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Names ending with -he

Page 2/3. 55 -he name results ending with -he for baby girls, listing 21-40.

Cliantha (Greek) "Glory flower."
[Cleanthe, Clianthe, Klianthe]

Dianthe (Greek) "Flower of the gods."

Edith (Old English) "Strife for wealth." ..
[Edithe, Edythe]

Elberta (Old English, Old German) "Noble, bright." ..

Elizabeth (Hebrew) "God is my oath." ..

Elva (Irish, Gaelic) "White." ..

Evanthe (Greek) "Good flower." ..

Faith (Middle English) "Belief."
[Faithe, Faythe]

Gilberte (Old German) "Bright promise." ..

Greta (German) Short form of Margaret (Greek) "pearl" ..

Hyacinth (Greek) Name of a flower and a color that ranges from sapphire to violet ..
[Hyacinthe, Jacinthe]

Ianthe (Greek) "Violet flower."

Iolanthe (Greek) "Violet flower." ..
[Jolanthe, Yolanthe]

Jacinda (Spanish) Variant of Hyacinth (Greek) ..
[Jacinthe, Jacynthe]

Josephine (Hebrew) "Jehovah increases." ..

Judith (Hebrew) "From Judea; Jewish." ..

Kate Short form of Katherine, also used as an independent name ..
[Kaethe, Kathe]

Kathy Short form of Katherine ..

Krysanthe (Greek) "Golden flower."

Leith (Scottish, Gaelic) "Broad river." ..
[Leithe, Lethe]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of -he names: Edythe

Edythe and Kathe are commonly used names, while the other -he names are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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