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Names ending with -ey from Chloe - Cora

Page 8/34. 328 -ey grouped name results ending with -ey for females. Listing 66-75.

Chloe (Greek) "Green shoot." ..
[Cloey, Khloey]

Christina (Latin) "Follower of Christ." ..

Christy (Latin) "Follower of Christ." ..
[Christey, Kristey]

Cicely (Latin, Old Welsh) "Blind; sixth." ..

Claire (Latin) "Bright, famous." ..
[Clairey, Clarey]

Claudia (Latin) "Lame." ..

Cody (Irish, Gaelic) "Helper." ..
[Codey, Kodey]

Colleen (Gaelic) "Girl, wench." ..

Constance (Latin) "Constant, steadfast." ..

Cora (Greek) "Maiden." ..
[Corey, Correy, Korey]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of -ey names: Corey

Corey is a commonly used name, while Chesney, Christey, Clairey, Clarey, Claudey, Cloey, Codey, Coley, Conney, Correy, Crissey, Khloey, Kodey, Korey, Kristey and Sisley are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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