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933 -na names ending with -na for girls, listing -na baby names 1-20. Adelaide, Adeline, Adena, Adina, Adrienne and Agnes are popular names. Abellona, Abilene, Abina, Abra, Abriana, Adamina, Adana, Adanna, Adesina, Adin, Aegina, Agraciana, Agrafina and Agrippa are uncommon names. View -na baby names below for name meanings or search -na names for boys by suffix.


Abilene [Abalina, Abilena]

Abina [Abena]

Abra [Abrahana]

Abriana [Abrianna]

Adamina [Adameena, Adaminna, Ademina, Ademeena, Mina, Minna]



Adelaide [Adalena, Adelina]

Adeline [Adalina, Adallina, Adelina, Dahlina, Dalina, Dalina, Delina, Dellina, Lina]

Adena [Adina, Deena, Dina]


Adin [Adina, Adeana]

Adina [Adeana, Adeena, Adena]

Adrienne [Adreanna, Adriana, Adrianna, Adriena, Adrienna, Adrina]

Aegina [Egina]

Agnes [Aghna, Agna, Ina, Oona, Una]

Agraciana [Agracianna, Agracyanna]

Agrafina [Agrafena]

Agrippa [Agrafina, Agrippina]

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