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"SHAN" names ending with -shan for women. Names that end in -shan are used more often as masculine names. Click here for the list of names containing the element "shan", and here for the list of -shan names for boys. These names rarely occur as girl names for babies.

Rachana - Shana

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[Roshan, .. 3 more] Form of Rachana 1 Derivative of Hindi. "Creation." Roshan (upper 42%), like Rosand (upper 94%), Roseen (44%), is a common Ros- prefix surname. Unisex name.

Roshan 2 Derived fr. Hindi, Sanskrit languages. "Shining light." Roshan is a rarely occurring women's name, registering regularly (top 42%) as a surname. Unisex name. ..

Shan 3 Source fr. English, Hebrew words. "God's grace." Gender-neutral name. Shan is prevalent (upper 90%) as a women's name, and occurs regularly (upper 9%) as a surname. ..

[Shan, .. 7 more] Form of Shana 4 Based on Hebrew word. "Lily, rose." Gender-neutral name. Common as surname, and Shan (top 9%) is comparable to popular Sha- surnames Shae (top 75%), Shar (47%). ..

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[Rachana - Shana]
Rachana [Roshan], Roshan, Shan, Shana [Shan]