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"RS" names ending with -rs for women. Names that end in -rs are used more often as masculine names. Click here for the list of names containing the element "rs", and here for the list of -rs names for boys.

Somers - Vespera

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Somers [Sommers, .. 1 more] 1 Possibly (Old English) "summer" and a .. Popular as last names, and Somers (top 2%), Sommers (2%) are similar to common -mers last names Detmers (top 51%), Kammers (51%).

[Sommers, Summers, .. 1 more] Forms of Summer 2 Stems fr. Old English. A nature name .. Scarce as baby names, but Sommers and Summers are similar to the more common Sommer.

[Vespers, .. 1 more] Form of Vespera 3 Based on Latin. "Evening star." Not in Top 1000.

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Somers - Vespera
Somers [Sommers], Summer [Sommers, Summers], Vespera [Vespers]