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"NICE" baby names ending with -nice are used more often as feminine names.

Usage of these relation of was at its highest during the years 1910-1919 (usage of 0.0898%) and has become less since, with names such as Janice, Shanice, Eunice, Denice and Bernice becoming somewhat outmoded. Pernice (top 20%) and Vannice (25%) are conventional -nice last names.

pinAgnes - Jean

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of -nice names: Berenice, Bernice, Denice, Eunice, Janice, Vernice

[Annice, .. 74 more] Form of Agnes 1 Root fr. Greek element. "Pure, holy." Rare. Compare Annice with popular Ann- surname Annin (upper 58%). See also Angie. ..

[Alanice, .. 11 more] Var. of Allena 2 Source fr. Old German word. "Precious." Not that prominent as a baby name. See also Alumice. ..

Anice [Annice, .. 7 more] 3 Derivative of Greek language. "Satisfaction." Annice is conventional (top 66%) as a first name, whereas Anice is unique. ..

[Annice, Nanice, .. 94 more] Forms of Anne 4 Based on Hebrew element. "He (God) has favored me." Nanice is unconventional as a baby name among the variations of Anne. ..

[Annice, .. 7 more] Form of Annis 5 Origin fr. Greek. "Satisfaction." Annile and Annine are kreatif variations. ..

[Arnice, .. 4 more] Form of Arnina 6 Root fr. Hebrew language. "Mountain of strength." Unconventional. Arnice is not found in the US Demographics. See also Ernice. ..

Berenice 7 Based on Greek word. "Victory bringer." Not in popularity charts. See also Bereniece. ..

Bernice [Beranice, Berenice, Vernice, .. 35 more] 8 Source fr. Greek word. "Victory bringer." Beranice is rarefied as a birth name among the versions of Bernice. ..

Branice 9 Contemporary invention .. Branice was not among 2014's Top names. See also Berenice.

[Chanice, .. 20 more] Var. of Cha- 10 From American element. Combination of the Cha and Che .. Outside Top 1000. See also Chalice.

[Danice, .. 35 more] Form of Danielle 11 Derived fr. Hebrew, French elements. "God is my Judge." Not in popularity charts. See also Danique. ..

[Danice, .. 19 more] Var. of Danna 12 From Old English element. .. Dannah is a biblical place name. Unusual, with the -ce suffix for Danice, like Daralice. See also Donica.

[Denice, .. 21 more] Form of Denise 13 Derived fr. French language. "Follower of Dionysius." Denice grew in popularity in the 1950s and is now less conventional, with Denice becoming less stylish. See also Delice. ..

[Ernice, .. 8 more] Form of Ernestine 14 Based on Old German element. "Serious; battle to the death." Unusual. Ernice, like Eurydice, ends with the androgynous-sounding -ice. See also Arnice. ..

Eunice [Unice, .. 4 more] 15 Based on Greek. "Good victory." Usage of Eunice as a girls' name has declined since the 1900s. ..

[Glenice, Glennice, .. 4 more] Var. of Glenys 16 Root fr. Welsh element. "Pure, holy." Outside Top 1000. ..

[Glynice, .. 8 more] Var. of Glynis 17 Stems fr. Welsh language. Glynice is an uncommonly used given name. See also Glenice.

[Janice, .. 92 more] Form of Jane 18 From Hebrew. "God is gracious." Not in Top 1000. See also Joniece. ..

Janice [Jannice, Jenice, Jennice, .. 16 more] 19 Stems fr. Hebrew word. "God is gracious." Less popular today. Janice was the variant last listed (2009) in the Top 1000. ..

[Jeanice, .. 26 more] Var. of Jean 20 From Hebrew. "God is gracious." Unusual. Jeanice (cf. Joice) ends with the unconventional androgynous-sounding -ice. See also Jenice. ..

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for -nice names for girls.

Agnes - Jean
Agnes [Annice], Allena [Alanice], Anice [Annice], Anne [Annice, Nanice], Annis [Annice], Arnina [Arnice], Berenice, Bernice [Vernice, Beranice, Berenice], Branice, Cha- [Chanice], Danielle [Danice], Danna [Danice], Denise [Denice], Ernestine [Ernice], Eunice [Unice], Glenys [Glenice, Glennice], Glynis [Glynice], Jane [Janice], Janice [Jenice, Jannice, Jennice], Jean [Jeanice]

Jenny - Veronica
Jenny [Jenice], Lanice, Lenis [Lenice, Lennice], Nancy [Nanice], Phoenix [Phenice], Quintina [Quintonice], Rani [Ranice], Ranita [Ranice], Sha- [Shanice], Shan- [Shanice], Shanice [Shannice], Shawna [Shaunice, Shawnice], Venetia [Venice, Vennice], Verna [Vernice], Veronica [Vernice, Veronice]