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40 -ue names ending with -ue for girls, listing -ue baby names 1-20. Angela, Angelica, Anjanette, Anna, Antoinette, Antonia, Bernice, Billie, Charmaine, Deja, Diamond, Dominique, Drusilla, Ebony, Frederica, Jackie and Jane are popular names. Da-, Eroica and Ja- are uncommon names. View -ue baby names below for name meanings or search -ue names for boys by suffix.

Angela [Angelique]

Angelica [Angelique, Anjelique]

Anjanette [Anjanique]

Anna [Anique]

Antoinette [Antonique]

Antonia [Antonique]

Bernice [Veronique]

Billie [Billie-Sue]

Charmaine [Charamalique]

Da- [Danique]

Deja [Dejanique]

Diamond [Diamonique]

Dominique [Domanique, Domenique, Domorique]

Drusilla [Drue]

Ebony [Ebonique]

Eroica [Eroique]

Frederica [Frederique]

Ja- [Janique]

Jackie [Jacque]

Jane [Janique]

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Popularity of -ue names: Angelique, Dominique, JacqueComparison of popularity of -ue names on this page.