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Evania 56 From Greek word. "Peaceful." A scarce name for babies. See also Evonna.

[Fania, Fannia, .. 7 more] Var. of Fanny 57 Based on Latin word. "From France." The variations Fania and Fannia are atypical as female names. ..

[Faunia, Fawnia, .. 7 more] Var. of Fawn 58 From Old French word. "Young deer." The variations Faunia and Fawnia are uncommon first names.

Fenia 59 In Scandinavian mythology, a giantess enslaved by the Danish king Frodi, who reigned peacefully for thirty years. Rarely used as a birth name for females. See also Genia.

Flaminia 60 From Latin word. "Priest." Flaminia is atypical as a women's name.

[Fania, Frania, Fronia, .. 43 more] Var. of Frances 61 Based on Latin word. "French." The variations Fania, Frania and Fronia are uncommon first names. ..

Gardenia 62 From English. A name from nature: the sweet-smelling flower named for the 18th-century Scottish naturalist Alexander Garden, who first classifed it. A unique given name for baby girls. See also Giardena.

Giustinia 63 Based on Italian, Latin words. "Just, fair." Seldom used as a name for baby girls. ..

[Grainnia, Grania] Var. of Grainne 64 Origin fr. Irish, Gaelic element. "Love." The variations Grainnia and Grania are uncommonly used as women's names.

Hania [Chania, Hannia, .. 10 more] 65 Based on Hebrew, Arabic. "A place to rest; to be happy." The variations Chania, Hania and Hannia are rarely used female names.

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