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Names ending with -ett

Page 1/3. 43 -ett name results ending with -ett for baby boys, listing 1-20. Here is the list of -ett names for girls.

Arnett (Old French, English) "Little eagle."

Averett (Old German, Old English) "Brave, strong boar." ..

Barnett (Old English) "Burned clearing." ..

Barrett Possibly (Middle English) "dispute, argument", (Old German) "bear-strength", or from Barrette (Old French) "cap" ..

Bartholomew (Aramaic) "Son of Talmai (the farmer)." ..

Bartlet Short form of Bartholomew ..

Bassett (Old English) "Little person."

Beckett (Old English) "Beehive or bee cottage." ..

Benedict (Latin) "Blessed." ..

Bennett (French, Latin) The normal medieval vernacular form of Benedict, used by both women and men in the past ..

Birkett (Middle English) "Birch coastland."

Brett (Latin) "From Britany or Britain." ..

Burdett (Middle English) "Bird."

Burnet (Old French) "Brown."
[Bernett, Burnett]

Cobb (Old English) Probably comes from "cottage" ..

Corbett (Norman French) "Young crow."

Corbin Possibly a short form of the rare given name Corbinian, or a transferred use of the surname, in origin a nickname meaning "crow" in Anglo-Norman ..

Crockett (Middle English) "Crook."

Dag (Scandinavian) "Daylight."

Emmet (Old German) "Entire, universal." ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of -ett names: Barrett, Beckett, Bennett, Brett, Corbett, Emmett

Barrett, Bennett, Brett and Emmett are commonly used names, while the other -ett names are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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