Names ending with -lene

-lene names ending with -lene for women. Names that end in -lene are used more often as feminine names. Usage of these girl names was at its highest during 1930-1939 and is somewhat lower today, with names like Marlene, Magdalene, Ilene, Sharlene and Willene falling out of style.

Abilene - Alana

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Abilene [Abalene, .. 3 more] 1 Stems fr. Hebrew word. Place name .. The forms Abalene and Abilene are atypical given names.

[Adalene, Adilene, .. 27 more] Var. of Adeline 2 Derived fr. Old German element. "Noble." The variations Adalene and Adilene are rarely used given names. ..

[Ailene, Alene, Allene, Ellene, Ilene, Illene, .. 35 more] Var. of Aileen 3 Root fr. Norman element. Scottish variant of Eileen .. The forms Ailene (Top 76%), Alene (27%), Allene (25%) and Ilene (19%) are commonplace as women's names, while the other names are intermittently used comparatively.

[Allene, .. 15 more] Var. of Alaine 4 Derivative of Old German word. "Precious." Somewhat uncommon as a name for baby girls nowadays, but existing commonly as a first name among the general female population according to the US Census. See also Allana. ..

[Alene, Allene, .. 31 more] Var. of Alana 5 Stems fr. Old German, Hawaiian words. "Precious; awakening." The forms Alene (Top 27%) and Allene (25%) are familiar as female names. ..

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[Abilene - Alana]
Abilene [Abalene], Adeline [Adalene, Adilene], Aileen [Ilene, Allene, Ellene, Illene, ..], Alaine [Allene], Alana [Alene, Allene]

[Alina - Helen]
Alina [Alene, Allene], Allena [Alene, Allene], Angela [Angelene], Arlene [Lene], Caitlin [Cailene], Carla [Carlene], Carlene [Karlene], Carly [Carlene, Karlene], Carol [Carlene, Charlene, Sharlene], Caroline [Carlene, Karlene, Sharlene, Charlene], Catherine [Cathlene, Kathlene], Celina [Celene], Charla [Charlene, Sharlene], Charlene [Shalene, Sharlene], Charlie [Sharlene], Charlotte [Karlene, Charlene, Sharlene], Cherilyn [Cherrylene, Sherrylene], Coline [Colene, Nicolene], Colleen [Colene, Collene], Cora [Corlene], Crystal [Christalene], Dale [Dalene], Darlene [Darrylene], Daryl [Darylene, Darrylene], Delaney [Delene], Della [Dellene], Earla [Erlene, Earlene, Irelene], Eileen [Alene, Ilene, Ailene, Eilene], Eleanor [Ellene, Helene], Ellen [Elene, Ellene], Emeline [Emalene, Emmalene], Ethel [Ethelene], Ethelinda [Ethelene], Evelina [Evelene], Evelyn [Evelene], Gail [Gaylene], Geraldine [Jerilene], Gwendolyn [Gwendolene], Harley [Harlene], Helen [Ilene, Helene, Hellene, ..]

[Ilene - Ricarda]
Ilene, Jae [Jaylene], Jay [Jaylene], Jewel [Jewelene], Jill [Jillene], Jillian [Jillene], Jo [Jolene], Jolene [Jollene], Kalina [Kalene], Karleen [Karlene], Karolina [Karlene], Katherine [Kathlene], Kathleen [Kathlene], Kaylee [Kaylene], Kaylin [Kaelene, Kailene], Kylie [Kylene], Lenis [Lene], Lorelei [Lurlene], Lurleen [Lurlene], Madeline [Marlene, Madelene, Madalene, Magdalene], Magdalena [Magdalene], Mari [Marilene], Marlene, May [Maylene], Melina [Melene], Merle [Myrlene], Myla [Mylene], Natalie [Natalene], Nelly [Nellene], Nicoline [Nicolene, Nikolene], Noelle [Noelene], Nolan [Nolene], Oralia [Orlene], Paulina [Paulene], Philana [Philene], Rae [Raelene, Raylene], Raina [Raylene], Ray [Raylene], Rayann [Raylene], Ricarda [Richilene]

[Roline - Zelia]
Roline [Rolene, Roelene, Rollene], Royale [Royalene], Selena [Celene, Selene], Selina [Celene], Shalini [Shalene], Sharlene, Shayla [Shaylene], Sherilyn [Sherelene], Sheryl [Sherlene], Shirley [Shirlene], Starla [Starlene], Ta- [Talene], Valentina [Valene], Vera [Verlene], Verlene, Wilhelmina [Willene], Yoslene, Zelia [Zelene]