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Names ending with -ley from Cicely - Eleanor

Page 4/10. 92 -ley grouped name results ending with -ley for females. Listing 26-35.

Cicely (Latin, Old Welsh) "Blind; sixth." ..

Colleen (Gaelic) "Girl, wench." ..

Corliss (Old English) "Cheerful, carefree."

Danielle (Hebrew, French) "God is my Judge." ..

Dolly (English) Short form of Dorothy ..

Dorothy (Greek) "Gift of God." ..

Earla (Old English) "Princess." ..

Eileen One of two anglicized forms of the Irish Gaelic name spelt Eibhlín (see Eibhlin), Eilín, or Aibhlín (see Aibhlin) ..

Eilidh (Scottish, Gaelic, Greek) "Sun ray." ..

Eleanor (Old French, Old German) "Other, foreign." ..

Popularity of -ley baby names

Bradley, Coley, Corley, Danelley, Dolley, Earley, Eiley, Nelley and Sisley are rare names. (2000 U.S. Census)

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