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124 -ni names ending with -ni for girls, listing -ni baby names 41-60. Ebony, Elaine, Eleanor, Elena, Ellen, Elvina, Eva, Fanny, Flora, Fran, Frances, Gwendolyn, Harmony and Helen are popular names. Estefany, Gemini, Guinevere, Iman, Iolana and Ishana are uncommon names. View -ni baby names below for name meanings.

Ebony [Ebonni, Eboni]

Elaine [Elaini]

Eleanor [Eleni]

Elena [Eleni]

Ellen [Eleni]

Elvina [Vinni]

Estefany [Estefani]

Eva [Evani]

Fanny [Fanni]

Flora [Fiordenni]

Fran [Frani, Franni]

Frances [Franni]


Guinevere [Jeni, Jenni]

Gwendolyn [Gwenni]

Harmony [Harmoni]

Helen [Eleni]

Iman [Imani]

Iolana [Iolani]

Ishana [Ishani]

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