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"IA" baby names ending with -ia are used more often as feminine names.

Usage of these girl names reached its apex 12 (adoption of 0.026%) and has remained as widespread to this day (adoption 0.024%, 5.7% less), but with names such as Ottilia becoming somewhat outmoded. The most fashionable girl names here are Malaysia (#399), Aria (#31), Bria (#521), Leia (#509) and Amia (#709). Attia (top 19%) and Dia (21%) are familiar -ia surnames.

Here is the list of -ia names for boys.

pinAanya - Agatha

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of -ia names: Adelia

[Ania, .. 1 more] Var. of Aanya 1 Based on Sanskrit, Hindi languages. "Inexhaustibility; other, another person." Aiania and Aniaai are kreatif forms. ..

Aaricia 2 Based on Scandinavian. "Proud, distinguished and noble princess." Outside Top 1000. See also Maricia.

Abelia 3 From Hebrew element. "Breath, vapour." Unusual. Compare Abelia with common -ia last name Ahia (upper 91%). See also Azelia. ..

Abia 4 Stems fr. Arabic. "Great." Uncommon as a girls' name, but Abia is similar to the more conventional Abby. Cross-gender use.

[Avia, .. 1 more] Form of Abiah 5 Stems fr. Hebrew element. "God is my father." Not that common as a girls' name. Unisex name. ..

Acacia [Cacia, Casia, .. 12 more] 6 Derivative of Greek element. "Thorny tree." Not Top 1000 names. ..

Acadia 7 Root fr. Algonquian Wakashian word. "Place of plenty." Acadia is seldom used as a children's name. See also Acacia.

Accalia 8 From Latin language. Mythology .. Uncommon, with the favored feminine-sounding -alia suffix, like Analia. See also Azalia.

[Adia, .. 13 more] Form of Ada 9 Derived fr. Old German. "Noble." Not in Top 1000. See also Aria. ..

Adalia 10 Source fr. Hebrew, Old German words. "God is my refuge; noble one." Outside Top 1000. See also Adalina. ..

[Adalia, Adelia, .. 8 more] Forms of Adela 11 Origin fr. Old German element. "Noble." Adalia and variants were favored as baby names during 1880-1889 and have become less popular, with Adelia becoming somewhat outmoded. ..

[Adelia, Adelicia, .. 56 more] Forms of Adelaide 12 Source fr. Old German. "Noble kind." Adelia and form grew in popularity about 13 decades ago and are now less conventional, with Adelia becoming less in vogue. ..

[Adalicia, .. 2 more] Var. of Adelisa 13 Root fr. French element. A blend of Adela and Lisa. Not in Top 1000. See also Adelicia.

Adoncia [Doncia] 14 Source fr. Spanish word. "Sweet." Uncommon, with the feminine -cia ending for Adoncia, Doncia, like Aaricia.

Adonia 15 Source fr. Greek language. "Extremely good looking." Scarce as a birth name, but Adonia is similar to the more familiar Adena. Unisex name. ..

[Adoria, .. 14 more] Var. of Adora 16 From Greek, Old German, Latin words. "A gift; beloved; adored." Not in popularity charts. See also Adira.

[Adria, Hadria, .. 23 more] Forms of Adrienne 17 Derivative of Latin. "From Hadria." Not in popularity charts. ..

[Aphria, .. 12 more] Form of Africa 18 Root fr. Celtic language. "Pleasant." A peculiar birth name. See also Aphra.

[Afia, .. 2 more] Var. of Afua 19 Source fr. Ghanaian element. "Born on Friday." Not in Top 1000. See also Abi.

[Agacia, Agafia, .. 23 more] Var. of Agatha 20 Stems fr. Greek. "Good, honorable." Not in popularity charts. ..

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for -ia names for girls.

Aanya - Agatha
Aanya [Ania], Aaricia, Abelia, Abia, Abiah [Avia], Acacia [Casia], Acadia, Accalia, Ada [Adia], Adalia, Adela [Adelia], Adelaide [Adelicia], Adelisa [Adalicia], Adoncia [Doncia], Adonia, Adora [Adoria], Adrienne [Hadria], Africa [Aphria], Afua [Afia], Agatha [Agafia]

Aglaia - Alice
Aglaia, Agnes [Agafia], Airlea [Airlia], Aisha [Ieeshia, ..], Akosua [Akosia], Alaia, Alaysia, Alba [Albinia], Albinia, Alcina [Alsinia, ..], Alcinda [Alicynthia], Alegra [Allegria, ..], Alesia [Alessia], Alethea [Elithia, ..], Alexandra [Alixandria, ..], Alexandria, Alexis [Alexia], Alfonsine [Alfonsia], Alfreda [Alfredia], Alice [Alysia, ..]

Alicia - Amiya
Alicia [Licia, ..], Alida [Allidia], Aliya [Allia], Allegra [Alegria], Almera [Elmeria, ..], Aloisia [Eloysia, ..], Alona [Alonia], Altagracia [Altagrazia], Althea [Althia, ..], Alva [Albinia], Alvina [Elvinia, ..], Alysia [Alyssia], Alyssa [Alyssia], Amada [Amadia], Amalthea [Amaltheia], Amaya [Amaia], Ambrosine [Ambrozia], Amelia [Melia, ..], Amilia [Amillia], Amiya [Amia]

Amy - Antonia
Amy [Amia], Ana [Anamaria], Analia, Analilia, Anastasia [Tasia, ..], Anatolia, Andrea [Onndria, ..], Angela [Angelia], Ania, Anita [Anitia], Anne [Nettia], Anna [Hania], Annalisa [Analisia], Annamaria [Annmaria], Annis [Anysia], Ansonia [Annsonia], Anthea [Thia, ..], Anthemia [Anthymia], Antoinette [Tonia], Antonia [Tonia]

Anya - Arthuretta
Anya [Ania], Apollonia [Appolonia, ..], Ara [Arria], Araceli [Arcelia], Arcadia, Arcangela [Archangelia], Arcelia, Ardelle [Ardia], Arden [Ardenia], Ardith [Ardelia], Argenta [Argentia], Argia, Aria, Ariadne [Aria], Ariel [Ariellia], Armina [Erminia], Artemis [Artemisia], Arsenia [Arsemia, ..], Artemisia [Artemesia], Arthuretta [Artia, ..]

Arya - Azalia
Arya [Aria], Ashia, Asia [Azia], Aspasia, Asta [Asteria], Asteria, Astra [Astria], Astraea [Astraeia], Athalia [Atalia], Athanasia [Athenasia], Attilia, Audrey [Audria], Augusta [Augustia], Aura [Oria], Aurelia [Orelia, ..], Australia, Aviana [Avia], Ayanna [Avannia], Azalea [Azaleia], Azalia

Azania - Brianna
Azania, Azaria, Azelia, Barbara [Berberia], Basha [Basia], Basilia [Bazeelia], Bedelia [Delia], Begonia, Belle [Belvia], Benicia [Benecia], Berengaria, Bernice [Bernicia], Beruria, Bethea [Bethia], Bethia [Bithia], Blaise [Blasia], Blasia [Blaysia], Bonfilia, Braulia, Brianna [Bria]

Brigantia - Candice
Brigantia, Brisa [Brisia], Brittania [Britannia], Brittany [Brittania], Bronwyn [Bronia], Calandra [Calandria], Calantha [Calanthia], Caledonia, California, Calligenia, Calliope [Callia], Calpurnia, Cambria [Cambaria], Camellia [Cammelia], Cameron [Cameshia], Camilla [Kamilia, ..], Candace [Kanticia], Candelaria [Candeloria], Candia, Candice [Kantisia]

Caprice - Celeste
Caprice [Capricia], Cara [Caralia], Carinthia, Carla [Carlissia, ..], Carmel [Carmia, ..], Carmen [Karmia, ..], Casey [Cacia], Casiphia, Cassandra [Kasandria], Cassia, Cassiopeia [Kassiopia, ..], Castalia [Kastalia], Catherine [Katia, ..], Cathy [Cathia], Catriona [Catrinia], Cayla [Caylia], Cecilia [Sesilia, ..], Celandine [Zeledonia, ..], Celena [Cesia], Celeste [Silestia, ..]

Celia - Cilia
Celia [Fecelia], Celina [Celicia], Celosia, Cenobia, Cerelia [Sarilia], Cerise [Cerria, ..], Cesia [Quesia], Cha- [Chalia], Chamania [Hamania], Chandra [Chandria], Chantal [Chantasia], Chanya [Hania], Charis [Carisia], Chelsea [Chelsia], Cherie [Sheria], Chevonne [Chavondria], Chrissie [Krysia], Christina [Krystia, ..], Ciara [Cieria], Cilia [Sillia]

Cilicia - Cyrilla
Cilicia [Salicia], Cindy [Cindia], Cira [Ceria], Clarissa [Clarissia], Claudia [Klodia, ..], Clelia [Cloelia], Clematis [Clematia], Clemence [Clemencia], Clementine [Clementia], Columba [Columbia], Concordia, Constance [Constantia], Cora [Lacoria], Cordelia [Kordelia, ..], Corinthia [Korinthia], Cornelia [Nelia, ..], Crecia, Crescent [Cressentia], Cynthia [Synthia, ..], Cyrilla [Cerelia]

Da- - Deifilia
Da- [Dameshia], Dacey [Dacia], Dacia, Dahlia [Dalia], Dalia, Dalmace [Dalmatia], Damia, Dana [Dania], Danielle [Dania], Danna [Dannia], Dara [Daria], Darcie [Darcia], Daria, Datya [Datia], Davina [Divinia, ..], Dawn [Dawnysia], De- [Delicia], Deandra [Deandria], Decima [Decia], Deifilia

Deitra - Dora
Deitra [Detria], Deja [Dacia], Delfina [Delphia], Delia [Deelia], Delicia [Delysia], Delphine [Delphinia], Demetria [Dimitria, ..], Demi [Demia], Dena [Denia], Desiree [Desideria], Dimitra [Dimitria], Dionysia [Dionisia, ..], Divina [Divinia], Dolores [Deloria], Dominique [Domitia], Domitilla [Domitilia], Donalda [Donia], Donata [Donatilia], Donna [Donia], Dora [Doria, ..]

Doria - Elmira
Doria [Dorria], Doris [Doria], Dulce [Dulsia], Dumia, Earla [Erlinia], Eden [Edenia], Effie [Euphemia], Egeria [Igeria, ..], Egidia [Aegidia], Eithne [Ethenia], Elaine [Elainia], Eldora [Eldoria], Eleuthera [Eleutheria, ..], Eliana [Elia], Elidia, Eligia [Ligia], Elisha [Elicia], Elissa [Elyssia, ..], Ella [Ellia], Elmira [Elmeria, ..]

Elodie - Euphemia
Elodie [Helodia], Eloise [Aloysia], Elva [Elvia], Elvia, Elvina [Elvinia, ..], Elysia [Ilysia, ..], Emilia [Melia], Emily [Emilia, ..], Emma [Emmeleia], Engracia, Erma [Hermia, ..], Ermine [Erminia], Ersilia [Hersilia, ..], Esmeralda [Esmaria], Esperanza [Esperantia], Estefany [Estefania], Eudocia [Eudoxia, ..], Eugenia [Genia], Eulalia [Eulia], Euphemia [Euphenia, ..]

Eustacia - Forsythia
Eustacia [Stasia, ..], Eva [Evia], Evangeline [Evangelia], Evania, Eve [Evelia], Fabia, Fabrizia [Fabritzia], Fadia, Fanny [Fannia], Fawn [Fawnia], Felicia [Phyllicia, ..], Fenia, Fidelity [Fidelia], Filia [Philia], Flaminia, Flavia, Flora [Floria, ..], Flordeperia, Florence [Florincia, ..], Forsythia

Frances - Gioia
Frances [Fronia, ..], Frederica [Fredricia], Fulgencia, Fulvia, Fuchsia, Gabrielle [Gabysia], Gaia, Gail [Galia], Galia, Galila [Gelilia], Gallia, Galya [Gallia], Gardenia, Genesia, Genesis [Genisia], Geneva [Genevia], Georgia [Giorgia], Gianna [Gia], Gilia, Gioia

Giulia - Heloise
Giulia [Jullia, ..], Giuliana [Giulia], Giustinia, Gloria [Glorria], Golda [Goldia], Gormlaith [Gormelia], Grace [Grazia, ..], Grainne [Grania], Gregoria, Hadia, Hadria, Halia, Halleli [Alleluia], Hania [Hannia], Harmony [Harmonia], Hedia, Hedy [Hedia], Heladia [Eladia], Helen [Hellia], Heloise [Aloysia]

Henrietta - Ida
Henrietta [Henia], Hephzibah [Hepzia, ..], Hermia [Herminia], Herminia [Hermia], Hermione [Herminia], Hersilia [Erzilia, ..], Hesper [Hesperia], Hester [Hestia], Hestia, Hibernia, Hilary [Ilaria], Honor [Honoria], Horatia [Horacia], Hortense [Ortensia, ..], Hortensia, Hyacinth [Hyacintia, ..], Hypatia [Hypasia], Ianthe [Janthia], Iberia [Ibeeria], Ida [Idania]

Idalia - Jacinda
Idalia, Iduna [Idonia], Ieesha [Ieashia], Ignacia [Ignazia], Ilana [Ilania], Ilaria, Iliana [Illia], Imogen [Imogenia], Imperia, Inaya [Iynaia], India, Inocencia [Ynocencia, ..], Ione [Ionia], Ionia [Eionia], Iphigenia [Genia, ..], Isabel [Belicia], Isha [Ieshia], Ivana [Ivania], Ja- [Janecia], Jacinda [Jacynthia, ..]

Jameelah - Kalei
Jameelah [Jamilia], Jamie [Jamia], Jamila [Jamillia], Jane [Vania], Janice [Janicia], Jasmine [Yasminia], Jecolia [Jekolia], Jeorjia, Jeremia, Jessenia [Yessenia, ..], Jessica [Jessicia, ..], Jo [Jonetia], Jocelyn [Jocia], Joy [Joia, ..], Julia [Yulia, ..], Juno [Junia], Kacie [Kacia], Kady [Kadia], Kai [Kaia], Kalei [Kalia]

Kambria - Kezia
Kambria, Kamelia, Kamilah [Kamillia], Kanisha [Kinicia], Kapri [Kapricia], Kassia, Katherine [Katria, ..], Kathy [Kathia], Katie [Katia], Kaya [Kaia], Keandra [Kiandria], Keely [Keelia], Keisha [Kicia, ..], Kendra [Kyndria, ..], Kenna [Kennia], Kenya [Kenia], Kerry [Kerria], Kesia, Kevina [Kevia], Kezia [Ketzia]

Kia - Laura
Kia, Kiana [Kia], Kira [Kiria], Klaudia, Konstanze [Konstantia], Kornelia [Cornelia], Kristen [Krysia], Kynthia, Kyra [Kyria], La- [Latricia, ..], Lakeisha [Lakitia, ..], Lalia [Lallia], Lallie [Lalia], Latanya [Latonia], Latisha [Letticia, ..], Latoya [Latoria], Latrice [Latricia, ..], Laudonia, Laufeia, Laura [Lauricia]

Lauren - Livia
Lauren [Larentia], Laurence [Laurentia], Lavinia [Luvinia, ..], Leah [Lia], Leala [Lealia], Leandra [Leandria], Lecia, Leila [Lelia], Lelia [Lilia, ..], Leona [Leonia], Letha [Lethia], Letitia [Lettitia, ..], Levana [Levania], Lexie [Lexia], Lia, Licia [Lisia, ..], Ligia [Lygia], Lillian [Lillia], Lily [Lillia], Livia [Lyvia]

Llesenia - Malia
Llesenia, Loelia, Lorena [Lorenia], Lori [Loria], Louise [Aloysia], Lucia, Lucille [Lucilia], Lucretia [Tia, ..], Lucy [Lucilia], Lycia, Lydia [Lidia], Lyric [Lyricia], Lyris [Lyria], Macaria [Makarria, ..], Madeline [Madzia], Magnolia, Mahalia [Mehalia], Maia [Moia], Malaysia, Malia [Maleia]

Malka - Melisha
Malka [Malkia], Marcella [Marsellonia], Marcene [Marcenia], Marcia [Martia], Margaret [Margisia], Maria [Mayria], Marisa [Marysia], Marissa [Maricia], Marketa [Markia], Marmara [Marnia], Marsha [Martia], Mary [Mayria, ..], Mattea [Mattia, ..], Maureen [Moria], May [Maia], Maya [Maia], Medea [Media], Melanie [Melania], Melia [Meelia], Melisha [Mellicia, ..]

Melissa - Natalie
Melissa [Melicia], Melody [Melodia], Mercia, Mia, Michaela [Mihalia], Michelle [Mia], Migdalia, Modesty [Modestia], Moriah [Moraia], Mouna [Mounia], Myisha [Myeshia], Myrtle [Myrtia], Na- [Natavia], Nadia [Nadzia], Naida [Naia], Nan [Nania], Naomi [Naomia], Nastasia [Nastassia], Nasya [Nasia], Natalie [Talia, ..]

Natalya - Odele
Natalya [Natalia], Natasha [Toshia, ..], Nathania [Nethania, ..], Nelia [Neelia], Nerissa [Nericcia], Nerola [Nerolia], Nessie [Netia], Nia, Nicia [Neecia], Nicole [Nykolia, ..], Nicosia [Nicotia], Nidia [Nydia], Nikki [Nikia], Nova [Novia], Nubia, Nunzia, Nydia [Nidia], Oceana [Oceania], Octavia [Tavia], Odele [Udilia]

Odelia - Ostia
Odelia [Udilia, ..], Odessa [Odyssia], Odila [Udilia, ..], Olena [Olinia], Olesia, Olga [Olia], Olivia [Oliveria, ..], Olympia [Olimpia], Onora [Onoria], Ophelia [Uvelia, ..], Oracia [Orazia, ..], Oralia [Orelia], Orane [Orania], Orange [Orangia], Orfea [Orphia], Oriana [Oria], Orinthia [Orrinthia], Ortensia, Orthia, Ostia

Otamisia - Phemia
Otamisia [Ottamisia], Otthild [Otylia], Ottilie [Ottilia], Pallas [Palladia], Pamela [Permelia], Pania, Panthea [Panthia], Parmenia [Permenia], Parthenia [Pathinia, ..], Patience [Patienzia], Patricia [Tricia], Paula [Pavia], Pazia, Pelagia [Pellagia], Pelia, Permelia [Parmelia], Persia, Petra [Petronia], Petunia, Phemia [Femia]

Philadelphia - Regina
Philadelphia, Philana [Filania], Philantha [Philanthia], Philothea [Philotheia], Phylicia [Philicia], Pia, Placidia, Porsha [Porschia], Portia, Precious [Precia], Prima [Priminia], Prudence [Prudencia], Ramona [Romonia], Rani [Rania], Raphaela [Rafaelia], Ravenna [Ravinia], Razia, Rebecca [Rebeckia], Refugia, Regina [Reginia]

Rhea - Sancia
Rhea [Ria], Rhoda [Rhodia], Ria, Ricarda [Richia], Roberta [Robinia], Robin [Robinia], Roma [Romelia], Rosalie [Rozellia, ..], Rosalind [Rozalia], Rose [Roselia, ..], Rosemary [Rosemaria], Ruby [Rubinia], Sade [Sadia], Saffron [Saffronia], Safiyah [Safia], Sally [Salcia], Salvia [Sallvia], Samaria, Samya [Samia], Sancia [Sanzia, ..]

Sandra - Silja
Sandra [Wysandria, ..], Sarah [Zaria, ..], Sardinia, Saskia, Scotia, Sedona [Sedonia], Sebastiane [Bastia], Segovia, Selena [Selia, ..], Selina [Selenia], Sequoia [Sequoyia], Sha- [Sharaia], Shadiya [Shadia], Shana [Shania], Shania, Sheila [Shelia, ..], Sherry [Shericia], Sicily [Sicillia], Sidonia [Sydonia], Silja [Sillia]

Silvia - Tanaya
Silvia [Sylvia], Simone [Simonia], Sirena [Sirenia], Siria [Syria], Socorro [Socaria], Sofia, Sonia [Sohnia], Sophia [Zosia, ..], Sophronia [Sofronia], Stacy [Stasia], Stephanie [Stephania, ..], Sylvia [Zylvia, ..], Ta- [Talicia], Tacy [Tacia], Taisiya [Tasia], Taja [Tajia], Talia [Tahlia], Talicia [Tallia], Talitha [Talicia], Tanaya [Tanaia]

Tanisha - Therma
Tanisha [Tinecia, ..], Tansy [Tanzia, ..], Tanya [Tania, ..], Taryn [Tarnia], Tasha [Tasia], Tasia [Tazia], Tatiana [Tatiania, ..], Tavia, Tawny [Tawnia], Terena [Terenia], Teresa [Teskia, ..], Tertia [Tersia], Tessa [Tessia], Thalia [Thaleia], Thea [Thia], Theodora [Theodosia], Theodosia [Tossia, ..], Theophania [Teophania], Theresa [Terresia], Therma [Thermia]

Thora - Valencia
Thora [Thordia], Thurayya [Thuraia], Tia [Thia], Tiberia [Tyberia], Tierra [Tierria], Titania [Tania], Toni [Tonia], Tori [Toria], Tosha [Toskia], Toya [Toia], Tranquilina [Tranquilinia], Trea [Treia], Treva [Trevia], Tricia [Trisia], Tryphena [Tryphenia], Tulia [Tullia, ..], Tyra [Tyria], Umnia, Urania [Urainia], Valencia [Valentia]

Valentina - Vinia
Valentina [Valenzia, ..], Valerie [Valeria], Valkyrie [Valkyrria], Valley [Vallia], Valonia [Vallonia], Valora [Valouria], Vanessa [Venishia, ..], Vania, Varda [Vardia], Vasilia [Vaseelia, ..], Venetia [Vonizia, ..], Vesta [Vesteria], Vicenza [Vichensia], Victoria [Vittoria, ..], Vida [Vitia], Vidonia [Veedonia], Vienna [Viennia], Vigilia, Vincentia [Vincenzia], Vinia [Venia]

Virginia - Zarya
Virginia [Virginnia, ..], Viridiana [Viridia], Vivian [Vivia], Volusia, Walkiria, Warda [Wardia], Weslee [Weslia], Wisteria [Wistaria], Wyome [Wyomia], Wysandra [Wysandria], Xandra [Xandria], Xanthe [Xanthia], Xaviera [Xavia], Xenia [Zenia, ..], Xylia, Yesenia [Yessenia, ..], Zaina [Zenia], Zakiya [Zakia], Zara [Zarria], Zarya [Zaria]

Zelenia - Zsofia
Zelenia, Zelia [Zaylia], Zena [Zenia], Zenobia [Cenobia], Zia, Zilla [Zylia], Zinnia [Zinia], Zola [Zolia], Zona [Zonia], Zoya [Zoia], Zsofia