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-yn names ending with -yn for females. Names that end in -yn are used more often as feminine names. Here is the list of -yn names for boys. These girl names reached the apex of their popularity in 2011 and have remained as popular to this day, but with names like Jadyn, Kaylyn, Joselyn, Cailyn and Taryn becoming somewhat outmoded. The most fashionable baby names among these are Emmalyn (#465), Raelyn (#410), Addilyn (#543), Adalyn (#152) and Adelyn (#197).

Addison - Aislinn

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[Addisyn, .. 5 more] Var. of Addison 1 Derivative of Old English word. "Son of Adam." The variation Addisyn is more popular as a given name among the different versions of the name. See also Addilyn.

[Adalyn, Adelyn, .. 56 more] Var. of Adelaide 2 Stems fr. Old German word. "Noble kind." The variations Adalyn and Adelyn are atypical as feminine names. ..

[Adalyn, Addilyn, .. 27 more] Var. of Adeline 3 Derivative of Old German word. "Noble." The variant forms Addilyn and Adalyn have become increasingly popular as birth names. ..

[Ailyn, .. 40 more] Var. of Aileen 4 Stems fr. Norman word. Scottish variant of Eileen .. Seldom used as a birth name. See also Alyne.

[Aislyn, .. 7 more] Var. of Aislinn 5 Derivative of Irish, Gaelic word. "Dream, vision." A seldom-used birth name. See also Ailyn. ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of -yn names: Adalyn, Addilyn, Addisyn, Adelyn

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Summary of all names (grouped by variations) for -yn names for girls.

[Addison - Aislinn]
Addison [Addisyn], Adelaide [Adelyn], Adeline [Addilyn], Aileen [Ailyn], Aislinn [Aislyn]

[Alaine - Caroline]
Alaine [Allyn], Alana [Allyn], Angela [Angelyn], Anne [Ayn], Anwen [Anwyn], Arianwen [Arianwyn], Arlene [Arlyn], Arlinda [Arlyn], Arwen [Arwyn], Ashlynn [Ayslyn], Ashton [Ashtyn], Austine [Austyn], Ava [Avelyn], Beryl [Beryn], Beverly [Bevlyn], Blodwen [Blodwyn], Bradyn, Brandilyn [Brandylyn, ..], Brandy [Brandyn], Breanna [Breelyn], Brenda [Brendolyn], Brenna [Brenyn], Brianna [Bryn], Brina [Bryn], Brittany [Brityn], Brogan [Brogyn], Bronwyn, Brooke [Brooklyn], Bryn, Brynn [Bryn], Cailin [Cailyn], Caitlin [Kayelyn, ..], Cameron [Kamryn, ..], Caoilainn [Caelyn], Cara [Caralyn], Carla [Carlyn], Carlene [Karlyn], Carmen [Karmyn], Carol [Cherlyn, ..], Caroline [Karolyn, ..]

[Carolyn - Ethel]
Carolyn [Karolyn], Catherine [Kathryn, ..], Cecilia [Cecelyn], Ceridwen [Cerridwyn, ..], Charla [Charlyn], Charlene [Charlyn], Charlotte [Cherlyn], Charmaine [Sharmyn], Cherilyn [Sherylyn, ..], Cheryl [Cherylyn, ..], Christen [Cristyn, ..], Clementine [Clementyn], Cora [Coralyn], Coral [Coralyn], Corinna [Coryn], Corinne [Koryn], Courtney [Courtlyn], Crystal [Kristalyn, ..], Cynthia [Cyn], Dale [Daelyn], Darlene [Darlyn], Daryl [Darylyn, ..], Daryn, De- [Delyn], Deryn [Derhyn], Devin [Devyn], Devon [Devyn], Donna [Donnalyn], Dora [Doralyn], Doreen [Doreyn], Eden [Edyn], Edlyn, Eleanor [Elyn], Ellen [Elyn], Emeline [Emmalyn, ..], Emily [Emmalyn, ..], Emma [Emmelyn], Emmeline [Emmalyn], Erin [Taryn, ..], Ethel [Ethlyn]

[Eurfron - Joelle]
Eurfron [Eurfyn], Eurwen [Eurwyn], Evangeline [Evangelyn], Eve [Evlyn], Evelyn [Evlyn, ..], Fallon [Fallyn], Farren [Ferryn, ..], Gemma [Gemmalyn], Geraldine [Gerrilyn], Geri [Gerrilyn], Germaine [Jermayn], Gina [Genalyn], Glenna [Glyn], Guinevere [Gwyn], Gwen [Gwyn], Gwendolyn [Gwyndolyn, ..], Gwyn, Harolyn, Helen [Ellyn], Ivy [Ivalyn], Ja- [Jalyn], Jacey [Jacelyn], Jaclyn [Jaklyn], Jacqueline [Jaquelyn, ..], Jacquelyn [Jaclyn], Jade [Jadyn], Jae [Jaelyn], Jamie [Jamilyn], Jana [Janalyn], Jasmine [Jessamyn, ..], Jazzlyn [Jazzalyn, ..], Jenna [Jennalyn], Jenny [Jennilyn], Jeralyn [Jerrilyn, ..], Jessica [Jessamyn], Jessie [Jesslyn, ..], Jewel [Jewelyn], Jo [Jolyn], Jocelyn [Jozlyn, ..], Joelle [Joellyn]

[Johnna - Marcia]
Johnna [Jonalyn], Jolene [Jolyn], Jordan [Jordyn], Joyce [Joycelyn], Kaitlin [Kathlyn, ..], Kameron [Kamryn], Kami [Kamlyn], Kara [Karalyn], Karen [Taryn, ..], Karleen [Karlyn], Karolina [Karolyn], Katelyn [Kitlyn], Katherine [Kathryn, ..], Kathleen [Kathlyn], Katie [Katilyn], Kayla [Kaylyn], Kaylin [Kaylyn, ..], Keely [Keelyn], Kellen [Kellyn], Kerrin [Keryn], Kerry [Kerilyn], Kevina [Kevyn], Khristina [Khrystyn], Kimberly [Kimblyn], Kirsten [Kristyn], Kitty [Kitlyn], Korina [Koryn], Kristen [Krystyn], Krystalyn [Kristalyn], Laura [Laralyn], Lauren [Loryn, ..], Linda [Lyn], Lorelei [Lorilyn], Loren [Loryn], Lynn [Lyn], Madeline [Madlyn, ..], Madison [Madisyn], Mandoline [Mandolyn, ..], Marcella [Marcelyn], Marcia [Marcilyn]

[Marilyn - Tamara]
Marilyn [Marylyn, ..], Marina [Maryn], Marlen [Marlyn], Marlene [Marlyn], Marlin [Marlyn], Marvell [Marvelyn], Mary [Marilyn], Merry [Merryn], Meryl [Merlyn], Michal [Michaelyn], Morwenna [Morwyn], Nelly [Nellwyn], Nicoline [Nicolyn], Olwen [Olwyn], Pamela [Pamelyn], Perrin [Perryn], Rae [Raelyn], Raven [Ravyn], Roberta [Robyn], Robin [Robyn], Rosalind [Rozelyn, ..], Rosalyn [Roslyn], Rose [Roslyn], Royale [Royalyn], Roza [Rozlyn], Ryan [Riayn], Sarah [Saralyn], Shannon [Shannyn], Sharlene [Sharlyn], Sharon [Sheryn, ..], Shayla [Shaylyn, ..], Shea [Shaylyn], Sherilyn, Sherry [Sherryn], Sheryl [Sherilyn, ..], Shirley [Shirlyn], Starla [Starlyn], Stetson [Stetcyn], Suellen [Suelyn], Tamara [Tamryn]

[Tammy - Zephyr]
Tammy [Tamlyn], Tamsin [Tamsyn], Tara [Taralyn], Taryn [Teryn], Tayla [Taylyn], Terry [Teryn], Teryl [Terelyn], Trista [Tristyn], Valentina [Valyn], Wynne [Wyn], Zephyr [Zefiryn]