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-son names ending with -son for women. Names that end in -son are used more often as masculine names. Here is the list of -son names for boys. Adoption of these girl names was at its most widespread in the year 2008 and is somewhat lower today, with names like Allisson, Alisson, Madyson, Adyson and Adison becoming somewhat outmoded. The most trendy girl names in this compilation are Madison (#9), Allison (#38), Addison (#24), Maddison (#340) and Alison (#289).

Addison - Elise

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Addison [Addeson, Addyson, Adison, Adisson, Adyson, .. 1 more] 1 Source fr. Old English word. "Son of Adam." Adyson and Adison have fallen off in favor as given names over the years.

[Alison, Alisson, Allison, Allisson, Allyson, Allysson, Alyson, .. 95 more] Var. of Alice 2 From Old German element. "Noble, exalted." The variations Alison (Top 8%), Allison (5%), Allyson (18%) and Alyson (23%) are familiar women's names, while the other names are unusual comparatively. Alison (Top 47%) and Allison (1%) occur often as surnames in the US Census. ..

Alison [Alisson, Allison, Allisson, Allyson, Alyson, .. 23 more] 3 Based on Old German element. "Noble, exalted." The variant forms Alison and Allison have risen in popularity over time since 1880-1889. ..

Carson [Cason, Karson, Kason] 4 Origin fr. Scottish, Gaelic words. Surname .. The variations Carson, Cason, Karson and Kason are unconventional as female names. Carson (Top 1%) and Cason (3%) occur commonly as last names according to the US Census.

[Lison, .. 21 more] Var. of Elise 5 Source fr. French, Hebrew words. "God is my oath." The version Lison is rarely occurring as a first name. ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of -son names: Addison, Addyson, Adison, Adyson, Alison, Alisson, Allison, Allisson, Allyson, Alyson, Carson

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[Addison - Elise]
Addison [Adyson, Adison, Addeson, Addyson, Adisson], Alice [Alyson, Alison, Allison, Allyson, Alisson, Allisson, Allysson], Alison [Alyson, Allison, Allyson, Alisson, Allisson], Carson [Kason, Cason, Karson], Elise [Lison]

[Jamison - Stetson]
Jamison, Larsen [Larson, Larsson], Madison [Madyson, Maddison, Madisson], Mason [Maison], Season, Stetson [Stettson]