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-am names ending with -am for males. Names that end in -am are used more often as masculine names. Here is the list of -am names for girls. Usage of these boy names reached its highest in 1880-1889 and it has remained as widespread to this day, but with names like Hiram, Bertram, Sam, Ephriam and Isham becoming somewhat dated. Abram (#377), Graham (#199) and Liam (#2) are three of the more trendy birth names in this compilation, with Abram having a resurgence in popularity.

Abraham - Adham

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Abraham [Aberham, Abram, Avraham, Avram, Bram, .. 17 more] 1 Derivative of Hebrew word. "Father of a multitude (of nations)." The forms Abram and Abraham are more popular as boys' names among the different variations of the name. ..

Abram [Avram, Bram, .. 8 more] 2 Root fr. Hebrew element. "High father." The variant form Abram is commonplace (Top 86%) as a men's name, while Avram and Bram are infrequently used comparatively. Abram (Top 6%) and Bram (84%) appear often as surnames according to the US Census. ..

Achiram 3 Derivative of Hebrew word. "My brother is exalted." Unique as a given name for boys.

Adam [Addam, Adham, .. 22 more] 4 Stems fr. Hebrew word. "Earth." The version Adam is commonplace (Top 6%) as a male name, while Addam and Adham are infrequently used in comparison. Adam (Top 3%) and Adham (60%) appear commonly as last names in the US Census. ..

Adham 5 Derivative of Arabic word. "Black." Unique as a boys' name, Adham is found more frequently as a last name. See also Adnah. ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of -am names: Abraham, Abram, Adam

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Summary of all names grouped by variations for -am names for boys.

[Abraham - Adham]
Abraham [Bram, ..], Abram [Bram], Achiram, Adam [Adham], Adham

[Amaram - Basim]
Amaram, Amram, Aram [Arram], Aviram, Avram, Azam, Baram, Barnum [Barnham], Bartram [Barthram], Basim [Bassam]

[Beauchamp - Cunningham]
Beauchamp [Beecham], Bertram [Bartram], Bram, Brigham [Briggham], Byram, Byron [Byram], Cameron [Cam], Cobham [Cobbham], Cramer [Kram], Cunningham [Conyngham]

[Damek - Gautam]
Damek [Adham], Denham, Dor [Doram], Dunham, Earlham, Eilam [Elam], Eliam, Ephraim [Ephriam], Farnham [Fernham], Gautam

[Gershom - Hashim]
Gershom [Gersham], Gilam, Gorham, Graham [Graeham], Grant [Grantham], Gresham, Hadar [Hadaram], Hallam, Ham, Hashim [Hisham]

[Hiram - Kareem]
Hiram [Hyram], Ilan [Elam], Ingram [Yngraham, ..], Isam, Isham, Jeroboam, Joram, Jotham, Kameron [Kam], Kareem [Karam]

[Latham - Ram]
Latham, Liam [Lyam], Macadam [Mcadam], Malki [Malkam], Markham, Nachman [Nacham], Noam, Pelham [Pellam], Racham [Raham], Ram

[Sam - Wolfgang]
Sam, Samson [Sam], Samuel [Sam], Thomas [Tam], Tristan [Tristram], Wadham, Waltham, Wickham, William [Liam], Wolfgang [Wulfram]

[Wortham - Wyndham]
Wortham, Wyndham [Wynndham]