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"RA" baby names ending with -ra are used more often as feminine names.

These girl names reached the apex of their popularity 2 decades ago (adoption of 0.039%) and are almost as popular today (adoption 0.028%, 28%), but with names like Elmira falling out of style. The more fashionable names for newborns in this list are Vera (#367), Zara (#422), Kora (#691), Cora (#103) and Mira (#613), and there is a resurgence in birth name popularity for Cora and Vera. Moura (top 10%) and Vora (13%) are familiar -ra surnames.

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Page 1/19 of 366 -ra grouped names.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of -ra names: Akira, Alejandra, Alessandra, Alexandra, Almira

Abra 1 Derivative of Hebrew, Arabic, Akan languages. "Father of many." Outside Top 1000. See also Aura. ..

Adara [Adra, .. 1 more] 2 From Arabic, Greek, Hebrew elements. "Virgin; beauty; noble." Adaar, Adada and Adaraaoi are kreatif forms.

Adira [Adeera, Edira] 3 Based on Hebrew language. "Strong, noble, powerful." Not in popularity charts.

Adora [Dora, .. 14 more] 4 From Greek, Old German, Latin languages. "A gift; beloved; adored." Not in popularity charts.

Adra [Adara] 5 Based on Arabic language. "Virgin." Outside Top 1000.

[Adra, .. 24 more] Var. of Adrienne 6 Root fr. Latin word. "From Hadria." Not in Top 1000. See also Adorae. ..

Aesara 7 From Greek word. Not in popularity charts. See also Ashra.

Afra [Affera, Affra, Aphra, .. 1 more] 8 Derivative of Hebrew, Arabic words. "Young deer; color of earth." Rare. Compare Afra, Aphra, etc. and popular -ra surname Amora (upper 64%). ..

Akira 9 Root fr. Japanese. "Bright, clear, ideal." Akira is uncommon as a women's name. Cross-gender use.

Akyra 10 Stems fr. Japanese. "Bright, clear, ideal." Not in Top 1000. See also Azra. ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of -ra names: Alondra, Dora, Elmira, Mira, Myra

Top 1000 baby names ranking of -ra names: Sandra, Sondra

[Aldara, .. 9 more] Var. of Alda 11 Source fr. Old German word. "Old, prosperous." Not in Top 1000. See also Aludra. ..

Aldora [Aldara] 12 Origin fr. Greek language. "Winged gift." Not in Top 1000.

Alegra 13 From Latin element. "Cheerful." Unique. Alegra is not found in the US Demographics. ..

Alessandra [Alyssandra, .. 1 more] 14 Derivative of Greek element. Italian and Spanish form of Alexandra. Prominent. Alessandra, Alyssandra, like Alexsandra, have the common -dra ending.

Alexandra [Alandra, Alejandra, Aleksandra, Alessandra, Alexsandra, Allejandra, Alixandra, Allessandra, Allexandra, Alyxandra, Lisandra, Sandra, Lissandra, Sanndra, Shura, Sohndra, Sondra, Zahndra, Xandra, Zandra, Zanndra, Zohndra, Zondra, .. 89 more] 15 Root fr. Greek. "Man's defender." Alejandra, Alessandra and Alexandra have grown increasingly popular with parents since the 1880s. ..

Allegra [Alegra, Legra, Leggra, .. 3 more] 16 From Italian element. "Gay and jaunty." Not in Top 1000.

Allura [Alloura, Alura, .. 1 more] 17 Based on Old French element. "To entice, attract." Rare. Allura, Alloura and Alura are not found in the US Demographics.

Almera [Allmeera, Almeera, Almira, Almyra, Edelmira, Elmeera, Ellmera, Elmera, Elmira, Elmyra, Mera, Mira, Meera, Myra, .. 11 more] 18 Root fr. Arabic. "Princess." Usage of Elmira as a children's name has decreased circa 1880-1889. ..

Alondra [Alandra] 19 Origin fr. Greek. Alondra and Alandra are Spanish variants .. Listed in Top 1000.

Altaira 20 Origin fr. Arabic. "Bird." Altaira is unique as a women's name. See also Aldara. ..

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for -ra names for girls.

Abra - Altaira
Abra, Adara [Adra], Adira [Edira], Adora [Dora], Adra [Adara], Adrienne [Adra], Aesara, Afra [Aphra, ..], Akira, Akyra, Alda [Aldara], Aldora [Aldara], Alegra, Alessandra [Alyssandra], Alexandra [Zondra, ..], Allegra [Leggra, ..], Allura [Alura], Almera [Myra, ..], Alondra [Alandra], Altaira

Aludra - Ashra
Aludra, Alura [Ellura], Alvar [Alvera], Alvara, Alvera, Amadore [Amadora], Amara [Marra, ..], Amira [Mira, ..], Amor [Amorra], Andrea [Andra], Anita [Annitra], Anitra [Laneetra], Anne [Annora], Annora [Nora, ..], Aphra [Afra], Ara, Arabella [Ara], Ardelle [Ardra], Ashira [Asheera], Ashra [Asheera]

Asta - Bera
Asta [Astra], Astra [Astera], Astrid [Astra], Atara [Atera], Audra, Audrey [Audra], Aura [Ora], Aurelia [Ora], Aurora [Zora, ..], Azra, Azure [Azzurra, ..], Bakura, Bara [Barra], Barbara [Varvara, ..], Barra, Bathshira, Bechira, Behira [Bahira], Belinda [Belindra], Bera

Bernadette - Chinara
Bernadette [Bera], Berura, Borbala [Bora], Calandra [Kalandra], Callidora, Candace [Candra], Candelaria [Candelara], Candra, Cantara, Cara [Lacara, ..], Cassandra [Zandra, ..], Cedrica [Cedra], Ceira, Cerise [Cera], Chandra [Chaundra, ..], Chantal [Chantra], Charlotte [Chara], Charmaine [Charmara], Chiara [Kiarra, ..], Chinara

Chrysantha - Deanna
Chrysantha [Krisandra], Ciara [Sierra, ..], Cira, Cithara [Kithara, ..], Claire [Searra, ..], Clara [Klarra, ..], Clarissa [Clara], Cleopatra, Clorinda [Clora], Cora [Kora], Cynara [Zinara], Cynthia [Cyndra], Cyra, Da- [Danira], Daira [Dayeera, ..], Damaris [Mara], Dara [Darra], De- [Delara], Deandra [Diandra], Deanna [Deondra]

Deborah - Dinah
Deborah [Dobra, ..], Decembra, Deiondra [Diondra], Deirdre [Diedra, ..], Deitra [Deetra], Deja [Deyanira, ..], Delma [Delmira], Delores [Delora], Demetria [Dimitra, ..], Deora, Derora [Drora], Devon [Devondra], Devora [Devra], Dextra [Dextera], Deyanira [Nira, ..], Diana [Diandra], Diandra [Dyandra], Dianthe [Diandra], Dimitra [Demetra], Dinah [Dinora]

Dionne - Fabia
Dionne [Diondra], Dolores [Delora], Dora, Dorothy [Dora], Edelmira, Edris [Eydra, ..], Eigra, Eira, Eldora, Eleanor [Nora, ..], Electra [Ilectra, ..], Eleuthera, Eliora [Elliora, ..], Elmira [Myra, ..], Elnora, Elvira [Lira, ..], Emily [Emera], Esther [Estera], Eudora [Dora], Fabia [Fabra]

Farrah - Hesper
Farrah [Farra], Fedora [Fadora], Fiora, Flora [Fiora], Florence [Flora], Gabrielle [Gavra], Gambhira, Geneva [Janevra, ..], Genevieve [Ginevra], Gevira, Gianna [Ginara], Ginevra [Genevra], Gloria [Glorra, ..], Guinevere [Vera, ..], Gweneira [Gwyneira], Hadara, Hajar [Hajjra], Helen [Nora, ..], Hera, Hesper [Hespera]

Honor - Kashmir
Honor [Onora, ..], Humayra [Humeira], Idra, Indira [Indeera], Irene [Ira], Isadora [Ysadora], Isaura [Aura], Ishara, Ja- [Janora], Jade [Jaydra, ..], Jahzara, Javiera, Je- [Jeondra], Jenara [Jennara, ..], Jessie [Jessandra], Jethra, Ka- [Kasaundra], Kanara [Kanarra], Kara [Kaira], Kashmir [Kasmira]

Kasmira - Laura
Kasmira, Kassandra [Kassondra, ..], Keandra [Kiandra], Kefira [Kefirra, ..], Kendra [Lakendra, ..], Kerry [Kerra, ..], Keturah [Ketura], Kiara [Kierra, ..], Kimberly [Kymbra], Kindra, Kira [Kirra, ..], Kitra, Klara, Kora [Cora], Krisandra, Kyra [Kyrra, ..], La- [Lasandra], Landra, Lara [Larra], Laura [Lora, ..]

Leandra - Makara
Leandra [Leodora], Lenore [Leonora, ..], Leonie [Leondra], Leonora [Ora, ..], Leora [Liora], Lexie [Lexandra], Linda [Lindira], Liora [Leeora], Lisandra [Lizandra], Lora [Lowra], Lorelei [Lura], Lubomira, Lurleen [Lura], Lyris [Lyra], Lysandra [Lyssandra, ..], Mackenna [Mackendra], Madeira [Madira], Madra, Maira, Makara

Mara - Mirabel
Mara [Marra], Maria [Mayra], Marmara, Mary [Moira, ..], Maura [Mora], Maureen [Mora, ..], Mayra [Myra, ..], Mazhira, Mckenna [Mackendra], Meara, Medea [Medora], Medora, Meera [Meira], Meira, Meliora, Melisande [Melisandra], Menora, Mersera, Mira [Myra], Mirabel [Mira]

Miranda - Omyra
Miranda [Myra, ..], Mirta [Mitra], Moira [Moyra], Mouna [Munira], Musidora, Myra [Mira], Nadira [Nadra], Nahara, Natura, Nedra [Needra], Nehara [Nehura, ..], Nemera, Nera, Neva [Nevara], Niagara, Nira, Nora [Noora], Nura [Noura], Ofra [Ophra], Omyra [Omeira]

Ondrea - Ranita
Ondrea [Ondra], Onora [Ornora], Ophira [Ofira], Ophrah [Ophra, ..], Ora [Orra], Orit [Ora], Orpah [Aphra], Otzara [Ozara], Palma [Palmyra, ..], Pandora [Pandoura, ..], Pandra, Peri [Pera], Petra [Pietra], Phaedra [Phedra, ..], Pheodora [Fyedora, ..], Philyra [Phillyra, ..], Pierette [Pietra], Primavera, Qiturah [Quetura], Ranita [Tanitra]

Rosa - Shandra
Rosa [Rosaura], Roshan [Roshaundra], Roxanne [Roxandra], Sabra [Sebra], Sadira, Sagara, Sahara [Zahara, ..], Sakura, Salvadora, Samara [Semara], Samira, Sandra [Zandra, ..], Sapphire [Sephira, ..], Sarah [Zara, ..], Semiramis [Semira], Sha- [Shanedra, ..], Shakira [Zshakira], Shamira [Shemira], Shan- [Shandra], Shandra

Shari - Taura
Shari [Shara], Sharon [Shara], Shera [Shyra], Shifra [Schifra], Shiri [Shira], Shura, Sidra, Sierra [Siera, ..], Silvestra, Silvia [Silvestra], Sintra [Cintra], Socorro [Sucorra, ..], Sondra [Zondra, ..], Sonora, Ta- [Tasharra], Tahira, Talicia [Talora], Tamara [Thamera, ..], Tara [Tarra], Taura

Temira - Valera
Temira [Timora], Terra [Tierra, ..], Theodora [Todora, ..], Theresa [Tera], Thora [Tyra], Tia [Tiara], Tiana [Tiandra], Tiara [Tiarra, ..], Tierra [Tiyaira], Tifara, Tiffany [Tiphara], Tora, Treasure [Tesora], Tsifira, Tundra [Tunndra], Tyra [Thyra], Tzefira [Zefira], Tzipporah [Tzippora], Valentina [Velora], Valera

Valora - Zefira
Valora [Valoura], Vanora [Vannora], Varvara, Vera [Veira, ..], Veronica [Vera, ..], Vespera, Vondra, Wysandra, Xandra [Zandra], Xaviera [Zaviera, ..], Xenia [Xiomara], Yaira [Yeira], Yakira [Yekara], Yara [Uira], Zahara [Zahra], Zahira [Zaheera], Zahra, Zandra [Zondra, ..], Zara [Zayra, ..], Zefira [Zifira]

Zephyr - Zora
Zephyr [Zephyra, ..], Zippora [Zipora], Zitomira, Zohara [Zaharira], Zohra, Zora