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-ette names ending with -ette for women. Names that end in -ette are used more often as feminine names. Here is the list of -ette names for boys. Usage of these girl names was at its highest during the years 1960-1969 and is almost as widespread today, but with names such as Lynnette, Margarette, Lynette, Lizette and Jeannette falling out of fashion. Colette (#522) and Juliette (#255) are two of the more contemporarily stylish birth names here, with both names undergoing a rebound in popularity.

Acquanetta - Alivette

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[Acquanette, Aquanette, Aquannette] Var. of Acquanetta 1 Root fr. Latin language. "Water." The versions Acquanette, Aquanette and Aquannette are unconventional as female names.

[Alette, Allette, Ellette, .. 7 more] Var. of Aleta 2 Derived fr. Greek element. "Footloose." The variant forms Alette, Allette and Ellette are scarcely used female names. ..

[Alette, .. 13 more] Var. of Alethea 3 Stems fr. Greek word. "Verity, truth." A unique given name for baby girls. See also Anette. ..

[Alette, Olette, .. 52 more] Var. of Alida 4 Derived fr. Latin element. "Small winged one." The forms Alette and Olette are uncommonly used women's names. ..

Alivette 5 Variant of Olivetta. A unique birth name.

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[Acquanetta - Alivette]
Acquanetta [Aquannette, ..], Aleta [Ellette, ..], Alethea [Alette], Alida [Olette], Alivette

[Alouette - Colette]
Alouette [Alowette], Ambrosine [Ambrosinette], Amorette, Andrea [Andrette], Anise [Anisette], Anjanette [Annjeanette], Anne [Ninette, ..], Annette [Anette], Antoinette [Tonette, ..], Antonia [Tonette, ..], Aretha [Orette], Ariadne [Ariette], Arlene [Arlette], Arlette, Arnette [Ornette], Arthuretta [Artlette], Aubrey [Aubrette], Babette, Barbara [Barbette, ..], Belle [Bellette], Bernadette [Bernette, ..], Bernice [Bernette], Betty [Bette], Brenda [Brendette], Brett [Brette], Bridget [Brygette, ..], Brie [Briette], Brittany [Brette], Bruna [Brunette], Cadette, Carla [Carlette], Catherine [Trinette], Cecilia [Cecette], Charlesetta [Charlesette], Charlotte [Sharlette, ..], Claire [Clayrette], Clarette, Claudette, Claudia [Claudette], Colette [Kolette, ..]

[Coline - Huette]
Coline [Colinette], Corona [Coronette], Cosette [Cozette], Danielle [Dannette], Danna [Danette], Dawn [Dawnette], Denise [Dennette], Donalda [Donaldette], Dora [Dorette], Earla [Erlette], Eliana [Elyette], Elisabeth [Lisolette], Elixyvett [Elixyvette], Elizabeth [Ylisabette, ..], Ella [Ellette], Eluned [Lynnette, ..], Emma [Emmette], Enrica [Enriquette], Eve [Evette], Evette [Eyvette], Fayette, Fleur [Fleurette], Frances [Francette], Garnet [Garnette], Georgette [Jorjette], Georgia [Georgette], Georgina [Georjette], Gianina [Ginnette], Gina [Ginette], Ginny [Ginnette], Giulia [Juliette], Glenna [Glennette], Greta [Grette], Gwendolyn [Gwenette], Gwyneth [Gwenette], Halimeda [Halette], Harriet [Hariette], Helen [Nellette], Henrietta [Hette, ..], Huette [Hughette]

[Ida - Lucy]
Ida [Idette], Irvette [Ervette], Ivette, Jacobina [Jacobette], Jacqueline [Jacquette, ..], Jae [Jaenette], Jamesina [Jamesette], Jane [Jeannette, ..], Janet [Jonette, ..], Jazzlyn [Jazette], Jean [Jenette, ..], Jeanette [Jenette], Jetta [Yette], Jo [Jozette], Johnna [Jonette], Jolie [Joliette], Josephine [Josette, ..], Josie [Jozette], Julia [Julyette, ..], Juliet [Julette], June [Junette], Katherine [Trinette], Kenna [Kennette], Kora [Korette], La- [Lavette], Lana [Lanette], Lanetta [Lanette], Laura [Lorrette, ..], Laveda [Lavette], Linette [Lynnette, ..], Lisa [Lisette], Lissa [Lissette], Liz [Lizette], Lizette [Lyzette, ..], Lorelei [Lurette], Loretta [Lorette], Louise [Louisette], Lourdes [Lourdette], Lucetta [Lucette], Lucy [Lucette]

[Luna - Rhonda]
Luna [Lunette], Lurleen [Lurette], Luz [Luzette], Lynette [Lynnette, ..], Lynn [Lynette], Margaret [Mette, ..], Maria [Mariette], Marietta [Mariette], Marina [Marnette], Marla [Marlette], Mary [Minette, ..], Mignon [Minyonette], Mina [Minnette], Minna [Minette], Moselle [Mosette], Musetta [Musette], Nadette, Nan [Nannette], Nanette [Nannette], Nicole [Nicolette], Nicolette [Nicollette], Nina [Ninnette], Ninon [Nynette], Odele [Odelette], Odelia [Odette], Odette, Olivia [Olivette], Pascale [Pascalette], Paula [Paullette], Pearl [Perlette], Petra [Pierrette], Philippa [Philette], Pierette, Quintina [Quintonette], Rae [Rayette], Raina [Rayette], Regina [Reinette], Reina [Reinette], Renata [Renette], Rhonda [Rhonette]

[Ricarda - Yvonne]
Ricarda [Richette], Rilla [Rillette], Roberta [Robinette, ..], Robin [Robynette], Rochelle [Rochette], Ronni [Ronnette], Rosa [Rosette], Rose [Rosette], Ryan [Ryette], Sabra [Sabrette], Sally [Sallette], Sandra [Sandrette], Sarah [Sarette], Scarlett [Scarlette], Sha- [Shakette], Shawna [Shawnette], Simone [Simonette], Soubrette, Starla [Starlette], Susan [Suzette], Suzanne [Suzette], Sylvia [Sylvette], Toni [Twanette, ..], Trina [Trinnette, ..], Ursula [Ursulette], Vedette, Venus [Venusette], Verna [Vernette], Vida [Vidette], Villette, Vina [Vynette], Violet [Vyolette, ..], Walda [Waldette], Wanetta [Wanette], Wilhelmina [Wilmette, ..], Wyetta [Wyette], Yetta [Yette], Yolanda [Yolette], Yvette [Yevette], Yvonne [Yvette, ..]