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"NI" names ending with -ni for women. Names that end in -ni are used more often as feminine names. Click here for the list of names containing the element "ni", and here for the list of -ni names for boys. Adoption of these girl names was at its apex in the year 1990 (usage of 0.0271%) and has remained as widespread to this day (usage 0.0178%, down 34.4%), but with names such as Joni, Stefani, Sydni, Tiffani and Eboni falling out of fashion. The most fashionable baby names among these are Alani (#612), Armani (#671), Leilani (#218), Amani (#647) and Imani (#503), with Armani and Leilani having a rebound in usage.

Ailani - Anani

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Ailani 1 Based on Hawaiian. "High chief." Ailani was not a Top birth name in 2014. See also Allana.

[Alani, .. 32 more] Var. of Alana 2 Derived fr. Old German, Hawaiian. "Precious; awakening." Alani is common as a birth name compared to . See also Aline. ..

[Vinni, .. 21 more] Form of Alvina 3 Stems fr. Old English. "Elf or magical being, friend." Outside Top 1000. See also Ginni. ..

Amani 4 Root fr. Kiswahili element. "Peace." Amani became less trendy in 2014, falling -56 positions as a baby name to reach #647. Cross-gender use.

Anani 5 Derived fr. Akan word. "Fourth-born child." Anani was not a Top birth name in 2014. See also Anni.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of -ni names: Alani, Amani

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[Ailani - Anani]
Ailani, Alana [Alani], Alvina [Vinni], Amani, Anani

[Anne - Brittany]
Anne [Oni, ..], Anna [Nani], Antoinette [Toni], Antonia [Toni], Aonani, Aponi, Armani, Ashni, Avani, Barbara [Bonni], Benedicta [Benni], Benita [Benni], Bernadine [Benni], Bernice [Bunni, ..], Bethany [Bethani], Bonnie [Bunni], Brandy [Brani], Brianna [Brianni], Britney [Brittini], Brittany [Bryttani, ..]

[Bryony - Eleanor]
Bryony [Brioni], Bunny [Bunni], Chana [Chani], Chesney [Chessni], Christiana [Christianni], Christina [Christini], Chumani, Constance [Conni], Courtney [Kourtni, ..], Danielle [Danni], Danna [Danni], Dena [Denni], Denise [Denni], Destiny [Destyni], Dominique [Domini], Donna [Donni], Ebony [Ebonni], Eithne [Ethni], Elaine [Elaini], Eleanor [Eleni]

[Elena - Jennie]
Elena [Eleni], Ellen [Eleni], Elvina [Vinni], Estefany [Estefani], Eva [Evani], Fanny [Fanni], Flora [Fiordenni], Fran [Franni], Frances [Franni], Gemini, Guinevere [Jenni], Gwendolyn [Gwenni], Harmony [Harmoni], Helen [Eleni], Iman [Imani], Iolana [Iolani], Ishana [Ishani], Jane [Joni, ..], Je- [Jelani], Jennie [Jenni]

[Jennifer - Marmara]
Jennifer [Jenni, ..], Jenny [Jinni, ..], Jinny [Jinni], Joan [Joni], Johnna [Jonni], Kailani, Kalani [Kaloni], Kanani, Kani, Keilani, Kendra [Keni], Kiana [Kioni, ..], Lani, Leilani [Lalani], Leonie [Leoni], Loni [Lonni], Madeline [Magdalini], Marina [Marni], Marlene [Marleni], Marmara [Marni]

[Marni - Shoshone]
Marni, Martha [Marthini], Melanie [Meloni], Miliani, Na- [Nalani], Nalani, Noelani, Nona [Noni], Rae [Raelani], Rajani, Rani, Roanna [Ronni], Ronni [Roni], Sha- [Shalini], Shaina [Shani], Shalini, Shani, Shannon [Shani], Shawna [Shawni], Shoshone [Shoshoni]

[Sidney - Whitney]
Sidney [Sidni], Sonia [Sonni], Stephanie [Stephani], Sunny [Sunni], Sydney [Sydni], Ta- [Talani], Tani, Tanya [Tahni], Tawny [Tawni], Theone [Theoni], Tiana [Tiani], Tiffany [Tiffani], Toni, Trina [Trini], Trinity [Trini], Ulani, Veronica [Ronni], Virginia [Ginni], Vondra [Vonni], Whitney [Whitni]

[Xeni - Zuni]
Xeni, Zuni