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11 -iz names ending with -iz for girls, listing -iz baby names 1-11. Alice, Beatrice, Damaris, Delicia, Elizabeth, Felicia, Liz, Liza and Noelle are popular names. Adelisa and Empress are uncommon names. View -iz baby names below for name meanings or search -iz names for boys by suffix.

Adelisa [Adaliz]

Alice [Aliz]

Beatrice [Beatriz]

Damaris [Damariz]

Delicia [Deliz]

Elizabeth [Eliz, Liz]

Empress [Emperatriz]

Felicia [Feliz]


Liza [Liz]

Noelle [Noeliz]

Top 1000 ranking of -iz names: Beatriz, Liz

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