Names ending with -ma

-ma names ending with -ma for females. Names that end in -ma are used more often as feminine names. Here is the list of -ma names for boys. Usage of these girl names reached its highest in 1910-1919 and it is almost as widespread today, but with names like Karma, Salma, Roma, Oma and Palma becoming somewhat dated. Jemma (#637), Gemma (#272), Emma (#1) and Fatima (#328) are four of the more trendy birth names in this compilation, with Emma having a resurgence in popularity.

Acima - Afraima

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Acima [Achima, .. 2 more] 1 Based on Hebrew language. "God will judge." The versions Achima and Acima are unusual as given names. ..

Adamma 2 From Igbo element. "Beautiful child." Adamma is unusual as a feminine name. See also Adana.

Adelma 3 Source fr. German word. "Noble, famous." A scarce girls' name. See also Adelyna. ..

Adima 4 Origin fr. Teutonic word. "Noble, renowned." Adima is unusual as a given name. See also Anima.

Afraima 5 Based on Arabic, Hebrew elements. "Fertile." Rare as a name for babies.

Popularity of -ma baby names

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Summary of all names grouped by variations for -ma names for girls.

[Acima - Afraima]
Acima [Achima], Adamma, Adelma, Adima, Afraima

[Alima - Anima]
Alima, Alma [Allma], Aloma, Aluma, Ama [Amma], Amabel [Ama], Amapola [Ama], Amelia [Emma], Amy [Esma], Anima

[Anselma - Charmaine]
Anselma [Zelma], Arunika [Arunima], Asima, Asma, Basma [Basima], Camilla [Cama], Carmel [Carma], Carmen [Carma], Charisma [Karisma, ..], Charmaine [Charma]

[Chuma - Dreama]
Chuma, Cosima [Kosma], Cyma [Syma], Dalmace [Dalma], Damita [Dama], Decima, Delma, Desma, Dorma [Dorrma], Dreama

[Edmonda - Fiammetta]
Edmonda [Edma], Elma [Ellma], Emma [Ima], Erma [Irma], Ermengard [Irma], Esme [Esma], Esmeralda [Esma], Euphemia [Fima], Fatima [Fatma], Fiammetta [Fiamma]

[Fidelity - Ilima]
Fidelity [Fidelma], Fidelma [Fedelma], Fruma, Gemma [Jemma], Gianina [Jeeanima], Gulielma [Guglielma], Halima [Helima, ..], Hermione [Herma], Hilma [Helma], Ilima

[Ima - Karisma]
Ima, Irma [Erma], Jamie [Jama], Jazzlyn [Jazma], Jemima [Mimma], Jemma, Joakima, Kama, Karima [Kareima], Karisma

[Karma - Neoma]
Karma, Massima [Maxima], Maxine [Massima], Naama, Naima [Naeema], Naomi [Neoma], Nechama [Nachuma], Neema, Neima, Neoma [Nioma]

[Norma - Prima]
Norma, Oma, Osma [Ozma], Padme [Padma], Palma [Pallma], Paloma [Peloma], Pamela [Pama], Petaluma, Pima, Prima

[Rae - Selima]
Rae [Rayma], Rama, Rima, Roma [Romma], Salama [Soloma, ..], Salimah [Selima], Salome [Selma, ..], Sami [Samma], Seema [Sima, ..], Selima [Saleema]

[Selma - Therma]
Selma [Zelma, ..], Septima, Soma, Sonoma [Sonohma], Taima, Talma, Tama, Tamara [Tamma], Thelma [Thellma], Therma

[Thomasina - Yuma]
Thomasina [Toma], Ulima [Ullima], Ultima [Ulltima], Uma [Ooma], Velma [Vellma, ..], Vilma [Wilma], Wilhelmina [Wylma, ..], Wilma [Wylma, ..], Yahaloma, Yuma

[Zelma - Zulema]
Zelma [Zelima], Zulema [Zuma, ..]