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Nice Names

Page 1 of 2. 35 -nice names ending with -nice for girls, listing -nice baby names 1-20. Agnes, Allena, Ann, Annis, Berenice, Bernice, Danielle, Danna, Denise, Ernestine, Eunice, Glynis, Jane, Janice and Jean are popular names. Anice, Arnina, Branice, Cha- and Glenys are uncommon names. View -nice baby names below for name meanings.

Agnes [Annice]

Allena [Alanice]

Anice [Annice]

Ann [Annice, Nanice]

Annis [Annice]

Arnina [Arnice]


Bernice [Beranice, Berenice, Vernice]


Cha- [Chanice]

Danielle [Danice]

Danna [Danice]

Denise [Denice]

Ernestine [Ernice]

Eunice [Unice]

Glenys [Glenice, Glennice]

Glynis [Glynice]

Jane [Janice]

Janice [Jannice, Jenice, Jennice]

Jean [Jeanice]

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Top 1000 ranking of -nice names: Berenice, Bernice, Vernice, Denice, Eunice, Janice