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"ENNE" baby names ending with -enne are used more often as feminine names.

These girl names reached the height of their popularity in the year 2011 (adoption of 0.04%) and have remained as popular to this day (adoption 0.03%, 5.8%), but with names such as Adrienne becoming less stylish. Vivienne (#249) and Cheyenne (#362) are two of the more chic girl names in this compilation, with Vivienne enjoying a rebound in popularity. Cayenne (top 80%) is a conventional -enne surname.

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of -enne names: Adrienne, Cheyenne

[Abrienne, .. 4 more] Form of Abriana 1 From Hebrew language. "Father of many." Rare. Compare Abrienne with popular surname Auzenne (top 17%), which also ends with -ne. See also Adrienne. ..

Adrienne [Aydrienne, Hadrienne, .. 23 more] 2 Stems fr. Latin element. "From Hadria." Usage of Adrienne as a girls' name has waned since 1980-1989. ..

[Alenne, .. 15 more] Var. of Alaine 3 Based on Old German word. "Precious." Aialenne, Alenai and Alenneai are kreatif variations. ..

[Allcenne, Allicenne, .. 26 more] Var. of Alison 4 Based on Old German word. "Noble, exalted." Not in popularity charts. ..

[Andrienne, .. 51 more] Form of Andrea 5 From Greek. "Manly, virile." Andrienne was not a Top birth name in 2014. See also Aydrienne. ..

[Arlenne, .. 2 more] Form of Arlinda 6 Root fr. American word. Combination of Arlene and Linda. Arlenne is unique as a children's name. See also Arleana.

[Brenne, .. 8 more] Var. of Brenna 7 From Gaelic. "Little drop of water." Rare as a birth name, but Brenne is similar to the more popular Breann. See also Bronnie. ..

[Brienne, .. 43 more] Form of Brianna 8 Root fr. Irish, Gaelic, Celtic words. "High, noble, exalted." A girls' name which is not commonly used. See also Brione. ..

[Brenne, .. 6 more] Form of Bryn 9 Root fr. Welsh. "Hill." Unique, with the androgynous -nne suffix for Brenne, like Brienne. See also Bryanne. ..

[Cathenne, .. 211 more] Var. of Catherine 10 Based on Greek. "Pure." Cathenne is not frequently adopted as a baby name. ..

[Celenne, .. 14 more] Form of Celina 11 Stems fr. Latin, Greek. "Heaven; the moon." Not in popularity charts. See also Cleone. ..

Cheyenne 12 Origin fr. Native American Indian language. "Unintelligible speakers." Gender-neutral name. Adoption of Cheyenne as a girls' name in 2014 was 24.9% less than 2004.

[Kristienne, .. 16 more] Form of Christian 13 From Latin element. "Follower of Christ." Not in Top 1000. See also Kristiane. ..

[Christienne, .. 19 more] Form of Christiana 14 Origin fr. Latin language. "Follower of Christ." Christienne is not often adopted as a girls' name. See also Cristianne. ..

[Cyprienne, .. 10 more] Form of Cipriana 15 Root fr. Italian word. "From Cyprus." Cyprienne was not among 2014's Top names. See also Cypriane. ..

[Corenne, Corrienne, .. 39 more] Var. of Corinna 16 From Greek word. "Maiden." Uncommon, with the favored feminine-sounding -nne ending for Corenne, Corrienne, like Cezanne. ..

[Ciprienne, Cyprienne, .. 6 more] Forms of Cypris 17 Stems fr. Greek element. "From the island of Cyprus." Not in popularity charts. ..

[Damienne, Damyenne, .. 7 more] Forms of Damia 18 Source fr. Greek language. Possibly means "to tame", although the .. Damienne and Damyenne were not Top birth names in 2014.

[Darienne, .. 16 more] Var. of Daria 19 Stems fr. Greek, Persian elements. "Maintains possessions well." Darienne is not a Top 1000 name. See also Damienne. ..

[Devenne, .. 12 more] Var. of Devon 20 Root fr. Old English language. .. a county in England noted for .. Unique. Devenne (cf. Daline) ends with the androgynous-sounding -ne. See also Devinne.

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for -enne names for girls.

Abriana - Devon
Abriana [Abrienne], Adrienne [Aydrienne, Hadrienne], Alaine [Alenne], Alison [Allcenne, Allicenne], Andrea [Andrienne], Arlinda [Arlenne], Brenna [Brenne], Brianna [Brienne], Bryn [Brenne], Catherine [Cathenne], Celina [Celenne], Cheyenne, Christian [Kristienne], Christiana [Christienne], Cipriana [Cyprienne], Corinna [Corenne, Corrienne], Cypris [Ciprienne, Cyprienne], Damia [Damienne, Damyenne], Daria [Darienne], Devon [Devenne]

Doria - Renee
Doria [Dorienne], Erin [Aerenne, Erienne], Fabia [Fabienne], Fabrizia [Fabrienne], Felicia [Felicienne], Georgia [Georgienne], Georgina [Georgienne], Glenna [Glenne], Hadria [Hadrienne], Jade [Jadrienne], Jennifer [Jenne], Julia [Julienne], Julie [Julienne], Kady [Kadienne], Lauren [Laurenne], Lucille [Lucienne], Lucy [Lucienne], Marlen [Marlenne], Raven [Rayvenne], Renee [Renne]

Ryan - Vivian
Ryan [Ryenne], Sebastiane [Sebastienne], Solana [Solenne], Terena [Terenne], Vienna [Vienne], Vivian [Vivienne]