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Names ending with -ielle

Page 1/2. 27 -ielle name results ending with -ielle for baby girls, listing 1-20.

Abriana (Hebrew) "Father of many." ..

Adrienne (Latin) "From Hadria." ..

Andrea (Greek) "Manly, virile." ..

Ariel (Hebrew) "Lion of God." ..

Audrey (Old English) "Noble strength." ..

Aurelia (Latin) "Golden." ..

Chantal (Old French) "Stone."

Danielle (Hebrew, French) "God is my Judge." ..
[Dannielle, Dhanielle]

Daria (Greek, Persian) "Maintains possessions well." ..

Dawn (Old English) "The first appearance of light, daybreak." ..

Dielle (French) "God."

Donna (Italian) "Lady." ..

Gabrielle (Hebrew) "Heroine of God." ..
[Brielle, Gavrielle]

Grace (Latin) "Favor; blessing." ..

Ja- (American) Combination of the Ja- prefix with various endings ..

Janelle Modern elaborated form of Jane, with the feminine ending -elle from names like Danielle ..

Kara Variant of Cara (Latin) "beloved" ..

Mariel (Danish) Variant of Mary (Latin) "star of the sea" ..

Mary (Latin) "Star of the sea." ..
[Marielle, Murielle]

Meriel (Irish, Gaelic) "Sea nymph; shining sea." ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of -ielle names: Abrielle, Arielle, Danielle, Gabrielle, Brielle

Arielle, Danielle, Dannielle, Gabrielle and Marielle are commonly used names, while the other -ielle names are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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