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Page 7 of 8. 157 -nia names ending with -nia for girls, listing -nia baby names 121-140. Selina, Shana, Simone, Sirena, Sonia, Sophia, Stephanie, Sylvia, Tanya, Taryn, Tatiana, Tawny and Toni are popular names. Shania, Sidonia, Sophronia, Terena, Theophania, Titania and Tranquilina are uncommon names. View -nia baby names below for name meanings.

Selina [Celenia, Selenia]

Shana [Shania]


Sidonia [Sydonia]

Simone [Simonia]

Sirena [Sirenia]

Sonia [Sohnia]

Sophia [Sonia]

Sophronia [Saphronia, Sofronia]

Stephanie [Fania, Stefania, Stepania, Stephania]

Sylvia [Silvania]

Tanya [Tahnia, Tania]

Taryn [Tarnia]

Tatiana [Tania, Tatiania]

Tawny [Tawnia]

Terena [Terenia]

Theophania [Theofania, Teophania]

Titania [Tania]

Toni [Tonia]

Tranquilina [Tranquilinia]

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Top 1000 ranking of -nia names: Shania, Sonia, Sophronia, Stephania, Tania, Tonia

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