Names ending with -ette from Alouette - Belle

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Alouette [Allouette, Alowette, .. 1 more] 6 Derived fr. French. "Lark." Unique. Alouette, Allouette, Alowette, like Ambrosinette, Babbette, end with the common feminine -tte.

[Ambrosinette, .. 7 more] Var. of Ambrosine 7 Based on Greek element. "Immortal." Not in Top 1000. ..

Amorette 8 Based on French language. "Little love." Amorette was not a Top birth name in 2014.

[Andrette, .. 51 more] Form of Andrea 9 Stems fr. Greek language. "Manly, virile." Andrette is unique as a baby name. ..

[Anisette, .. 2 more] Var. of Anise 10 .. Other names derived from spices are .. Anisette is not a Top 1000 name.

Anjanette [Anjeanette, Annjeanette, .. 1 more] 11 Derivative of American word. Blend of Ann and Janet. Not in Top 1000.

[Anette, Anjanette, Annette, Nanette, Nanette, Ninette, .. 90 more] Forms of Anne 12 Origin fr. Hebrew. "He (God) has favored me." Common as surnames. Compare Ninette, var. and popular -ette surnames Garnette (upper 53%), Milette (46%). ..

Annette [Anette, .. 7 more] 13 Stems fr. French, Hebrew words. "He (God) has favored me." Popular as last names. Compare Annette (upper 53%), Anette and popular last names Jennette (upper 11%), Godette (20%), with the -ette suffix. ..

Antoinette [Antionette, Antwahnette, Toinette, Tonette, .. 18 more] 14 Derived fr. French, Latin elements. .. Also a diminutive of Ann. Uncommon. Toinette, var. (cf. Luzette, Jorjette) end with the popular feminine -tte.

[Anteunette, Antoinette, Antonette, Antonnette, Toinette, Tonette, .. 32 more] Forms of Antonia 15 Based on Latin language. Feminine of Anthony, used since classical .. Antoinette, Antonette and Tonette are more familiar as baby names among the versions of Antonia.

[Arette, Orette, .. 12 more] Var. of Aretha 16 Stems fr. Greek. "Excellence; righteous." Not Top 1000 names.

[Ariette, .. 13 more] Form of Ariadne 17 Origin fr. Greek word. "Most holy." Unconventional, but Ariette is similar to popular last names Arnette (upper 8%), Arieta (44%), which also begin with Ar-. See also Arette.

[Arlette, .. 28 more] Var. of Arlene 18 .. Possibly feminine form of Arlen, from .. Outside Top 1000. See also Ariette.

Arlette 19 .. Probably of Norman French origin, a .. Not in Top 1000. See also Allette.

Arnette [Ornette, .. 7 more] 20 Stems fr. Old German element. "Eagle ruler." Arnette and Ornette were not Top birth names in 2014. ..

[Arthurette, Artlette, .. 12 more] Forms of Arthuretta 21 Stems fr. Celtic word. Feminine of Arthur. Uncommon, but Arthurette, Artlette are similar to common surnames Barthelette (top 100%), Schuette (6%), which also end with -ette.

[Aubrette, .. 11 more] Form of Aubrey 22 From Old German. "Elf or magical being, power." Unique. Aubrette (cf. Brygette, Bridgette) ends with the familiar feminine-sounding -tte. ..

Babette 23 Stems fr. French, Greek, Hebrew. "Foreign; God is my oath." Babette is a prevalent (upper 55%) first name. See also Barbette. ..

[Babbette, Babette, Barbette, .. 50 more] Var. of Barbara 24 Derived fr. Latin element. "Foreign woman." Not in Top 1000. ..

[Bellette, .. 7 more] Var. of Belle 25 Derived fr. French element. "Beautiful." Unique. Bellette (cf. Colette, Nicollette) ends with the familiar feminine-sounding -tte. ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of -ette names: Anjanette, Annette, Antionette, Antoinette, Antonette, Nanette

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