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"TA" baby names ending with -ta are used more often as feminine names.

Usage of these girl names reached its apex during the years 1900-1909 (usage of 0.0279%) and is almost as widespread today (usage 0.0021%, 92.5% less), but with names such as Margaretta, Marquita, Margarita, Meta and Marietta falling out of style. Renata (#659) and Dakota (#285) are two of the more trendy girl names here. Sahota (top 17%) and Lasota (16%) are familiar -ta surnames.

pinAcquanetta - Amanda

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of -ta names: Alberta, Aleta, Almeta, Alta, Alverta

Acquanetta 1 Stems fr. Latin language. "Water." Acquanot, Anquanetta and Arquanetta are kreatif forms.

[Adelita, .. 9 more] Var. of Adela 2 Origin fr. Old German word. "Noble." Unique, with the -ita suffix for Adelita like Alvarita. See also Adelina. ..

Adhita 3 Derived fr. Sanskrit word. "Learned person." Uncommon, with the feminine -ita ending like Almita. See also Aditi.

[Agata, Agatta, Agota, .. 22 more] Forms of Agatha 4 Derived fr. Greek element. "Good, honorable." Not in popularity charts. ..

[Agneta, Agnetta, Agota, Nesta, .. 71 more] Var. of Agnes 5 Derivative of Greek language. "Pure, holy." Unusual, with the -eta ending for Agneta like Aleta. ..

Alberta [Alverta, Auberta, Berta, Elberta, .. 27 more] 6 From Old English word. "Noble, bright." Not in popularity charts. ..

Alesta 7 Based on Greek element. "Man's defender." Outside Top 1000. See also Alista. ..

Aleta [Aletta, Alletta, Eletta, Elletta, .. 6 more] 8 Origin fr. Greek element. "Footloose." Not in popularity charts. ..

[Aleta, Aletta, .. 12 more] Forms of Alethea 9 Derivative of Greek element. "Verity, truth." Not in popularity charts. ..

[Alexandretta, Alista, .. 110 more] Forms of Alexandra 10 Root fr. Greek element. "Man's defender." Unusual, with the -sta suffix for Alista like Amatista. ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of -ta names: Berta, Oleta

[Adelita, Adellyta, Adelyta, Aleta, Aletta, Elita, Alita, Lita, Oleta, Oletta, .. 44 more] Var. of Alida 11 Root fr. Latin language. "Small winged one." Unique. Aleta, Oleta (cf. Allmeta) ends with the feminine-sounding -eta. ..

Alita 12 .. Spanish short form of Adelita. Uncommon, with the favored feminine-sounding -ita ending like Adelita. See also Allta.

[Allegretta, .. 5 more] Form of Allegra 13 Root fr. Italian. "Gay and jaunty." Uncommon, with the feminine-sounding -etta suffix for Allegretta like Aletta.

[Allmeta, Allmita, Almeta, Almita, .. 12 more] Var. of Almeda 14 Source fr. Latin word. "Ambitious." Unique, with the feminine-sounding -ita ending for Allmita, Almita like Amadita.

[Alouetta, .. 2 more] Var. of Alouette 15 From French word. "Lark." Outside Top 1000. See also Alletta.

Alta [Allta, .. 1 more] 16 From Latin. "High, elevated." Outside Top 1000. ..

Alvarita 17 Combination of Alva and Rita. Not in popularity charts. See also Alvara.

Alvita 18 Based on Latin word. "Lively." Rare, with the common -ita suffix like Adelita. See also Almita.

[Amadita, Amata, .. 2 more] Var. of Amada 19 Based on Latin. "Lovable." Unusual. Amadita, like Alita, ends with the feminine-sounding -ita. ..

[Amata, .. 14 more] Var. of Amanda 20 Derived fr. Latin. "Fit to be loved, lovable." Not Top 1000 name. See also Amana. ..

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for -ta names for girls.

Acquanetta - Amanda
Acquanetta, Adela [Adelita], Adhita, Agatha [Agota, ..], Agnes [Nesta, ..], Alberta [Elberta, ..], Alesta, Aleta [Elletta, ..], Alethea [Aletta], Alexandra [Alista], Alida [Oletta, ..], Alita, Allegra [Allegretta], Almeda [Almita, ..], Alouette [Alouetta], Alta [Allta], Alvarita, Alvita, Amada [Amata], Amanda [Amata]

Amarantha - Antoinette
Amarantha [Amaranta], Amata, Amber [Amberetta], Ambrosine [Ambrozetta], Amelia [Emelita, ..], Amethyst [Amatista], Aminta [Minta, ..], Amita, Amorette [Amoretta], Amrita, Amy [Amata], Anahita, Andrea [Andrietta], Angela [Angelita], Aniceta [Annicetta, ..], Anita [Nita, ..], Anne [Nita, ..], Annette [Annetta], Annunciata [Anunziata], Antoinette [Netta, ..]

Antonia - Baptista
Antonia [Onita, ..], Araminta, Aretha [Oretta, ..], Argenta, Arista, Arlene [Arletta], Arlette [Arletta], Arminta, Arnette [Ornetta, ..], Arthuretta, Ashanti [Ashaunta], Assunta, Asta, Astra [Asta], Astrid [Asta], Atalanta [Atlanta], Auberta, Augusta [Gusta], Aurelia [Aurita], Baptista [Bautista, ..]

Barbara - Bruna
Barbara [Barbarita], Bartha [Barta], Beata, Belita [Bellita], Benedicta [Benita, ..], Benita [Nita, ..], Berenice [Bernetta], Bernadette [Bernita, ..], Bernice [Bernita], Bertha [Laberta, ..], Beta, Betty [Betta], Birgit [Britta, ..], Bonita [Nita], Brett [Bretta], Briar [Brietta], Bridget [Brydgitta, ..], Britt [Britta], Brittany [Britta], Bruna [Brunetta]

Calista - Charity
Calista [Kalysta, ..], Candice [Candita], Cara [Caretta], Carina [Karita], Carita [Karita], Carla [Karlita, ..], Carly [Karlyta, ..], Carlotta [Carlota], Carmel [Melita, ..], Carmen [Lita, ..], Carol [Lotta, ..], Caroline [Carlotta, ..], Catherine [Kata], Celeste [Silesta], Cerise [Cerrita], Cha- [Chaquita], Chantal [Shonta, ..], Charis [Charista], Charita, Charity [Karita, ..]

Charlene - Constance
Charlene [Charlita], Charlesetta, Charlotte [Sharlotta, ..], Chastity [Chasta], Cherie [Cherita], Cherry [Cherita], Chiquita [Chiqueeta], Christa [Krysta, ..], Christina [Krysta, ..], Christine [Christa], Christy [Krista], Claire [Klaretta, ..], Clara [Clarita], Claudia [Claudetta], Cleopatra [Cleta], Cleta, Colette [Colleta, ..], Coline [Coletta], Concepcion [Conchita, ..], Constance [Kosta, ..]

Consuelo - Diamond
Consuelo [Consolata], Cora [Koretta, ..], Coretta [Corretta], Corona [Coronetta], Corvina [Corvetta], Cosette [Cosetta], Crescent [Crescenta], Crisanta [Chrissanta], Crystal [Crysta], Dakota, Damita, Danielle [Danita], Danna [Danita], Darnell [Darnetta], Davina [Davita], Dawn [Dawnita], De- [Denita], Delta [Dellta], Detta, Diamond [Diamanta]

Dionne - Elita
Dionne [Dionetta], Dita, Dolores [Lolita, ..], Donalda [Donita], Donata, Donna [Donita], Dora [Dorita], Doretta, Doris [Dorita], Dorothy [Dorota, ..], Dorrit [Dorita], Earla [Erletta], Eartha [Herta], Eberta, Edith [Edyta, ..], Efrata [Ephrata], Egberta, Elata, Elberta, Elita [Lita, ..]

Elixyvett - Felicity
Elixyvett [Elixevetta], Elizabeth [Yelizaveta, ..], Ella [Elletta], Ellen [Elenita], Emily [Emelita], Enrica [Enriqueta], Ernestine [Ernesta], Esta, Estelle [Estrellita], Esther [Esta], Ethelberta, Etta, Eva [Evita], Evangeline [Evangelista], Eve [Evita], Evette [Eyvetta], Faustine [Fausta], Fayette [Fayetta], Felicia [Felita], Felicity [Felicita]

Fiammetta - Giulia
Fiammetta, Fidelity [Fidelita], Fiesta, Flora [Florita], Florence [Florencita], Fortune [Fortunata], Frances [Franzetta], Fuensanta [Fuenta], Garnet [Grenatta, ..], Genista [Jenista, ..], Georgette [Jorjetta, ..], Georgia [Georgetta], Gertrude [Gerta], Ghita [Gita], Giacinta [Yacinta], Gianina [Ginetta, ..], Gilberte [Gilberta], Gita [Geeta], Gitta, Giulia [Julietta]

Grace - Isabel
Grace [Grata], Greta [Gryta, ..], Guadalupe [Lupita], Gwyneth [Gwennetta, ..], Hanita, Harriet [Harrietta], Hedda [Hetta], Henrietta [Yetta, ..], Hertha [Herta], Hippolyta [Hippolita], Honor [Honorata], Huberta [Uberta], Huette [Ugetta], Hyacinth [Jacinta, ..], Immaculada [Imacolata], Inez [Ynesita, ..], Inocencia [Inocenta], Iolanthe [Iolanta], Iris [Irita], Isabel [Isabelita, ..]

Isolde - Jolie
Isolde [Ysotta, ..], Ita, Ivette [Ivetta], Jacinda [Jacinta], Jackie [Jacquetta], Jacobina [Jacobetta], Jacqueline [Jacquetta, ..], Jamesina [Jamesetta], Jane [Juanita, ..], Janet [Johnetta, ..], Jean [Jennetta], Jeanette [Jeanetta], Jenny [Jennita, ..], Jetta, Jo [Joetta], Jocelyn [Jocinta], Joelle [Joetta], Johnna [Jonita, ..], Jolan [Jolanta], Jolie [Jolietta]

Josephine - Krista
Josephine [Josetta], Jovana [Jovita], Jovita [Giovita], Juanita [Wanita, ..], Judith [Jutta, ..], Julia [Julyetta, ..], Juliet [Julietta, ..], June [Junita], Justine [Justa], Kallie [Kallita], Kallista [Kallysta, ..], Kani [Kaneeta], Kara [Karita], Karlotta [Lotta], Katherine [Kata], Katie [Kata], Kineta [Kinetta], Konstanze [Kosta], Kora [Coretta], Krista [Krysta, ..]

Kristen - Lora
Kristen [Krysta], Krystal [Crysta], La- [Laquita], Lalita, Lanetta, Lara [Larita], Lata, Laura [Lorretta, ..], Laveda [Lavetta], Leda [Leta], Lenis [Lenita], Leoda [Leota], Leta [Lita], Letitia [Letta], Lily [Lillita], Linette [Linetta], Lisa [Liseta], Lita [Leta], Lolita, Lora [Lorita]

Loretta - Marina
Loretta [Lowretta, ..], Lottie [Lotta], Louise [Lulita, ..], Lourdes [Lourdetta], Lucetta [Loucetta], Lucita [Luzita], Lucy [Lusita, ..], Luna [Lunneta], Lupita, Lynette [Lynetta], Majesta, Manuela [Manuelita], Marcella [Marquita], Marcia [Marquita, ..], Margaret [Rita, ..], Marguerite [Marguerita, ..], Mari [Marita], Maria [Marietta], Marietta [Maryetta], Marina [Marnetta]

Marketa - Nadia
Marketa [Marqueta, ..], Marsha [Marsita], Martha [Mata, ..], Martina [Marta], Mary [Maurita, ..], Maureen [Maurita], Melissa [Melitta], Melita [Melyta, ..], Mendota, Meta, Michaela [Miguelita], Michelle [Miguelita], Minna [Minetta], Minta, Mirta [Meerta], Modesty [Modesta], Musetta, Myrtle [Myrta], Na- [Naquita], Nadia [Nata]

Nata - Paloma
Nata, Natalie [Nata], Nessie [Neta], Nesta, Nettie [Netta], Nicole [Nikoletta, ..], Nicolette [Nicoletta], Nikita [Niquita, ..], Nikki [Nikita], Nina [Ninetta], Nita, Norbeta, Nunzia [Nunciata], Odette [Odetta], Olethea [Oleta], Olida [Oleta], Olivia [Olivetta], Oneonta, Orange [Orangetta], Paloma [Palomita]

Pangiota - Renita
Pangiota [Panagiota], Paquita, Paula [Paulita], Pearl [Perlita], Pepita [Peta], Perdita, Perfecta, Peri [Perita], Petra [Peta], Philiberta [Philberta, ..], Prima [Primetta], Questa, Queta, Raina [Raynetta], Ramona [Ramonita], Ranita [Ranitta], Regina [Reinetta], Renata [Renita], Renee [Renita], Renita [Renyta]

Reta - Sha-
Reta [Rhetta, ..], Rexanne [Rexetta], Rhetta [Rheta, ..], Rilla [Rilletta], Rita [Ritta, ..], Roberta [Rupetta, ..], Rosa [Rosita], Rose [Zita, ..], Roza [Rozletta], Ruby [Rubetta], Rue [Ruta], Ruth [Ruthetta], Sally [Salletta], Sandra [Sandretta], Santana [Santa], Sarah [Zarita, ..], Sarina [Sarita], Scarlett [Scarletta], Sesheta, Sha- [Sharita, ..]

Shan - Teresa
Shan [Shanita], Shaneika [Shanta], Shanelle [Shanita], Shantelle [Shanta], Shanti [Shanta], Sharlene [Sharletta], Shasta [Shahsta], Sheiletta, Sherisa [Sherita], Sherry [Sherita], Simone [Simonetta], Sophia [Soficita], Starla [Starletta], Sunita, Susan [Suzetta], Tabitha [Tabita], Talitha [Talita], Tanya [Tanita], Tempest [Tempesta], Teresa [Terezita, ..]

Theda - Verity
Theda [Theta], Theresa [Zita, ..], Tita [Tyta], Titania [Tita], Traviata, Trinity [Trinita], Trista [Trysta], Uberta [Yuberta], Ultima [Ultimata], Unity [Unita], Uta [Yuta], Valetta [Valletta], Vanessa [Venetta, ..], Vanita, Vanna [Vanetta], Veda [Veta], Vedette [Vedetta], Venetia [Venita], Venus [Venusita], Verity [Verita]

Verna - Zaneta
Verna [Vernita, ..], Vesta, Vida [Vita], Vina [Vynetta, ..], Vincentia [Vinetta, ..], Violet [Vyoletta, ..], Vita [Veeta], Wanetta [Wanita], Wilhelmina [Willetta], Wyanet [Wyonetta], Wyetta, Yelisabeta [Yelisabetta], Yetta, Ynez [Ynesita], Yolanda [Jolanta], Yonina [Yonita], Yudit [Yuta], Yvette [Yvetta], Yvonne [Yvetta, ..], Zaneta [Zanita]

Zetta - Zlata
Zetta [Zeta], Zita [Zyta], Zlata