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"LA" names ending with -la for women. Names that end in -la are used more often as feminine names. Click here for the list of names containing the element "la", and here for the list of -la names for boys. These girl names were at the apex of their popularity in the year 2012 (usage of 0.0416%) and have remained as popular to this day (usage 0.0399%, down 4.2%), but with names such as Estrella, Shayla, Jakayla, Paola and Mckayla falling out of style. The more fashionable girl names in this list are Ariella (#386), Mila (#72), Arabella (#174), Anabella (#530) and Annabella (#256).

Abelia - Adalia

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[Abella, .. 1 more] Var. of Abelia 1 Origin fr. Hebrew word. "Breath, vapour." Abella (cf. Faiella, Apicella) is a popular -ella suffix surname. See also Axella. ..

Abiela 2 Based on Hebrew word. "God is my father." Not widely used as a children's name. See also Abella.

[Gaila, .. 42 more] Var. of Abigail 3 Stems fr. Hebrew language. "Father of exaltation." Not regularly used as a children's name. See also Gaile. ..

Abila 4 Origin fr. Latin language. "Beautiful." Common as surname. Compare Abila (top 15%) and common surnames Vila (top 8%), Argila (80%), with the -ila suffix. See also Abelia.

[Adala, Addala, .. 6 more] Var. of Adalia 5 Derived fr. Hebrew, Old German. "God is my refuge; noble one." Rare. Compare Addala and popular surnames Addams (upper 30%), Addae (88%), which also begin with Add-. ..

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[Abelia - Adalia]
Abelia [Abella], Abiela, Abigail [Gaila], Abila, Adalia [Addala]

[Addula - Amala]
Addula, Adela [Adella], Adelaide [Della, ..], Adeline [Ahdella], Adeola [Dola], Adiella, Adila, Agnes [Agnola], Agnola [Agnolla], Aileen [Aila], Akela, Akilah [Akiela], Alala, Alaula, Alda [Aldabella], Alexandra [Alla], Alice [Alla], Alida [Dilla, ..], Alla [Ala], Amala [Amahla]

[Amapola - Arista]
Amapola [Pola], Amarilla, Amitola, Anabel [Annabella], Anatolia [Anatola], Anela [Anakela], Angela [Tangela, ..], Anne [Annabella], Annabel [Annabella], Anthea [Anthoula], Antonia [Antonella], Arabella [Orbella, ..], Araceli [Aricela], Arcangela [Archangela], Arcelia [Aricella], Ardelle [Ardella], Ardith [Ardella], Arella [Arela], Ariel [Ariella, ..], Arista [Aristella]

[Arlene - Belle]
Arlene [Arla], Arnette [Arvilla], Asela, Ashley [Ashla], Asta [Stella, ..], Aurelia [Auriella, ..], Auriel [Aureola], Averil [Averilla], Aviela [Aviella], Avila, Axelle [Axella], Ayala [Ayla], Ayla, Baila [Byla], Bailey [Bayla], Barbara [Borbala], Basilia [Bazilla], Bedelia [Bidella], Bella [Labella], Belle [Bella]

[Beryl - Carol]
Beryl [Berylla], Beulah [Beula], Billie [Willa], Borbala [Borsala], Brandy [Brandala], Breanna [Breila], Bruna [Brunella], Cadhla [Kyla], Cala, Calida [Calla], Calista [Kalla, ..], Calla, Callula, Camellia [Camella], Camilla [Milla, ..], Candelaria [Candela], Carla [Karlla, ..], Carmel [Karmela, ..], Carna [Karnyella, ..], Carol [Lola, ..]

[Caroline - Claire]
Caroline [Sharla, ..], Carondelet [Carondella], Catherine [Katla], Cayla [Kayla, ..], Cecilia [Sissela, ..], Celena [Cela], Celeste [Cela], Cerelia [Cerella], Chantal [Chantila, ..], Charla, Charlene [Charla], Charlotte [Sharla, ..], Chavela, Christabel [Crystabella, ..], Chryseis [Chrysilla], Chrystal [Chrystalla], Cilla, Cinderella [Ella], Cira [Cyrilla], Claire [Claribella]

[Claudia - De-]
Claudia [Claudella], Consuelo [Consuela], Cora [Korilla, ..], Cordelia [Kordella, ..], Cordula [Kordulla, ..], Cornelia [Nila, ..], Creola [Criolla], Crystal [Chrystalla, ..], Csilla, Cushla, Cyrilla [Syrilla, ..], Dahlia [Dalla], Dale [Dayla], Dalia [Dalila], Dalila [Lila], Damaris [Damalla], Dangelis [Dangela], Danielle [Danyella, ..], Darlene [Darla], De- [Deangela]

[Delicia - Ella]
Delicia [Della], Delilah [Lila, ..], Della, Denelle [Donella], Dervla [Deirbhealla], Dielle [Diella], Docila, Dolores [Lola], Domitilla [Domitila], Donata [Donatila], Donna [Donnella], Drusilla [Drusella, ..], Dulce [Dulcibella], Earla [Erla], Ebrilla, Eila [Ila], Eileen [Eila], Eleanor [Ella], Elizabeth [Ysabella, ..], Ella [Ela]

[Ellen - Fionnula]
Ellen [Ella], Elvira [Ella], Emily [Emilla], Emmanuelle [Emmanuella, ..], Enola, Ersilia [Hersila], Esmeralda [Lala], Estelle [Stella, ..], Eulalia [Olalla], Evangeline [Evangela], Fabia [Faviola], Fabiola [Faviola], Fadila [Fazila], Fauna [Fauniella], Fenella [Fynella], Fiala, Fidelity [Fidella, ..], Finella, Finola, Fionnula [Nuala, ..]

[Floella - Giulia]
Floella, Flora [Florella], Frances [Fransabella], Franisbel [Franisbella], Fredella, Gabrielle [Gavrilla, ..], Gaea [Gala], Gail [Gaylla, ..], Gala [Galla], Galila [Glila], Gallia [Galla], Gavrila [Gavrylla, ..], Gayle [Gayla], Gazella, Geila [Gila, ..], Gemini [Gemella], Gianna [Gianella], Gilana [Gila], Giselle [Gizella, ..], Giulia [Giula]

[Grace - Jacqueline]
Grace [Graziella, ..], Griselda [Grisella], Guinevere [Gwennola], Gunhilda [Gunilla], Hala, Harela [Harrella, ..], Hedy [Hedyla], Helen [Hella], Hermia [Hermila], Hersilia [Hersila], Huette [Huella], Idelle [Idella], Ila [Isla], Ilana [Illa], Ilene [Ila], Iola, Isabel [Ysabella, ..], Isla, Ja- [Jakayla], Jacqueline [Jacquella]

[Jameelah - Karla]
Jameelah [Jemila, ..], Jamila [Jamilla, ..], Jane [Jonella, ..], Janelle [Jinella, ..], Jay [Jeyla], Jeanelle [Jenella], Jewel [Jewella], Jezebel [Jezabella], Jiselle [Jisela], Joelle [Jowella, ..], Johnella [Johnella], Jolan [Jola], Kaila [Kaela], Kala, Kalila [Kylila], Kallista [Kala], Kamelia [Kamella], Kamilah [Kamilla], Kamilla [Milla, ..], Karla [Karrla]

[Karolina - Lemuela]
Karolina [Karla], Katherine [Katla], Kay [Kayla], Kayla [Keyla, ..], Keala, Keila, Kelila [Kyla, ..], Kora [Korilla, ..], Krystal [Kristella], Kylie [Kyla], Laila [Layla], Lala [Lalla], Lalla, Latoya [Latoyla], Laura [Laurella], Laveda [Lavella], Leala [Leola], Leila [Lyla, ..], Lela, Lemuela [Lemuella]

[Leona - Manuela]
Leona [Leola], Leonie [Leonela], Lila [Lyla, ..], Lillian [Lila], Lily [Lilla], Lola [Lolla], Lorelle [Lorrella], Lou [Louella], Louise [Lula, ..], Love [Lovella], Lucille [Lucilla, ..], Lucy [Lucilla], Ludmilla [Lyudmila], Luella [Lula, ..], Lyla [Lila], Madeline [Mala, ..], Magnolia [Nola], Mahala, Mahalia [Mahalla], Manuela

[Maravilla - Melina]
Maravilla [Marivella], Marcella [Marsiella, ..], Marcia [Marcila], Maribel [Meribella], Mariel [Marilla, ..], Maricela [Marisela], Marilla [Marella], Marina [Marinella], Marisela [Maryzela, ..], Maristela, Marla, Marlene [Marla], Marsala [Marsalla], Martha [Martella], Marvell [Marvella, ..], Mary [Marla, ..], May [Mala], Mckayla, Melanie [Mella], Melina [Melibella]

[Mercy - Myla]
Mercy [Mercilla], Merle [Merola], Meryl [Myrla, ..], Michaela [Mykela, ..], Michal [Michala], Michelle [Myshella, ..], Migdalia [Migdalla], Milagros [Mila], Milena [Mila], Mira [Myrilla, ..], Mirabel [Mirabella], Miranda [Myrrilla, ..], Mireio [Mirella, ..], Mireya [Mirella], Mohala, Moreen [Morella], Morela, Moselle [Moisella], Muriel [Muriella], Myla

[Myrella - Noelle]
Myrella, Nabila [Nabeela], Naila, Nan [Nanella], Natalie [Natala], Natana [Nataniela], Nathania [Nataniela, ..], Neala [Neilla, ..], Nebula, Neila [Neilla], Neilina [Neala], Nelia [Nila], Nelly [Nella], Neola, Nerola, Nicola [Nikola, ..], Nicole [Nikola], Nila [Nyla], Nira [Nirela], Noelle [Noella]

[Nola - Palila]
Nola [Nowla], Nora [Norella], Nova [Novella], Nuala [Nula, ..], Nyla [Nila], Odele [Odella], Odelia [Odella], Odila, Ola [Olla], Olesia [Ola], Olga [Ola], Onella, Onnjel [Onjella], Orela [Orilla], Oriel [Oriella], Oriole [Oriola], Orla [Orrla], Orsa [Orsola], Otthild [Ottila], Palila

[Pamela - Radmilla]
Pamela [Pammela, ..], Panphila [Panphyla, ..], Pascale [Pascuala], Paula [Pola, ..], Pearl [Perla], Pernella [Pernilla], Petra [Petronilla, ..], Petula, Phila [Fila], Philana [Phila], Philomela [Philomella], Pola, Priela [Priella], Primrose [Primula], Princess [Princella], Priscilla [Prysilla, ..], Prunella, Quilla [Quylla], Rachel [Raquella], Radmilla [Redmilla, ..]

[Rae - Rosabel]
Rae [Raella], Rafaela, Raoule [Raula], Raphaela [Rephaela, ..], Raquel [Raquela], Raziah [Raziella], Ray [Rayla], Reina [Reinella], Rella, Rexanne [Rexella], Ricarda [Richella, ..], Rilla [Rella], Roberta [Robella], Rochelle [Roschella], Romola [Romula, ..], Rona [Ronella], Ronelle [Ronnella], Ronni [Ronnella], Rosa [Rosella], Rosabel [Rosabella]

[Rosalie - Sharlene]
Rosalie [Rozella], Rose [Rozella], Royale [Royalla], Roza [Rozella], Rudelle [Rudella], Sabelle [Sabella], Sadie [Sydella], Samala [Sammala], Samuela [Samuella], Sandra [Sandrella], Sarah [Sadella], Selena [Sela], Sevilla, Sha- [Shakila], Shaila, Shakeela [Shakila], Shaneika [Shantella], Shanelle [Shinella], Shantelle [Shantella], Sharlene [Sharla]

[Sharmila - Tecla]
Sharmila, Sharon [Sharla], Shayla [Shaila], Shea [Shayla], Sheila [Shyla, ..], Shell [Shella], Shulamith [Sula], Shyla, Sibyl [Sybilla, ..], Simla, Skye [Skyla], Skyler [Skyla], Starla, Stella [Stela, ..], Sybil [Sybilla, ..], Tallulah [Tula, ..], Tangela [Tanngela, ..], Tayla, Teal [Teela], Tecla [Thekla, ..]

[Tehila - Vera]
Tehila [Tehilla], Terena [Terriella], Terry [Terella], Tesla [Tessla], Theophila [Theofila, ..], Timothea [Timaula], Toni [Tola], Tranquilina [Tranquila], Tsila [Tzila], Tulia [Tulla], Twyla [Twylla, ..], Tyler [Tyla], Udele [Yudella], Ula [Yulla, ..], Ulla [Ula], Ulrica [Ulla], Uriela [Uriyella], Ursula [Urszula, ..], Vala [Valla], Vera [Verla]

[Violet - Zola]
Violet [Viola], Virginia [Jenella], Vita [Vitella], Wilhelmina [Willybella, ..], Willa, Winola, Wynstelle [Wynstella], Xylia [Xyla], Yarmilla, Yolanda [Yola], Ysabel [Ysbella, ..], Yuliya [Yula], Zakiya [Zakyla], Zilla [Zila], Zola [Zoela]