Names ending with -onna

-onna names ending with -onna for women. Names that end in -onna are used more often as feminine names. These girl names were at the height of their popularity in 1940-1949 and are almost as popular today, but with names like Donna, Ladonna, Madonna, Breonna and Brionna falling out of fashion.

Alana - Ayanna

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[Alonna, .. 32 more] Var. of Alana 1 Stems fr. Old German, Hawaiian. "Precious; awakening." Rare as a name for babies. See also Alenne. ..

[Aldonna, Alldonna, .. 52 more] Var. of Alida 2 Derived fr. Latin element. "Small winged one." The variant forms Aldonna and Alldonna are unconventional as female names. ..

Anonna 3 Root fr. Latin element. Name of the Roman goddess of the annual harvest .. The variation Anonna is unique as a women's name. See also Anina.

[Arionna, Aryonna, .. 7 more] Var. of Ariana 4 Derivative of Welsh word. "Silver." The versions Arionna and Aryonna are unconventional as women's names. ..

[Ayonna, .. 9 more] Var. of Ayanna 5 Root fr. Kiswahili language. "Beautiful flower." Seldom used as a birth name for females. See also Anonna. ..

Popularity of -onna baby names

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Summary of all names grouped by variations for -onna names for girls.

[Alana - Ayanna]
Alana [Alonna], Alida [Alldonna], Anonna, Ariana [Aryonna], Ayanna [Ayonna]

[Breanna - Donna]
Breanna [Breonna], Brionna [Bryonna], Chevonne [Chevonna], Corona [Coronna], Da- [Davonna], Deanna [Deonna], Deiondra [Dionna], Devon [Devonna], Dionne [Dionna], Donna [Ladonna]

[Evonne - Kiana]
Evonne [Evonna], Fiona [Fionna], Gianna [Gionna], Hannah [Honna], Idona [Idonna], Ilona [Yionna, ..], Ivonne [Ivonna], Johnna [Jonna], Ka- [Kavonna], Kiana [Kionna]

[La- - Rona]
La- [Lavonna], Ladonna [Ledonna], Lavonne [Lavonna], Loni [Lonna], Madonna, Mona [Monna], Nona [Nonna], Ramona [Remonna], Riona [Rionna], Rona [Ronna]

[Ronni - Sylvia]
Ronni [Ronna], Savannah [Savonna], Sha- [Shadonna], Sharon [Sharonna], Shavonne [Shavonna], Shawna [Shonna], Simone [Simonna], Stephanie [Stevonna], Stevonna, Sylvia [Sylvonna]

[Te- - Yvonne]
Te- [Teonna], Tiana [Tionna], Veronica [Ronna], Winona [Wynonna], Yvonne [Yvonna]