynnelle], Mabel [Maybelle, ..], Madeline [Madelle], Maravilla [Marvelle], Marcella [Marselle, ..], Maribel [Meribelle, ..]

[Mariel - Merry]
Mariel [Marielle], Marina [Marinelle], Martha [Martelle], Marvell [Marvelle], Mary [Murielle, ..], Maxwelle, Mehitabel [Mehitabelle], Melina [Melibelle], Meriel [Merielle], Merry [Merrielle]

[Michaela - Nathania]
Michaela [Mikelle], Michelle [Mychelle, ..], Mira [Mirielle], Mirabel [Mirabelle], Miranda [Mirelle], Mireio [Myrelle], Moselle [Moiselle], Muriel [Murielle], Nan [Nanelle], Nathania [Nathanielle]

[Neilina - Pascale]
Neilina [Neelle], Nichelle [Nishelle], Noelle, Nora [Norelle], Norell [Narelle], Odele [Odelle], Ora [Orabelle], Oralia [Orielle], Oriel [Orielle], Pascale [Pashelle]

[Pernella - Raphaela]
Pernella [Pernelle], Petra [Petronelle], Prunella [Prunelle], Rachel [Rashelle, ..], Rae [Raynelle], Raina [Raynelle], Ranae [Ranelle], Randy [Randelle], Ranielle, Raphaela [Rephayelle, ..]

[Raquel - Roma]
Raquel [Raquelle], Reina [Reynelle], Renata [Renelle], Renee [Renelle], Rhonda [Rondelle], Ricarda [Richelle], Richelle, Roberta [Robelle], Rochelle [Roshelle], Roma [Romelle]

[Romola - Rudelle]
Romola [Romelle], Rona [Ronelle], Ronelle [Ronnelle], Ronni [Ronnelle], Rosa [Rosabelle], Rosabel [Rosabelle], Rosalie [Rozelle], Rose [Roselle], Roza [Rozelle], Rudelle

[Ruth - Shanelle]
Ruth [Ruthelle], Sabelle, Sadie [Sydelle], Samuela [Samuelle], Sandra [Sandrelle], Sarah [Sydelle], Semele [Semelle], Shan- [Shandelle], Shaneika [Shantelle], Shanelle [Shynelle, ..]

[Shantelle - Susan]
Shantelle [Shontelle], Shari [Sharelle], Shawna [Shawndelle], She- [Shenelle], Shell [Shelle], Sheryl [Sherrelle, ..], Shirley [Shirelle], Sibyl [Sybelle], Stella [Stelle], Susan [Suzelle]

[Sybil - Zoe]
Sybil [Sybelle], Sydney [Sydelle], Ta- [Tanelle], Udele [Yudelle, ..], Virginia [Jenelle], Wendell [Wendelle], Wilhelmina [Williebelle], Wynstelle [Winstelle], Ysabel [Ysabelle], Zoe [Zoelle]