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Leen Names

Page 1 of 5. 83 -leen names ending with -leen for girls, listing -leen baby names 1-20. Aileen, Alaine, Alana, Alina, Arlene, Barbara, Carla, Carlene, Carly, Carol, Caroline, Catherine, Cathleen, Cayla, Charlene and Charlotte are popular names. Aislinn, Ashlynn, Cailin and Coline are uncommon names. View -leen baby names below for name meanings.

Aileen [Aleen, Alleen, Eileen, Eleen, Elleen, Ileen]

Aislinn [Isleen]

Alaine [Alleen]

Alana [Alleen]

Alina [Aleen, Alleen]

Arlene [Arleen]

Ashlynn [Ashleen]

Barbara [Barbeeleen]

Cailin [Caileen]

Carla [Carleen]

Carlene [Carleen, Karleen]

Carly [Carleen]

Carol [Carleen, Charleen, Karleen, Sharleen]

Caroline [Caraleen, Carileen, Carleen, Charleen, Karaleen, Karleen]

Catherine [Cataleen, Cathaleen, Cathleen, Cathyleen, Kataleen, Kathileen, Kathleen, Kathyleen, Katleen]

Cathleen [Cathaleen, Catleen]

Cayla [Cayleen]

Charlene [Charleen]

Charlotte [Carleen, Charleen, Karleen, Sharleen]

Coline [Nicoleen]

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Top 1000 ranking of -leen names: Aileen, Aleen, Eileen, Arleen, Ashleen, Carleen, Charleen, Cathleen, Kathleen