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Names ending with -eb

16 -eb name results ending with -eb for baby boys, listing 1-16.

Caleb (Hebrew) "Faith, devotion, whole hearted."
[Cayleb, Kaleb, Kayleb]

Habib (Arabic) "Loved one."

Jacob (Hebrew) "He who supplants." ..

Jareb (Hebrew) "He will struggle."

Jeb Nickname of dashing Confederate general James Ewell Brown Stuart, who was a wily commander of the calvary ..

Kaleb (Hebrew) "Dog; tenacious and aggressive." ..

Loeb (German) "Lion."

Najib (Arabic) "Distinguished, noble."
[Nageeb, Najeeb]

Sebastian (Greek) "Revered." ..

Tabib (Turkish) "Doctor."

Talib (Arabic) "Knowledge-seeker."

Wahib (Arabic) "Giver, donor."

Webb (Old English) "Weaver."

Webster (Old English) "Weaver." ..
[Web, Weeb]

Zebediah (Hebrew) "Gift of Jehovah."

Zebulon (Hebrew) "Dwelling of honor."

Top 1000 baby names ranking of -eb names: Caleb, Kaleb, Zeb

Caleb is a commonly used name, while Cayleb, Habeeb, Jakeb, Jareb, Jeb, Kaleb, Kayleb, Loeb, Nageeb, Najeeb, Seb, Tabeeb, Taleeb, Waheeb, Web, Weeb and Zeb are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)


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