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"LEE" names ending with -lee for women. Names that end in -lee are used more often as feminine names. Click here for the list of names containing the element "lee", and here for the list of -lee names for boys. These girl names were at the top of their popularity in 2009 (usage of 0.0693%) and are almost as popular today (usage 0.0551%, down 20.5%), but with names such as Ashlee, Caylee, Hailee, Kailee and Natalee falling out of fashion. The more fashionable birth names among these are Bailee (#560), Baylee (#361), Charlee (#313), Karlee (#693) and Rylee (#113).

Adalia - Amberly

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[Adalee, .. 7 more] Var. of Adalia 1 Derivative of Hebrew, Old German languages. "God is my refuge; noble one." Not widespread. Adalee is not listed in the US Census. See also Atalie. ..

[Adorlee, .. 14 more] Var. of Adora 2 Origin fr. Greek, Old German, Latin. "A gift; beloved; adored." Not in Top 1000.

[Ailee, .. 41 more] Var. of Aileen 3 Based on Norman word. Scottish variant of Eileen, which possibly .. Rare. Compare Ailee and popular surnames Mclee (upper 55%), Malee (80%), which also end with -lee. See also Ailse.

[Ainslee, Aynslee, .. 5 more] Forms of Ainsley 4 Stems fr. Old English element. "Only hermitage wood or clearing." Rare. Ainslee and Aynslee are not found in the US Demographics. ..

[Amberlee, .. 8 more] Form of Amberly 5 .. Or a variant of Amber with .. Not in Top 1000. See also Ambereen.

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[Adalia - Amberly]
Adalia [Adalee], Adora [Adorlee], Aileen [Ailee], Ainsley [Aynslee], Amberly [Amberlee]

[Amelia - Callie]
Amelia [Amalee], Ana [Analee], Angela [Angelee], Anna [Annalee], Arlene [Arlee], Ashley [Lee, ..], Athalia [Athalee], Auralee, Aurelia [Irelee], Ava [Avalee], Bailey [Baylee], Bentley [Bentlee], Beverly [Verlee, ..], Billie [Bilee], Blake [Blakelee], Bonnie [Bonnylee], Bradley [Bradlee], Calandra [Callee], Calantha [Callee], Callie [Kallee, ..]

[Camilla - Dolly]
Camilla [Millee], Cara [Karalee], Carla [Carlee], Carly [Karlee], Carol [Carolee], Cayla [Kaylee], Cecilia [Cecilee], Charla [Charlee], Charlie [Charlee], Chelsea [Cheslee], Cher [Cherylee], Cheryl [Cherylee, ..], Cora [Coralee], Coral [Coralee], Coralie [Coralee], Corliss [Corlee], Crystal [Kristalee], Danna [Dannalee], Deborah [Debralee], Dolly [Dollee]

[Donna - Jamie]
Donna [Donnalee], Dora [Doralee], Ella [Ellee], Ellie [Ellee], Emeline [Emmalee], Emily [Emylee, ..], Emma [Emmalee], Eulalia [Eulalee], Fernley [Fernlee], Geraldine [Jeralee], Ginny [Ginnilee], Haley [Haylee], Hannah [Hanalee], Harley [Harlee], Hayley [Haylee], Helen [Ellee], Hildegarde [Hellee], Holly [Hollee], Jae [Jaylee], Jamie [Jamielee]

[Jana - Langley]
Jana [Jannalee], Jenilee [Jennylee], Jenna [Jennalee], Jenny [Jennylee, ..], Jeri [Jeralee], Jolie [Jolee], Jubilee [Jubalee], Julia [Julee], Julie [Jullee], Kalila [Kaylee], Kara [Karalee], Karla [Karlee], Kay [Kaylee], Kaylee [Kalee, ..], Kelila [Kaylee], Kelly [Kellee], Kiley [Kilee], Kimberly [Kymberlee], Kylie [Kylee], Langley [Langlee]

[Laura - Molly]
Laura [Lauralee], Leah [Lee], Lee, Leslie [Lezlee], Lily [Leelee], Linda [Lindalee], Lorelei [Lorilee], Lori [Lorilee], Lynn [Lynlee], Mahalia [Mahalee], Marcella [Marcilee], Mari [Marilee], Marilyn [Marilee], Marlee, Marlene [Marlee], Mary [Marylee], May [Maelee], Mckayla [Mckaylee], Merry [Merrilee, ..], Molly [Mollee]

[Natalie - Tyler]
Natalie [Natilee, ..], Oralee [Orlee], Oralia [Oralee], Polly [Pollee], Rae [Raelee], Rebecca [Rivalee], Riley [Rylee], Riva [Rivalee], Rosalie [Rosalee], Roza [Rozalee], Rylee, Sally [Sallee], Sarah [Saralee, ..], Shaila [Shalee], Sharlene [Sharlee], Shea [Shaylee], Shelley [Shellee], Shirley [Shurlee, ..], Tally [Tallee], Tyler [Tylee]

[Valley - Wilhelmina]
Valley [Vallee], Weslee, Wilhelmina [Billee]