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Tal Names

10 -tal names ending with -tal for girls, listing -tal baby names 1-10. Chantal, Christina, Chrystal, Crystal, Ethel, Greta, Krystal, Margaret and Shantelle are popular names. Abital is an uncommon name. View -tal baby names below for name meanings or search -tal names for boys by suffix.

Abital [Abeetal, Avital]

Chantal [Shantal]

Christina [Chrystal, Cristal, Crystal, Krystal]


Crystal [Christal, Chrystal, Cristal, Cyrstal, Kristal, Krystal]

Ethel [Atal]

Greta [Gretal]

Krystal [Khristal, Khrystal, Kristal, Krystal]

Margaret [Gretal]

Shantelle [Shantal, Shontal]

Suggested names ending with: -al.

Top 1000 ranking of -tal names: Chantal, Chrystal, Cristal, Crystal, Krystal, Christal, Kristal


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