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"EY" baby names ending with -ey are used more often as masculine names.

Usage of these girl names reached its highest in 1998 (usage of 0.06%) and is almost as widespread today (usage 0.04%, 29%), but with names like Sidney, Courtney, Kiley, Carley and Casey becoming somewhat dated. The most trendy names for newborns among these are Charley (#488), Brinley (#458), Paisley (#53), Hadley (#99) and Lainey (#585). Hinkley (top 5%) and Atchley (3%) are common -ey surnames.

Here is the list of -ey names for boys.

pinAbigail - Barbara

Page 1/17 of 333 -ey grouped names.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of -ey names: Abbey, Adley, Ainsley, Ansley, Ashley

[Abbey, .. 42 more] Form of Abigail 1 Derivative of Hebrew element. "Father of exaltation." Also used for boys. Popular as last name, and Abbey (top 4%) is similar to popular -ey last name Awrey (top 74%).

[Casey, Kacey, Kasey, .. 11 more] Forms of Acacia 2 From Greek. "Thorny tree." Adoption of Casey and variants as birth names in 2014 was 24.4% less than the previous year. ..

[Adey, .. 13 more] Var. of Ada 3 Origin fr. Old German. "Noble." Not in popularity charts. See also Aidee. ..

[Adalley, .. 7 more] Var. of Adalia 4 Root fr. Hebrew, Old German elements. "God is my refuge; noble one." Outside Top 1000. See also Adley. ..

[Addey, Adey, Laidey, .. 55 more] Forms of Adelaide 5 Root fr. Old German language. "Noble kind." Addey, Adey and Laidey are unique as girls' names. ..

[Adley] Form of Adlai 6 Stems fr. Hebrew word. "God is just." Gender-neutral name. Adley is commonplace as a birth name compared to .

[Ailey, .. 41 more] Var. of Aileen 7 Derivative of Norman element. Scottish variant of Eileen, which possibly .. Not in popularity charts. See also Ally.

[Aimey, Amey, .. 2 more] Forms of Aimee 8 Derivative of Old French, Latin. "Beloved." Aimey and Amey are unconventional feminine names, and Amey exists often (upper 9%) as a surname. ..

Ainsley [Ansley, Aynsley, .. 5 more] 9 Origin fr. Old English element. "Only hermitage wood or clearing." Ainsley and Ansley are contemporarily stylish forms. ..

[Aley, Alley, .. 3 more] Var. of Allie 10 .. Actress Ally Walker. Alau, Aualley and Auley are kreatif forms.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of -ey names: Aubrey, Audrey, Bailey, Casey, Kacey

Top 1000 baby names ranking of -ey names: Kasey, Stacey

[Amalfey, .. 1 more] Form of Amalfi 11 Place name .. Not in popularity charts.

[Amberley, .. 8 more] Form of Amberly 12 .. Or a variant of Amber with .. Outside Top 1000.

[Stacey, .. 46 more] Var. of Anastasia 13 Derivative of Greek word. "Resurrection." Stacey is prevalent as a birth name among the variant forms of Anastasia. Gender-neutral name. ..

[Nancey, .. 95 more] Var. of Anne 14 Stems fr. Hebrew language. "He (God) has favored me." Not Top 1000 name. See also Nansey. ..

Ansley 15 From Old English. "Hermitage field." Common. Ansley (cf. Aemiley) ends with the common -ley. Also used for boys. ..

Ashley [Asheley, .. 21 more] 16 From Old English word. "Ash meadow." Ashley is prevalent as a children's name compared to Asheley.

Aubrey 17 Source fr. Old German language. "Elf or magical being, power." Unisex name. A very conventional girls' name (#20 the past year), Aubrey is also found often as a last name. ..

Audrey 18 From Old English element. "Noble strength." Well-used, with usage of 0.964% for Audrey as a girls' name in 2014, though lower than 0.967% the year before. See also Adrea. ..

Bailey [Bailley, Bayley, .. 14 more] 19 Stems fr. Old English element. "Berry clearing; bailiff; city fortification." Usage of Bailey, Bayley, etc. as children's names in 2014 was up 0.4% compared to 10 years ago.

[Barbey, .. 52 more] Form of Barbara 20 Source fr. Latin. "Foreign woman." Outside Top 1000. ..

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for -ey names for girls.

Abigail - Barbara
Abigail [Abbey], Acacia [Kasey, ..], Ada [Adey], Adalia [Adalley], Adelaide [Laidey, ..], Adlai [Adley], Aileen [Ailey], Aimee [Amey], Ainsley [Aynsley], Allie [Alley], Amalfi [Amalfey], Amberly [Amberley], Anastasia [Stacey], Anne [Nancey], Ansley, Ashley [Asheley], Aubrey, Audrey, Bailey [Bayley], Barbara [Barbey]

Bentley - Calantha
Bentley, Bethany [Betheney], Betsy [Betsey], Betty [Betsey], Beverly [Beverley], Bianca [Bianey], Bird [Birdey], Blake [Bladeney], Bonnie [Bonney], Bradley, Brandy [Brantley], Brianna [Briney], Bridget [Bridey], Briley [Bryley], Brinley, Britney [Brittney], Brittany [Bryttney, ..], Cady [Cadey], Calandra [Calley], Calantha [Calley]

Callie - Charlie
Callie [Kalley, ..], Candace [Dacey], Carey [Carrey], Carla [Carley], Carly [Carley], Carol [Carley], Caroline [Carley], Carrie [Carrey], Casey [Kaysey, ..], Cassandra [Kasey], Cassidy [Kassodey, ..], Cassie [Kassey], Catherine [Katey, ..], Cayla [Kayley, ..], Cecilia [Sessaley, ..], Celeste [Celesley], Chaney [Chayney], Chantal [Chantey], Charity [Sharitey], Charlie [Charley]

Charlotte - Corey
Charlotte [Lottey], Chasity [Chassey], Chastity [Chastney], Chelsea [Chelsey], Cher [Sherey], Cherry [Cherrey], Chesleigh [Chessley], Chesney [Chessney], Chloe [Khloey], Christina [Crissey], Christy [Kristey], Cicely [Sisley], Claire [Clarey], Claudia [Claudey], Cody [Kodey], Colleen [Coley], Constance [Conney], Cora [Korey, ..], Cordelia [Cordey], Corey [Korrey]

Corliss - Dimity
Corliss [Corley], Courtney [Quartney, ..], Cydney [Cidney], Dabney, Dacey [Daisey], Daisy [Daisey], Dana [Daney], Danielle [Danney, ..], Daphne [Daphney], Darby [Darrbey], Darcie [Darsey], Daveney, Deborah [Debbey], Deirdre [Diedrey], Delancey, Delaney [Delainey], Denise [Deney], Destiny [Destiney], Devany [Devaney], Dimity [Dimitey]

Dodie - Fanny
Dodie [Dodey], Dolly [Dolley], Dorcey [Dorsey], Dorothy [Dottey], Dorsey, Earla [Earley], Ebony [Ebonney, ..], Eileen [Eiley], Eilidh [Eiley], Elaine [Layney], Eleanor [Nelley], Elizabeth [Libbey, ..], Emily [Emmey, ..], Esther [Ettey], Eudora [Dorey], Eustacia [Stacey], Evadne [Evadney], Evanthe [Evanthey], Eve [Evey], Fanny [Fanney]

Fay - Hayley
Fay [Fey], Fernley, Flana [Flannerey], Florence [Flossey], Fortney, Frances [Francey, ..], Frederica [Freddey], Gloria [Glorey], Grace [Gracey], Gypsy [Gipsey], Hadley [Hedley], Haley [Hayley], Halle [Halley], Hallie [Halley], Hannah [Nanney], Haralda [Halley], Harley [Arley], Harmony [Harmoney], Harriet [Hatsey], Hayley [Haley, ..]

Heidi - Jody
Heidi [Heidey], Hephzibah [Hepsey], Holly [Holley], Honey, Iolanthe [Yolley], Ivy [Ivey], Jacey, Jacinda [Jacey], Jackie [Jacquey], Jaime [Jamey], Jamie [Jamey], Jane [Janney], Jay [Jey], Jennie [Jenney], Jennifer [Jenney], Jerrie [Jerrey], Jessica [Jessey], Jessie [Jessey], Joby [Jobey], Jody [Jodey]

Jolie - Kelly
Jolie [Joley], Jordan [Jorey], Josephine [Josey], Judy [Judey], Julia [Juley], Julie [Juley], Kacie [Kasey], Kalila [Kailey], Karla [Karley], Karlotta [Lottey], Kasey, Kassie [Kascey], Kate [Katey], Katherine [Kittey, ..], Kathy [Kathey], Katie [Katey], Kaylee [Kaylley, ..], Keely [Keylley, ..], Kelby [Kelbey], Kelly [Kelley]

Kelsey - Leslie
Kelsey [Kellsey], Kempley, Kerry [Kerrey], Kiley, Kimberly [Kymberley], Kinsey [Kinnsey], Kitty [Kittey], Kora [Korey], Kori [Korey], Kourtney [Kortney], Kylie [Kyley], Lacey [Laisey], Lady [Ladey], Laine [Laney], Lainey [Laney], Lane [Laney], Langley, Lassie [Lassey], Laura [Lorey], Leslie [Lezley]

Libby - Marlee
Libby [Libbey], Lily [Lilley], Linda [Lindey], Lindsay [Lynzey, ..], Lora [Lorey], Love [Lovey], Lyndsey [Lynsey], Lynn [Lynley], Mackenzie [Mackenzey], Macy [Maicey], Magali [Magaley], Maggie [Maggey], Maida [Maydey], Maisie [Mazey], Mallory [Malorey, ..], Marcy [Marsey], Margaret [Marjorey, ..], Margery [Marjorey, ..], Marjorie [Marjorey], Marlee [Marley]

Marlene - Penny
Marlene [Marley], Marmara [Marney], Marni [Marney], Melanie [Melloney, ..], Melody [Melodey], Mercy [Mersey], Michaela [Mickey], Molly [Molley], Nancy [Nansey, ..], Nelly [Nelley], Nelsey [Nellsey], Nicole [Coley], Nikki [Nikkey], Normandie [Normandey], Paisley, Pansy [Pansey], Patricia [Pattey], Pearl [Perley], Penelope [Penney], Penny [Penney]

Perry - Rosae
Perry [Perrey], Phoebe [Phoebey], Polly [Polley], Posy [Posey], Quinn [Quincey], Quincey, Rachel [Shelley], Raina [Reyney, ..], Raleigh [Rawley, ..], Ramsay [Ramsey], Rebecca [Beckey], Rene [Reney], Riley [Ryley], Ripley, Roberta [Robbey], Robin [Robbey], Rochelle [Shelley], Romney, Ronni [Ronney], Rosae [Rosey]

Rosalie - Sherry
Rosalie [Rosaley], Rose [Rosey], Rosemary [Rosemarey], Roxanne [Roxey], Ruby [Rubey], Rylee [Ryley], Sadie [Saidey], Sally [Salley], Salome [Salomey], Samantha [Sammey], Sarah [Sarrey], Selby [Selbey], Sesame [Sesamey], Shandy [Shandey], Shaneika [Shantey], Shanelle [Shaney], Shawnee [Shawney], Shelby [Shelbey], Shelley [Schelley], Sherry [Sherrey]

Shirley - Tandy
Shirley [Shirlley], Sidney, Sigourney, Silver [Silverey], Sissy [Sissey], Sivney, Soki [Sokey], Sophia [Sophey], Stacy [Staycey, ..], Stephanie [Stevey, ..], Sukey, Susan [Sukey], Sydney [Sidney], Tabitha [Tabbey], Tacy [Tacey], Talicia [Talley], Tallulah [Talley], Tally [Talley], Tammy [Tammey], Tandy [Thandey]

Tansy - Truth
Tansy [Tanzey], Tasha [Tashey], Tawny [Tawney, ..], Terry [Terrey], Thalia [Talley], Theodora [Teddey], Theresa [Tracey], Tierney, Tiffany [Tiffney], Tilda [Tilley], Timothea [Timmey], Toby [Tobey, ..], Toni [Toney], Tori [Torrey], Tracy [Treasey, ..], Trelane [Trelaney], Trilby [Trilbey], Trinity [Trinitey], Trudy [Trudey], Truth [Truley]

Unity - Zoe
Unity [Unitey], Ursula [Ursley], Valerie [Vallorey], Valley, Vicky [Vikkey], Victoria [Vikkey], Waverly [Waverley], Wendy [Wendey], Whitley [Whittley], Whitney [Whittney, ..], Wilhelmina [Billey], Yancey, Zoe [Zooey]