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Names Ending with -nice for Girls

"NICE" baby names ending with -nice are used more often as feminine names.

pinAgnes - Jean

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of -nice names: Berenice, Bernice, Denice, Eunice, Janice, Vernice

[Annice, .. 74 more] Form of Agnes 1 Root fr. Greek element. "Pure, holy." Anaza, Anniaza and Annine are kreatif forms. ..

[Alanice, .. 11 more] Var. of Allena 2 Source fr. Old German word. "Precious." Unique, with the androgynous -ce ending for Alanice like Allice. See also Alumice. ..

Anice [Annice, .. 7 more] 3 Derivative of Greek language. "Satisfaction." Not in Top 1000. ..

[Annice, Nanice, .. 94 more] Forms of Anne 4 Based on Hebrew element. "He (God) has favored me." Not in popularity charts. ..

[Annice, .. 7 more] Form of Annis 5 Origin fr. Greek. "Satisfaction." Rare. Annice, like Arnice, uses the -ice ending. See also Annie. ..

[Arnice, .. 4 more] Form of Arnina 6 Root fr. Hebrew language. "Mountain of strength." Unique. Arnice, like Alumice, ends with -ce. See also Ernice. ..

Berenice 7 Based on Greek word. "Victory bringer." Not in popularity charts. See also Bereniece. ..

Bernice [Beranice, Berenice, Vernice, .. 35 more] 8 Source fr. Greek word. "Victory bringer." Rare, with the androgynous-sounding -ice ending for Bernice, Beranice, etc. like Bertrice. ..

Branice 9 Contemporary invention .. Not in popularity charts. See also Berenice.

[Chanice, .. 20 more] Var. of Cha- 10 From American element. Combination of the Cha and Che .. Outside Top 1000. See also Chalice.

[Danice, .. 35 more] Form of Danielle 11 Derived fr. Hebrew, French elements. "God is my Judge." Not in popularity charts. See also Danique. ..

[Danice, .. 19 more] Var. of Danna 12 From Old English element. .. Dannah is a biblical place name. Unusual, with the -ce suffix for Danice like Daralice. See also Donica.

[Denice, .. 21 more] Form of Denise 13 Derived fr. French language. "Follower of Dionysius." Unusual, with the unconventional androgynous -ice suffix for Denice like Doralice. See also Delice. ..

[Ernice, .. 8 more] Form of Ernestine 14 Based on Old German element. "Serious; battle to the death." Unusual. Ernice, like Eurydice, ends with the androgynous-sounding -ice. See also Arnice. ..

Eunice [Unice, .. 4 more] 15 Based on Greek. "Good victory." Not Top 1000 names. ..

[Glenice, Glennice, .. 4 more] Var. of Glenys 16 Root fr. Welsh element. "Pure, holy." Outside Top 1000. ..

[Glynice, .. 8 more] Var. of Glynis 17 Stems fr. Welsh language. Not in popularity charts. See also Glenice.

[Janice, .. 92 more] Form of Jane 18 From Hebrew. "God is gracious." Not in Top 1000. See also Joniece. ..

Janice [Jannice, Jenice, Jennice, .. 16 more] 19 Stems fr. Hebrew word. "God is gracious." Rare. Jenice, var. (cf. Justice) ends with the androgynous-sounding -ice. ..

[Jeanice, .. 26 more] Var. of Jean 20 From Hebrew. "God is gracious." Unusual. Jeanice (cf. Joice) ends with the unconventional androgynous-sounding -ice. See also Jenice. ..

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for -nice names for girls.

Agnes - Jean
Agnes [Annice], Allena [Alanice], Anice [Annice], Anne [Annice, Nanice], Annis [Annice], Arnina [Arnice], Berenice, Bernice [Vernice, Beranice, Berenice], Branice, Cha- [Chanice], Danielle [Danice], Danna [Danice], Denise [Denice], Ernestine [Ernice], Eunice [Unice], Glenys [Glenice, Glennice], Glynis [Glynice], Jane [Janice], Janice [Jenice, Jannice, Jennice], Jean [Jeanice]

Jenny - Veronica
Jenny [Jenice], Lanice, Lenis [Lenice, Lennice], Nancy [Nanice], Phoenix [Phenice], Quintina [Quintonice], Rani [Ranice], Ranita [Ranice], Sha- [Shanice], Shan- [Shanice], Shanice [Shannice], Shawna [Shaunice, Shawnice], Venetia [Venice, Vennice], Verna [Vernice], Veronica [Vernice, Veronice]