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Assunta 6 Derivative of Latin word. "Assumption (of the Virgin Mary into Heaven)." Not in Top 1000. See also Ashanta. ..

Atalanta [Atlanta, .. 1 more] 7 Origin fr. Greek. "Secure, immovable." Outside Top 1000.

[Chanta, Chaunta, Shaunta, Shawnta, Shonta, .. 68 more] Var. of Chantal 8 Origin fr. Old French. "Stone." Outside Top 1000.

[Constanta, .. 29 more] Var. of Constance 9 Origin fr. Latin element. "Constant, steadfast." Constanta is uncommon as a children's name. ..

[Crescenta, .. 6 more] Var. of Crescent 10 Derived fr. Old French, Latin languages. "Increasing, growing." Crescenta is not a Top 1000 name.

Crisanta [Chrisanta, Chrissanta, .. 3 more] 11 Based on Greek language. "Golden flower." Unusual. Crisanta, Chrisanta, Chrissanta, like Santa, Iolanta, end with the popular feminine-sounding -anta.

[Diamanta, .. 4 more] Var. of Diamond 12 Based on English. "Of high value; brilliant." Not in Top 1000.

Fuensanta [Fuenta] 13 Stems fr. Spanish. "Holy fountain." Fuensanta and Fuenta are uncommon as girls' names.

Giacinta [Jacinta, Yacinta, .. 5 more] 14 Origin fr. Italian, Greek. "Hyacinth." Uncommon as children's names, but Giacinta, Jacinta, etc. sound like the more conventional Jacinda.

[Giacinta, Jacenta, Jacinta, .. 16 more] Var. of Hyacinth 15 Root fr. Greek language. Name of a flower and a .. Jacinta is common (upper 41%) as a given name, whereas Giacinta and Jacenta are rare.

[Innocenta, Inocenta, .. 3 more] Var. of Inocencia 16 Source fr. Spanish word. "Innocence." Uncommon. Innocenta, Inocenta, like Panagiota, Rilletta, end with the common feminine-sounding -ta.

[Iolanta, .. 8 more] Form of Iolanthe 17 Derived fr. Greek. "Violet flower." Rare. Iolanta (cf. Gusta, Ambrozetta) ends with the favored feminine-sounding -ta. See also Iolande. ..

[Jacenta, Jacinta, .. 18 more] Forms of Jacinda 18 Derived fr. Spanish, Greek languages. Variant of Hyacinth, a flower name. Jacinta is commonplace as a baby name compared to Jacenta.

[Jocinta, .. 42 more] Form of Jocelyn 19 Root fr. Old German word. "A member of the German tribe, the Gauts." Not widespread. Jocinta is not found in the US Census. See also Jacinth. ..

[Jolanta, .. 6 more] Var. of Jolan 20 Source fr. Greek word. "Violet flower." Scarce as a birth name, but Jolanta is comparable to the more common Jolanda. See also Iolanta. ..

Minta 21 .. An 18th century literary name. Minta (cf. Minto, Minda) is a popular Mi- prefix last name. See also Manda.

Oneonta 22 .. town in Central New York State. Uncommon. Oneonta (cf. Isotta, Wyetta) ends with the familiar feminine-sounding -ta.

[Santa] Form of Santana 23 Origin fr. Spanish. "Holy." Unusual. Santa, like Violanta, Fuensanta, ends with the familiar feminine-sounding -anta. See also Shonta.

[Shanta, .. 23 more] Var. of Shaneika 24 From American element. Modern name that sounds like Ashanti .. Common as surname, and Shanta (top 55%) is comparable to popular Shan- surnames Shann (top 36%), Shanton (57%). See also Shanda.

[Shanta, .. 11 more] Var. of Shantelle 25 Source fr. Old French element. "Stone." Less widespread today. Shanta last appeared in the 1980s in the Top 1000. See also Shaunda. ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of -nta names: Assunta, Minta, Santa, Shanta

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