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-eb names ending with -eb for males. Names that end in -eb are used more often as masculine names. These boy names reached the height of their popularity in 2009 and have remained as popular to this day, but with names like Zeb becoming less trendy. Caleb (#35) and Kaleb (#147) are two of the more trendy birth names in this list, with Caleb enjoying a resurgence in popularity.

Caleb - Jeb

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Caleb [Cayleb, Kaleb, Kayleb, .. 3 more] 1 Based on Hebrew. "Faith, devotion, whole hearted." The forms Kaleb and Caleb are more commonplace as names for baby boys among the different variations of the name.

[Habeeb] Var. of Habib 2 Origin fr. Arabic element. "Loved one." The variant form Habeeb is a rare men's name, and it occurs often (Top 38%) as a surname in the US Census.

[Jakeb, .. 52 more] Var. of Jacob 3 Based on Hebrew word. "He who supplants." Scarce as a boys' name. See also Jareb. ..

Jareb 4 Origin fr. Hebrew element. "He will struggle." Jareb is a rare men's name. See also Jakeb.

Jeb 5 Nickname of dashing Confederate general James Ewell Brown Stuart, who was a wily commander of the calvary .. Jeb is an uncommon men's name. See also Web.

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[Caleb - Jeb]
Caleb [Kaleb, Cayleb, Kayleb], Habib [Habeeb], Jacob [Jakeb], Jareb, Jeb

[Kaleb - Zebediah]
Kaleb [Caleb], Loeb, Najib [Nageeb, Najeeb], Sebastian [Seb], Tabib [Tabeeb], Talib [Taleeb], Wahib [Waheeb], Webb [Web], Webster [Web, Weeb], Zebediah [Zeb]

[Zebulon - Zebulon]
Zebulon [Zeb]