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Names ending with -ael

Page 1/3. 25 -ael grouped name results ending with -ael for males. Here is the list of -ael names for girls. These boy names reached the height of their popularity in 2008 and are almost as popular today, but with names like Cael, Nathanael, Kael and Rafael becoming less fashionable. Gael and Raphael are two of the more trendy baby names in this list.

Adael (Hebrew) "God witnesses."

Anael Biblical: the name of an archangel.

Asael (Hebrew) "God has created."

Azrael (Hebrew) "Helped by God." ..

Cadfael (Welsh) "Battle metal." ..

Popularity of -ael baby names

Adael, Anael, Asael, Azrael and Cadfael are rare names. (2000 U.S. Census)

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A to Z Index of all names (with variants) for boys

[Adael - Cadfael]
Adael [1], Anael, Asael [4], Azrael, Cadfael [1]

[Cale - Jael]
Cale [7], Carmichael, Dale [8], Fergal [5], Gael [1], Gale [8], Ishmael [4], Ismail [8], Israel [1], Jael [1]

[Jamal - Yale]
Jamal [22], John [85], Kaelan [8], Michael [51], Nathaniel [15], Pedahel [2], Rafael [8], Raphael [14], Samael, Yale [1]


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