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-ia names ending with -ia for females. Names that end in -ia are used more often as feminine names. Here is the list of -ia names for boys. These girl names reached the apex of their popularity in 2002 and have remained as popular to this day, but with names such as Analia, Yesenia, Asia, Tania and Sonia becoming somewhat outmoded. The most fashionable girl names here are Malaysia (#399), Aria (#31), Bria (#521), Leia (#509) and Amia (#709).

Aanya - Abiah

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[Ania, .. 1 more] Var. of Aanya 1 Derivative of Sanskrit, Hindi. "Inexhaustibility; other, another person." Atypical as a birth name for girls. See also Anika. ..

Aaricia 2 Root fr. Scandinavian element. "Proud, distinguished and noble princess." Aaricia is a unique feminine name. See also Aericka.

Abelia 3 Derived fr. Hebrew element. "Breath, vapour." The version Abelia is a scarcely used first name. See also Ubelia. ..

Abia 4 Stems fr. Arabic word. "Great." Uncommon as a given name for girls. See also Abi.

[Avia, .. 1 more] Var. of Abiah 5 Derivative of Hebrew word. "God is my father." Name suited for both genders. The variation Avia is infrequently used as a first name. ..

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[Aanya - Abiah]
Aanya [Ania], Aaricia, Abelia, Abia, Abiah [Avia]

[Acacia - Almera]
Acacia [Casia], Acadia, Accalia, Ada [Adia], Adalia, Adela [Adelia], Adelaide [Adelicia], Adelisa [Adalicia], Adoncia [Doncia], Adonia, Adora [Adoria], Adrienne [Hadria], Africa [Aphria], Afua [Afia], Agatha [Agafia], Aglaia, Agnes [Agafia], Airlea [Airlia], Aisha [Ieeshia, ..], Akosua [Akosia], Alaia, Alaysia, Alba [Albinia], Albinia, Alcina [Alsinia, ..], Alcinda [Alicynthia], Alegra [Allegria, ..], Alesia [Alessia], Alethea [Elithia, ..], Alexandra [Alixandria, ..], Alexandria, Alexis [Alexia], Alfonsine [Alfonsia], Alfreda [Alfredia], Alice [Alysia, ..], Alicia [Licia, ..], Alida [Allidia], Aliya [Allia], Allegra [Alegria], Almera [Elmeria, ..]

[Aloisia - Arcadia]
Aloisia [Eloysia, ..], Alona [Alonia], Altagracia [Altagrazia], Althea [Althia, ..], Alva [Albinia], Alvina [Elvinia, ..], Alysia [Alyssia], Alyssa [Alyssia], Amada [Amadia], Amalthea [Amaltheia], Amaya [Amaia], Ambrosine [Ambrozia], Amelia [Melia, ..], Amilia [Amillia], Amiya [Amia], Amy [Amia], Ana [Anamaria], Analia, Analilia, Anastasia [Tasia, ..], Anatolia, Andrea [Onndria, ..], Angela [Angelia], Ania, Anita [Anitia], Anne [Nettia], Anna [Hania], Annalisa [Analisia], Annamaria [Annmaria], Annis [Anysia], Ansonia [Annsonia], Anthea [Thia, ..], Anthemia [Anthymia], Antoinette [Tonia], Antonia [Tonia], Anya [Ania], Apollonia [Appolonia, ..], Ara [Arria], Araceli [Arcelia], Arcadia

[Arcangela - Basilia]
Arcangela [Archangelia], Arcelia, Ardelle [Ardia], Arden [Ardenia], Ardith [Ardelia], Argenta [Argentia], Argia, Aria, Ariadne [Aria], Ariel [Ariellia], Armina [Erminia], Artemis [Artemisia], Arsenia [Arsemia, ..], Artemisia [Artemesia], Arthuretta [Artia, ..], Ashia, Asia [Azia], Aspasia, Asta [Asteria], Asteria, Astra [Astria], Astraea [Astraeia], Athalia [Atalia], Athanasia [Athenasia], Attilia, Audrey [Audria], Augusta [Augustia], Aura [Oria], Aurelia [Orelia, ..], Australia, Aviana [Avia], Ayanna [Avannia], Azalea [Azaleia], Azalia, Azania, Azaria, Azelia, Barbara [Berberia], Basha [Basia], Basilia [Bazeelia]

[Bedelia - Carmen]
Bedelia [Delia], Begonia, Belle [Belvia], Benicia [Benecia], Berengaria, Bernice [Bernicia], Beruria, Bethea [Bethia], Bethia [Bithia], Blaise [Blasia], Blasia [Blaysia], Bonfilia, Braulia, Brianna [Bria], Brigantia, Brisa [Brisia], Brittania [Britannia], Brittany [Brittania], Bronwyn [Bronia], Calandra [Calandria], Calantha [Calanthia], Caledonia, California, Calligenia, Calliope [Callia], Calpurnia, Cambria [Cambaria], Camellia [Cammelia], Cameron [Cameshia], Camilla [Kamilia, ..], Candace [Kanticia], Candelaria [Candeloria], Candia, Candice [Kantisia], Caprice [Capricia], Cara [Caralia], Carinthia, Carla [Carlissia, ..], Carmel [Carmia, ..], Carmen [Karmia, ..]

[Casey - Clelia]
Casey [Cacia], Casiphia, Cassandra [Kasandria], Cassia, Cassiopeia [Kassiopia, ..], Castalia [Kastalia], Catherine [Katia, ..], Cathy [Cathia], Catriona [Catrinia], Cayla [Caylia], Cecilia [Sesilia, ..], Celandine [Zeledonia, ..], Celena [Cesia], Celeste [Silestia, ..], Celia [Fecelia], Celina [Celicia], Celosia, Cenobia, Cerelia [Sarilia], Cerise [Cerria, ..], Cesia [Quesia], Cha- [Chalia], Chamania [Hamania], Chandra [Chandria], Chantal [Chantasia], Chanya [Hania], Charis [Carisia], Chelsea [Chelsia], Cherie [Sheria], Chevonne [Chavondria], Chrissie [Krysia], Christina [Krystia, ..], Ciara [Cieria], Cilia [Sillia], Cilicia [Salicia], Cindy [Cindia], Cira [Ceria], Clarissa [Clarissia], Claudia [Klodia, ..], Clelia [Cloelia]

[Clematis - Delphine]
Clematis [Clematia], Clemence [Clemencia], Clementine [Clementia], Columba [Columbia], Concordia, Constance [Constantia], Cora [Lacoria], Cordelia [Kordelia, ..], Corinthia [Korinthia], Cornelia [Nelia, ..], Crecia, Crescent [Cressentia], Cynthia [Synthia, ..], Cyrilla [Cerelia], Da- [Dameshia], Dacey [Dacia], Dacia, Dahlia [Dalia], Dalia, Dalmace [Dalmatia], Damia, Dana [Dania], Danielle [Dania], Danna [Dannia], Dara [Daria], Darcie [Darcia], Daria, Datya [Datia], Davina [Divinia, ..], Dawn [Dawnysia], De- [Delicia], Deandra [Deandria], Decima [Decia], Deifilia, Deitra [Detria], Deja [Dacia], Delfina [Delphia], Delia [Deelia], Delicia [Delysia], Delphine [Delphinia]

[Demetria - Elysia]
Demetria [Dimitria, ..], Demi [Demia], Dena [Denia], Desiree [Desideria], Dimitra [Dimitria], Dionysia [Dionisia, ..], Divina [Divinia], Dolores [Deloria], Dominique [Domitia], Domitilla [Domitilia], Donalda [Donia], Donata [Donatilia], Donna [Donia], Dora [Doria, ..], Doria [Dorria], Doris [Doria], Dulce [Dulsia], Dumia, Earla [Erlinia], Eden [Edenia], Effie [Euphemia], Egeria [Igeria, ..], Egidia [Aegidia], Eithne [Ethenia], Elaine [Elainia], Eldora [Eldoria], Eleuthera [Eleutheria, ..], Eliana [Elia], Elidia, Eligia [Ligia], Elisha [Elicia], Elissa [Elyssia, ..], Ella [Ellia], Elmira [Elmeria, ..], Elodie [Helodia], Eloise [Aloysia], Elva [Elvia], Elvia, Elvina [Elvinia, ..], Elysia [Ilysia, ..]

[Emilia - Gabrielle]
Emilia [Melia], Emily [Emilia, ..], Emma [Emmeleia], Engracia, Erma [Hermia, ..], Ermine [Erminia], Ersilia [Hersilia, ..], Esmeralda [Esmaria], Esperanza [Esperantia], Estefany [Estefania], Eudocia [Eudoxia, ..], Eugenia [Genia], Eulalia [Eulia], Euphemia [Euphenia, ..], Eustacia [Stasia, ..], Eva [Evia], Evangeline [Evangelia], Evania, Eve [Evelia], Fabia, Fabrizia [Fabritzia], Fadia, Fanny [Fannia], Fawn [Fawnia], Felicia [Phyllicia, ..], Fenia, Fidelity [Fidelia], Filia [Philia], Flaminia, Flavia, Flora [Floria, ..], Flordeperia, Florence [Florincia, ..], Forsythia, Frances [Fronia, ..], Frederica [Fredricia], Fulgencia, Fulvia, Fuchsia, Gabrielle [Gabysia]

[Gaea - Hestia]
Gaea [Gaia], Gail [Galia], Galila [Gelilia], Gallia, Galya [Gallia], Gardenia, Genesis [Genisia], Geneva [Genevia], Georgia [Giorgia], Gianna [Gia], Gilia, Gina [Ginamaria], Gioia, Giulia [Jullia, ..], Giuliana [Giulia], Giustinia, Gloria [Glorria], Golda [Goldia], Grace [Grazia, ..], Grainne [Grania], Gregoria, Hadria, Halia, Halleli [Alleluia], Hania [Hannia], Harmony [Harmonia], Hedia, Hedy [Hedia], Heladia [Eladia], Helen [Hellia], Heloise [Aloysia], Henrietta [Henia], Hephzibah [Hepzia, ..], Hermia [Herminia], Herminia [Hermia], Hermione [Herminia], Hersilia [Erzilia, ..], Hesper [Hesperia], Hester [Hestia], Hestia

[Hibernia - Jessenia]
Hibernia, Hilary [Hilaria], Honor [Honoria], Horatia [Horacia], Hortensia [Ortensia, ..], Hyacinth [Hyacintia, ..], Hypatia [Hypasia], Ianthe [Janthia], Iberia [Ibeeria], Ida [Idania], Idalia, Iduna [Idonia], Ieesha [Ieashia], Ignacia [Ignazia], Ilana [Ilania], Ilaria, Iliana [Illia], Imogen [Imogenia], Imperia, Inaya [Iynaia], India, Inocencia [Ynocencia, ..], Ione [Ionia], Ionia [Eionia], Iphigenia [Genia, ..], Isabel [Belicia], Isha [Ieshia], Ivana [Ivania], Ja- [Janecia], Jacinda [Jacynthia, ..], Jameelah [Jamilia], Jamie [Jamia], Jamila [Jamillia], Jane [Vania], Janice [Janicia], Jasmine [Yasminia], Jecolia [Jekolia], Jeorjia, Jeremia, Jessenia [Yessenia, ..]

[Jessica - La-]
Jessica [Jessicia, ..], Jo [Jonetia], Jocelyn [Jocia], Joy [Joia, ..], Julia [Yulia, ..], Juno [Junia], Kacie [Kacia], Kady [Kadia], Kai [Kaia], Kalei [Kalia], Kambria, Kamelia, Kamilah [Kamillia], Kanisha [Kinicia], Kapri [Kapricia], Kassia, Katherine [Katria, ..], Kathy [Kathia], Katie [Katia], Kaya [Kaia], Keandra [Kiandria], Keely [Keelia], Keisha [Kicia, ..], Kendra [Kyndria, ..], Kenna [Kennia], Kenya [Kenia], Kerry [Kerria], Kesia, Kevina [Kevia], Kezia [Ketzia], Kia, Kiana [Kia], Kira [Kiria], Klaudia, Konstanze [Konstantia], Kornelia [Cornelia], Kristen [Krysia], Kynthia, Kyra [Kyria], La- [Latricia, ..]

[Lakeisha - Lycia]
Lakeisha [Lakitia, ..], Lalia [Lallia], Lallie [Lalia], Latanya [Latonia], Latisha [Letticia, ..], Latoya [Latoria], Latrice [Latricia, ..], Laudonia, Laufeia, Laura [Lauricia], Lauren [Larentia], Laurence [Laurentia], Lavinia [Luvinia, ..], Leah [Lia], Leala [Lealia], Leandra [Leandria], Lecia, Leila [Lelia], Lelia [Lilia, ..], Leona [Leonia], Letha [Lethia], Letitia [Lettitia, ..], Levana [Levania], Lexie [Lexia], Lia, Licia [Lisia, ..], Ligia [Lygia], Lillian [Lillia], Lily [Lillia], Livia [Lyvia], Llesenia, Loelia, Lorena [Lorenia], Lori [Loria], Louise [Aloysia], Lucia, Lucille [Lucilia], Lucretia [Tia, ..], Lucy [Lucilia], Lycia

[Lydia - Mouna]
Lydia [Lidia], Lyric [Lyricia], Lyris [Lyria], Macaria [Makarria, ..], Madeline [Madzia], Magnolia, Mahalia [Mehalia], Maia [Moia], Malaysia, Malia [Maleia], Malka [Malkia], Marcella [Marsellonia], Marcene [Marcenia], Marcia [Martia], Margaret [Margisia], Maria [Mayria], Marisa [Marysia], Marissa [Maricia], Marketa [Markia], Marmara [Marnia], Marsha [Martia], Mary [Mayria, ..], Mattea [Mattia, ..], Maureen [Moria], May [Maia], Maya [Maia], Medea [Media], Melanie [Melania], Melia [Meelia], Melisha [Mellicia, ..], Melissa [Melicia], Melody [Melodia], Mercia, Mia, Michaela [Mihalia], Michelle [Mia], Migdalia, Modesty [Modestia], Moriah [Moraia], Mouna [Mounia]

[Myisha - Ophelia]
Myisha [Myeshia], Myrtle [Myrtia], Na- [Natavia], Nadia [Nadzia], Naida [Naia], Nan [Nania], Naomi [Naomia], Nastasia [Nastassia], Nasya [Nasia], Natalie [Talia, ..], Natalya [Natalia], Natasha [Toshia, ..], Nathania [Nethania, ..], Nelia [Neelia], Nerissa [Nericcia], Nerola [Nerolia], Nessie [Netia], Nia, Nicia [Neecia], Nicole [Nykolia, ..], Nicosia [Nicotia], Nidia [Nydia], Nikki [Nikia], Nova [Novia], Nubia, Nunzia, Nydia [Nidia], Oceana [Oceania], Octavia [Tavia], Odele [Udilia], Odelia [Udilia, ..], Odessa [Odyssia], Odila [Udilia, ..], Olena [Olinia], Olesia, Olga [Olia], Olivia [Oliveria, ..], Olympia [Olimpia], Onora [Onoria], Ophelia [Uvelia, ..]

[Oracia - Precious]
Oracia [Orazia, ..], Oralia [Orelia], Orane [Orania], Orange [Orangia], Orfea [Orphia], Oriana [Oria], Orinthia [Orrinthia], Ortensia, Orthia, Ostia, Otamisia [Ottamisia], Otthild [Otylia], Ottilie [Ottilia], Pallas [Palladia], Pamela [Permelia], Pania, Panthea [Panthia], Parmenia [Permenia], Parthenia [Pathinia, ..], Patience [Patienzia], Patricia [Tricia], Paula [Pavia], Pazia, Pelagia [Pellagia], Pelia, Permelia [Parmelia], Persia, Petra [Petronia], Petunia, Phemia [Femia], Philadelphia, Philana [Filania], Philantha [Philanthia], Philothea [Philotheia], Phylicia [Philicia], Pia, Placidia, Porsha [Porschia], Portia, Precious [Precia]

[Prima - Selina]
Prima [Priminia], Prudence [Prudencia], Ramona [Romonia], Rani [Rania], Raphaela [Rafaelia], Ravenna [Ravinia], Razia, Rebecca [Rebeckia], Refugia, Regina [Reginia], Rhea [Ria], Rhoda [Rhodia], Ria, Ricarda [Richia], Roberta [Robinia], Robin [Robinia], Roma [Romelia], Rosalie [Rozellia, ..], Rosalind [Rozalia], Rose [Roselia, ..], Rosemary [Rosemaria], Ruby [Rubinia], Sade [Sadia], Saffron [Saffronia], Safiyah [Safia], Sally [Salcia], Salvia [Sallvia], Samaria, Samya [Samia], Sancia [Sanzia, ..], Sandra [Wysandria, ..], Sarah [Zaria, ..], Sardinia, Saskia, Scotia, Sedona [Sedonia], Sebastiane [Bastia], Segovia, Selena [Selia, ..], Selina [Selenia]

[Sequoia - Terena]
Sequoia [Sequoyia], Sha- [Sharaia], Shadiya [Shadia], Shana [Shania], Shania, Sheila [Shelia, ..], Sherry [Shericia], Sicily [Sicillia], Sidonia [Sydonia], Silja [Sillia], Silvia [Sylvia], Simone [Simonia], Sirena [Sirenia], Siria [Syria], Socorro [Socaria], Sofia, Sonia [Sohnia], Sophia [Zosia, ..], Sophronia [Sofronia], Stacy [Stasia], Stephanie [Stephania, ..], Sylvia [Zylvia, ..], Ta- [Talicia], Tacy [Tacia], Taisiya [Tasia], Taja [Tajia], Talia [Tahlia], Talicia [Tallia], Talitha [Talicia], Tanaya [Tanaia], Tanisha [Tinecia, ..], Tansy [Tanzia, ..], Tanya [Tania, ..], Taryn [Tarnia], Tasha [Tasia], Tasia [Tazia], Tatiana [Tatiania, ..], Tavia, Tawny [Tawnia], Terena [Terenia]

[Teresa - Vasilia]
Teresa [Teskia, ..], Tertia [Tersia], Tessa [Tessia], Thalia [Thaleia], Thea [Thia], Theodora [Theodosia], Theodosia [Tossia, ..], Theophania [Teophania], Theresa [Terresia], Therma [Thermia], Thora [Thordia], Thurayya [Thuraia], Tia [Thia], Tiberia [Tyberia], Tierra [Tierria], Titania [Tania], Toni [Tonia], Tori [Toria], Tosha [Toskia], Toya [Toia], Tranquilina [Tranquilinia], Trea [Treia], Treva [Trevia], Tricia [Trisia], Tryphena [Tryphenia], Tulia [Tullia, ..], Tyra [Tyria], Umnia, Urania [Urainia], Valencia [Valentia], Valentina [Valenzia, ..], Valerie [Valeria], Valkyrie [Valkyrria], Valley [Vallia], Valonia [Vallonia], Valora [Valouria], Vanessa [Venishia, ..], Vania, Varda [Vardia], Vasilia [Vaseelia, ..]

[Venetia - Zoya]
Venetia [Vonizia, ..], Vesta [Vesteria], Vicenza [Vichensia], Victoria [Vittoria, ..], Vida [Vitia], Vidonia [Veedonia], Vienna [Viennia], Vigilia, Vincentia [Vincenzia], Vinia [Venia], Virginia [Virginnia, ..], Viridiana [Viridia], Vivian [Vivia], Volusia, Walkiria, Warda [Wardia], Weslee [Weslia], Wisteria [Wistaria], Wyome [Wyomia], Wysandra [Wysandria], Xandra [Xandria], Xanthe [Xanthia], Xaviera [Xavia], Xenia [Zenia, ..], Xylia, Yesenia [Yessenia, ..], Zaina [Zenia], Zakiya [Zakia], Zara [Zarria], Zarya [Zaria], Zelenia, Zelia [Zaylia], Zena [Zenia], Zenobia [Cenobia], Zia, Zilla [Zylia], Zinnia [Zinia], Zola [Zolia], Zona [Zonia], Zoya [Zoia]

[Zsofia - Zsofia]