Names ending with -ta

-ta names ending with -ta for females. Names that end in -ta are used more often as feminine names. Here is the list of -ta names for boys. These girl names reached the height of their popularity in 1900-1909 and are almost as popular today, but with names like Rita, Juanita, Etta, Roberta and Anita becoming somewhat dated. Renata (#659), Greta (#594) and Julieta (#961) are three of the more trendy birth names in this list, with Greta enjoying a resurgence in popularity.

Acquanetta - Agnes

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Acquanetta 1 Derived fr. Latin language. "Water." A seldom-used given name.

[Adelita, .. 9 more] Var. of Adela 2 Root fr. Old German element. "Noble." The variant form Adelita is infrequently used as a women's name. See also Adelisa. ..

Adhita 3 Derived fr. Sanskrit element. "Learned person." A seldom-used birth name.

[Agata, Agatta, Agota, .. 22 more] Var. of Agatha 4 Stems fr. Greek word. "Good, honorable." The versions Agata, Agatta and Agota are infrequently used as female names. ..

[Agneta, Agnetta, Agota, Nesta, .. 71 more] Var. of Agnes 5 Derivative of Greek word. "Pure, holy." The versions Agneta, Agnetta, Agota and Nesta are scarcely used as feminine names. ..

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[Acquanetta - Agnes]
Acquanetta, Adela [Adelita], Adhita, Agatha [Agota, ..], Agnes [Nesta, ..]

[Alberta - Alouette]
Alberta [Elberta, ..], Alesta, Aleta [Elletta, ..], Alethea [Aletta], Alexandra [Alista], Alida [Oletta, ..], Alita, Allegra [Allegretta], Almeda [Almita, ..], Alouette [Alouetta]

[Alta - Amelia]
Alta [Allta], Alvarita, Alvita, Amada [Amata], Amanda [Amata], Amarantha [Amaranta], Amata, Amber [Amberetta], Ambrosine [Ambrozetta], Amelia [Emelita, ..]

[Amethyst - Ann]
Amethyst [Amatista], Aminta [Minta, ..], Amita, Amorette [Amoretta], Amy [Amata], Andrea [Andrietta], Angela [Angelita], Aniceta [Annicetta, ..], Anita [Nita, ..], Ann [Nita, ..]

[Annette - Arlette]
Annette [Annetta], Annunciata [Anunziata], Antoinette [Netta, ..], Antonia [Onita, ..], Araminta, Aretha [Oretta, ..], Argenta, Arista, Arlene [Arletta], Arlette [Arletta]

[Arnette - Augusta]
Arnette [Ornetta, ..], Arthuretta, Ashanti [Ashaunta], Assunta, Asta, Astra [Asta], Astrid [Asta], Atalanta [Atlanta], Auberta, Augusta [Gusta]

[Aurelia - Bernadette]
Aurelia [Aurita], Baptista [Bautista, ..], Barbara [Barbarita], Bartha [Barta], Beata, Belita [Bellita], Benedicta [Benita, ..], Benita [Nita, ..], Berenice [Bernetta], Bernadette [Bernita, ..]

[Bernice - Britt]
Bernice [Bernita], Bertha [Laberta, ..], Beta, Betty [Betta], Birgit [Britta, ..], Bonita [Nita], Brett [Bretta], Briar [Brietta], Bridget [Brydgitta, ..], Britt [Britta]

[Brittany - Carlotta]
Brittany [Britta], Bruna [Brunetta], Calista [Kalysta, ..], Candice [Candita], Cara [Caretta], Carina [Karita], Carita [Karita], Carla [Karlita, ..], Carly [Karlyta, ..], Carlotta [Carlota]

[Carmel - Charis]
Carmel [Melita, ..], Carmen [Lita, ..], Carol [Lotta, ..], Caroline [Carlotta, ..], Catherine [Kata], Celeste [Silesta], Cerise [Cerrita], Cha- [Chaquita], Chantal [Shonta, ..], Charis [Charista]

[Charita - Christa]
Charita, Charity [Karita, ..], Charlene [Charlita], Charlesetta, Charlotte [Sharlotta, ..], Chastity [Chasta], Cherie [Cherita], Cherry [Cherita], Chiquita [Chiqueeta], Christa [Krysta, ..]

[Christina - Coline]
Christina [Krysta, ..], Christine [Christa], Christy [Krista], Claire [Klaretta, ..], Clara [Clarita], Claudia [Claudetta], Cleopatra [Cleta], Cleta, Colette [Colleta, ..], Coline [Coletta]

[Concepcion - Crisanta]
Concepcion [Conchita, ..], Constance [Kosta, ..], Consuelo [Consolata], Cora [Koretta, ..], Coretta [Corretta], Corona [Coronetta], Corvina [Corvetta], Cosette [Cosetta], Crescent [Crescenta], Crisanta [Chrissanta]

[Crystal - Delta]
Crystal [Crysta], Dakota, Damita, Danielle [Danita], Danna [Danita], Darnell [Darnetta], Davina [Davita], Dawn [Dawnita], De- [Denita], Delta [Dellta]

[Detta - Doretta]
Detta, Diamond [Diamanta], Dionne [Dionetta], Dita, Dolores [Lolita, ..], Donalda [Donita], Donata, Donna [Donita], Dora [Dorita], Doretta

[Doris - Elata]
Doris [Dorita], Dorothy [Dorota, ..], Dorrit [Dorita], Earla [Erletta], Eartha [Herta], Eberta, Edith [Edyta, ..], Efrata [Ephrata], Egberta, Elata

[Elberta - Esta]
Elberta, Elita [Lita, ..], Elixyvett [Elixevetta], Elizabeth [Yelizaveta, ..], Ella [Elletta], Ellen [Elenita], Emily [Emelita], Enrica [Enriqueta], Ernestine [Ernesta], Esta

[Estelle - Fayette]
Estelle [Estrellita], Esther [Esta], Ethelberta, Etta, Eva [Evita], Evangeline [Evangelista], Eve [Evita], Evette [Eyvetta], Faustine [Fausta], Fayette [Fayetta]

[Felicia - Fuensanta]
Felicia [Felita], Felicity [Felicita], Fiammetta, Fidelity [Fidelita], Fiesta, Flora [Florita], Florence [Florencita], Fortune [Fortunata], Frances [Franzetta], Fuensanta [Fuenta]

[Garnet - Gita]
Garnet [Grenatta, ..], Genista [Jenista, ..], Georgette [Jorjetta, ..], Georgia [Georgetta], Gertrude [Gerta], Ghita [Gita], Giacinta [Yacinta], Gianina [Ginetta, ..], Gilberte [Gilberta], Gita [Geeta]

[Gitta - Hertha]
Gitta, Giulia [Julietta], Grace [Grata], Greta [Gryta, ..], Gwyneth [Gwennetta, ..], Hanita, Harriet [Harrietta], Hedda [Hetta], Henrietta [Yetta, ..], Hertha [Herta]

[Hippolyta - Iris]
Hippolyta [Hippolita], Honor [Honorata], Huberta [Uberta], Huette [Ugetta], Hyacinth [Jacinta, ..], Immaculada [Imacolata], Inez [Ynesita, ..], Inocencia [Inocenta], Iolanthe [Iolanta], Iris [Irita]

[Isabel - Jane]
Isabel [Isabelita, ..], Isolde [Ysotta, ..], Ita, Ivette [Ivetta], Jacinda [Jacinta], Jackie [Jacquetta], Jacobina [Jacobetta], Jacqueline [Jacquetta, ..], Jamesina [Jamesetta], Jane [Juanita, ..]

[Janet - Jolan]
Janet [Johnetta, ..], Jean [Jennetta], Jeanette [Jeanetta], Jenny [Jennita, ..], Jetta, Jo [Joetta], Jocelyn [Jocinta], Joelle [Joetta], Johnna [Jonita, ..], Jolan [Jolanta]

[Jolie - Justine]
Jolie [Jolietta], Josephine [Josetta], Jovana [Jovita], Jovita [Giovita], Juanita [Wanita, ..], Judith [Jutta, ..], Julia [Julyetta, ..], Juliet [Julietta, ..], June [Junita], Justine [Justa]

[Kallie - Krista]
Kallie [Kallita], Kallista [Kallysta, ..], Kani [Kaneeta], Karlotta [Lotta], Katherine [Kata], Katie [Kata], Kineta [Kinetta], Konstanze [Kosta], Kora [Coretta], Krista [Krysta, ..]

[Kristen - Leda]
Kristen [Krysta], Krystal [Crysta], La- [Laquita], Lalita, Lanetta, Lara [Larita], Lata, Laura [Lorretta, ..], Laveda [Lavetta], Leda [Leta]

[Lenis - Lora]
Lenis [Lenita], Leoda [Leota], Leta [Lita], Letitia [Letta], Lily [Lillita], Linette [Linetta], Lisa [Liseta], Lita [Leta], Lolita, Lora [Lorita]

[Loretta - Lynette]
Loretta [Lowretta, ..], Lottie [Lotta], Louise [Lulita, ..], Lourdes [Lourdetta], Lucetta [Loucetta], Lucita [Luzita], Lucy [Lusita, ..], Luna [Lunneta], Lupita, Lynette [Lynetta]

[Majesta - Marina]
Majesta, Manuela [Manuelita], Marcella [Marquita], Marcia [Marquita, ..], Margaret [Rita, ..], Marguerite [Marguerita, ..], Mari [Marita], Maria [Marietta], Marietta [Maryetta], Marina [Marnetta]

[Marketa - Meta]
Marketa [Marqueta, ..], Marsha [Marsita], Martha [Mata, ..], Martina [Marta], Mary [Maurita, ..], Maureen [Maurita], Melissa [Melitta], Melita [Melyta, ..], Mendota, Meta

[Michaela - Nadia]
Michaela [Miguelita], Michelle [Miguelita], Minna [Minetta], Minta, Mirta [Meerta], Modesty [Modesta], Musetta, Myrtle [Myrta], Na- [Naquita], Nadia [Nata]

[Nata - Nina]
Nata, Natalie [Nata], Nessie [Neta], Nesta, Nettie [Netta], Nicole [Nikoletta, ..], Nicolette [Nicoletta], Nikita [Niquita, ..], Nikki [Nikita], Nina [Ninetta]

[Nita - Paloma]
Nita, Norbeta, Nunzia [Nunciata], Odette [Odetta], Olethea [Oleta], Olida [Oleta], Olivia [Olivetta], Oneonta, Orange [Orangetta], Paloma [Palomita]

[Pangiota - Philiberta]
Pangiota [Panagiota], Paquita, Paula [Paulita], Pearl [Perlita], Pepita [Peta], Perdita, Perfecta, Peri [Perita], Petra [Peta], Philiberta [Philberta, ..]

[Prima - Renita]
Prima [Primetta], Questa, Queta, Raina [Raynetta], Ramona [Ramonita], Ranita [Ranitta], Regina [Reinetta], Renata [Renita], Renee [Renita], Renita [Renyta]

[Reta - Ruby]
Reta [Rhetta, ..], Rexanne [Rexetta], Rhetta [Rheta, ..], Rilla [Rilletta], Rita [Ritta, ..], Roberta [Rupetta, ..], Rosa [Rosita], Rose [Zita, ..], Roza [Rozletta], Ruby [Rubetta]

[Rue - Sha-]
Rue [Ruta], Ruth [Ruthetta], Sally [Salletta], Sandra [Sandretta], Santana [Santa], Sarah [Zarita, ..], Sarina [Sarita], Scarlett [Scarletta], Sesheta, Sha- [Sharita, ..]

[Shan - Sherry]
Shan [Shanita], Shaneika [Shanta], Shanelle [Shanita], Shantelle [Shanta], Shanti [Shanta], Sharlene [Sharletta], Shasta [Shahsta], Sheiletta, Sherisa [Sherita], Sherry [Sherita]

[Simone - Teresa]
Simone [Simonetta], Sophia [Soficita], Starla [Starletta], Sunita, Susan [Suzetta], Tabitha [Tabita], Talitha [Talita], Tanya [Tanita], Tempest [Tempesta], Teresa [Terezita, ..]

[Theda - Unity]
Theda [Theta], Theresa [Zita, ..], Tita [Tyta], Titania [Tita], Traviata, Trinity [Trinita], Trista [Trysta], Uberta [Yuberta], Ultima [Ultimata], Unity [Unita]

[Uta - Verity]
Uta [Yuta], Valetta [Valletta], Vanessa [Venetta, ..], Vanita, Vanna [Vanetta], Veda [Veta], Vedette [Vedetta], Venetia [Venita], Venus [Venusita], Verity [Verita]

[Verna - Wyanet]
Verna [Vernita, ..], Vesta, Vida [Vita], Vina [Vynetta, ..], Vincentia [Vinetta, ..], Violet [Vyoletta, ..], Vita [Veeta], Wanetta [Wanita], Wilhelmina [Willetta], Wyanet [Wyonetta]

[Wyetta - Zaneta]
Wyetta, Yelisabeta [Yelisabetta], Yetta, Ynez [Ynesita], Yolanda [Jolanta], Yonina [Yonita], Yudit [Yuta], Yvette [Yvetta], Yvonne [Yvetta, ..], Zaneta [Zanita]

[Zetta - Zlata]
Zetta [Zeta], Zita [Zyta], Zlata