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Genevieve [Genavieve, Genivieve, Jenevieve, .. 14 more] 1 Derivative of French element. Possibly (Old German) "white wave" or (Celtic) "of the race of women" .. The variation Genevieve is commonplace (Top 8%) as a given name, while Genavieve, Genivieve and Jenevieve are infrequently used comparatively.

[Genevieve, .. 51 more] Var. of Guinevere 2 Root fr. Welsh. "Fair and smooth." The version Genevieve is recognizable (Top 8%) as a given name. See also Genivieve. ..

Jenevieve [Jenavieve, Jennavieve, .. 2 more] 3 Derivative of French element. Phonetic variant of Genevieve. The variations Jenavieve, Jenevieve and Jennavieve are infrequently used as given names.

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[Genevieve - Jenevieve]
Genevieve [Genavieve, Genivieve, Jenevieve], Guinevere [Genevieve], Jenevieve [Jenavieve, Jennavieve]