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-ey names ending with -ey for males. Names that end in -ey are used more often as masculine names. Here is the list of -ey names for girls. Usage of these boy names reached its highest in 1960-1969 and it is almost as widespread today, but with names like Rodney, Casey, Sidney, Corey and Joey becoming somewhat dated. The most trendy baby names in this list are Brantley (#120), Harvey (#493), Bentley (#89), Oakley (#657) and Finley (#374), with Harvey, Oakley and Finley having a resurgence in popularity.

Abbas - Abel

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[Abbey, .. 5 more] Var. of Abbas 1 Based on Arabic, Hebrew languages. "Stern, somber; father." Also suitable as a girls' name. Rarely used as a birth name, Abbey exists more frequently as a last name. ..

Abbey 2 Short form of Abbott, Abelard and Abner .. Unique as a baby name, occurring more frequently as a last name. See also Abbe.

[Abbey, .. 10 more] Var. of Abbott 3 Source fr. Old English word. "Father, priest." A name used for both sexes. A scarce name for boys, existing more conventionally as a surname.

[Abey, .. 1 more] Var. of Abe 4 Origin fr. Hebrew word. Short form of Abner, Abraham, and Abram. Unique as a baby name. See also Acey.

[Abey, .. 7 more] Var. of Abel 5 Source fr. Hebrew word. "Breath, vapour." A scarce boys' name. See also Abby. ..

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[Abbas - Abel]
Abbas [Abbey], Abbey, Abbott [Abbey], Abe [Abey], Abel [Abey]

[Abelard - Ainsley]
Abelard [Abbey], Abner [Abbey], Abraham [Abey], Abram [Abey], Ace [Acey], Ackerley [Ackley], Adlai [Adley], Adney, Aimery [Amerey], Ainsley [Aynsley]

[Alan - Ansley]
Alan [Alley], Aldrich [Ritchey], Alexis [Alexey], Alfred [Alfrey], Algernon [Algey], Amory [Amorey], Andre [Ondrey, ..], Andrew [Ondrey, ..], Anfernee [Anferney], Ansley [Annsley]

[Anthony - Audey]
Anthony [Toney, ..], Ardley [Ardsley], Arley, Arne [Arney], Arnold [Arney], Ashby [Ashbey], Ashley [Asheley], Atley [Attley], Aubrey [Averey], Audey

[Audley - Barry]
Audley, Autry [Autrey], Avery [Averey], Bailey [Bayley], Barclay [Berkley, ..], Barnabas [Barney], Barnett [Barney], Barney, Barrett [Barrey], Barry [Barrey]

[Baxter - Birkey]
Baxter [Baxley], Baxley, Beasley [Peaseley], Bellamy [Bellamey], Benjamin [Benjey], Bentley, Berkeley [Birkley, ..], Bernard [Barney], Beverly [Beverley], Birkey

[Birley - Bradley]
Birley, Birney [Burney], Blain [Blaney], Blakely [Blakeley], Blakeney, Bob [Bobbey], Boden [Bodey], Bogart [Bogey], Bosley, Bradley [Bradney]

[Brady - Broderick]
Brady [Bradey], Brand [Brantley], Branley, Brant [Brantley], Brawley, Brent [Brentley], Bridgely [Bridgeley], Brinley [Brindley], Brockley, Broderick [Rickey]

[Brody - Busby]
Brody [Brodey], Bromley, Bruce [Brucey], Buck [Buckley], Buckley, Bud [Buddey], Burleigh [Byrley], Burns [Burney], Burney [Beirney], Busby [Busbey]

[Cadby - Casey]
Cadby [Cadbey], Caelan [Caley], Caley [Kayley], Cameron [Kamrey], Canby [Canbey], Carley, Carlyle [Carley], Carney [Kearney], Cary [Carrey], Casey [Kasey, ..]

[Cassidy - Chesney]
Cassidy [Cassidey], Cedric [Rickey], Chalkley, Chance [Choncey], Chaney [Cheney], Chantrey, Charles [Charley], Chauncey [Chawncey, ..], Chesley, Chesney [Cheney]

[Cheyne - Conlan]
Cheyne [Cheney], Clancy [Claney], Clare [Clarey], Coakley [Cokeley], Coby [Kobey], Cody [Codey], Colby [Colbey], Cole [Coley], Colley, Conlan [Conley]

[Conley - Covey]
Conley, Coney, Corey [Korey, ..], Corliss [Corley], Cornelius [Corney], Cornell [Corney], Cort [Courtney], Cory [Corey], Courtney [Cortney], Covey [Covvey]

[Cowrie - Dabney]
Cowrie [Cowrey], Cox [Coxey], Cranley, Crosby [Crosbey], Crosley [Crossley], Culley, Curley, Curran [Currey], Cydney, Dabney

[Dace - David]
Dace [Dacey], Dacey [Daicey], Dahy [Dahey], Dailey [Daley], Dale [Daley], Daly [Dawley], Darby [Darbey], Darcy [Darsey], Darnley, David [Davey]

[Delaney - Donte]
Delaney [Delainey], Dempsey, Denby [Denney], Denley, Dennis [Denney], Derby [Derbey], Destry [Destrey], Dewey, Diggory [Diggorey], Donte [Dontey]

[Dooley - Eric]
Dooley, Dorsey, Dudley, Duff [Duffey], Dunley [Dunnley], Early [Earley], Eberlein [Eberley], Ellery [Elrey], Emery [Emerey], Eric [Rickey]

[Eustace - Garvey]
Eustace [Stacey], Everley, Farley [Farrley], Farnley [Fernley], Fernley [Farnley], Finlay [Finnley, ..], Fortney [Fourtney], Frey, Fursey, Garvey [Garrvey]

[Gary - Grady]
Gary [Garrey], Geary [Gearey], Geoffrey [Jephrey, ..], Gervase [Jarvey], Gian [Gianney], Gilby [Gillbey], Gill [Gilley], Giovanni [Jovanney], Godfrey, Grady [Graidey]

[Grant - Haley]
Grant [Grantley], Grantland [Grantley], Gray [Grey], Greeley, Gridley, Grimsley, Guthrie [Guthrey], Hadley, Hagley, Haley [Hayley, ..]

[Halley - Hedley]
Halley, Halsey [Hallsey], Hanley [Henley], Hardy [Hardey], Harley [Arley], Hartley, Harvey [Hervey], Hastings [Hastey], Hawley, Hedley [Headley]

[Henley - Huntley]
Henley, Hernley, Hewney [Owney], Hobart [Hobey], Hockley, Hockney, Horsley, Hugh [Huey], Humphrey [Humfrey], Huntley

[Hurley - Jefferson]
Hurley, Huxley, Isaac [Ikey], Jace [Jacey], Jacob [Jamsey], Jaime [Jaimey], James [Jamey], Jamie [Jamey], Jarvis [Jervey], Jefferson [Jeffey]

[Jeffrey - Jon]
Jeffrey [Joffrey, ..], Jeremy [Jeramey], Jerry [Jerrey], Jesse [Jessey], Jim [Jimmey], Jody [Jodey], Joe [Joey], Joffrey [Jophrey], John [Jovanney], Jon [Joncorey]

[Joren - Kearney]
Joren [Jorey], Jory [Jorey], Joseph [Joey], July [Juley], Kacey [Kasey], Kaelan [Kaley], Kasey [Kacey], Kasi [Kasey], Kearn [Kearney], Kearney [Karney]

[Keeley - Keyes]
Keeley [Kealey], Kelby [Kelbey], Kelly [Kelley], Kelsey, Ken [Kenney], Kenley, Kennedy [Kennedey], Kenny [Kinney], Kerry [Kerrey], Keyes [Key]

[Kimberly - Lacy]
Kimberly [Kimberley], Kingsley [Kinsley], Kirby [Kirbey], Kirkley, Knightley, Kobi [Kobey], Kody [Kodey], Kory [Korrey], Kyle [Kiley], Lacy [Lacey]

[Ladd - Mabry]
Ladd [Laddey], Langley, Lawrence [Lawrey], Leslie [Lesley], Levi [Levey], Lindley, Lindsay [Lyndsey, ..], Linley, Lynley, Mabry [Maybrey]

[Mac - Maurice]
Mac [Mackey], Mace [Macey], Mackinley [Mckinley], Macy [Macey], Manley, Mark [Markey], Marley, Massey, Matthew [Matvey], Maurice [Morrey]

[Maximilian - Morris]
Maximilian [Maxey], Mc- [Mckinley], Mendel [Mendeley], Mercury [Mercurey], Mersey, Micah [Mikey], Michael [Mikey], Mike [Mickey], Morley [Morrley], Morris [Morrey]

[Murphy - Paley]
Murphy [Murphey], Murray [Murrey], Nicholas [Nickey], Oakley, Olexei [Olexey], Oliver [Olley], Ondre [Ohndrey], Paddy [Paddey], Paisley, Paley

[Parry - Quincy]
Parry [Parrey], Patrick [Paddey], Penley [Pennley], Percival [Percey], Percy [Percey], Pitney [Pittney], Pompeo [Pompey], Presley [Priestley, ..], Quigley, Quincy [Quincey]

[Radley - Reilly]
Radley, Rafferty [Raffertey], Raleigh [Rawley], Rami [Ramey], Ramsay [Ramzey], Randall [Randey], Randy [Randey], Ransley, Redley [Radley], Reilly [Reilley]

[Remy - Risley]
Remy [Remmey], Rey, Richard [Rickey], Rick [Rickey], Ricky [Rickey], Ridgeley, Ridley [Riddley], Riley, Ripley, Risley [Wrisley]

[Rockley - Rutley]
Rockley, Rodney, Roland [Roley], Romney, Rooney [Rowney], Rory [Rorey], Rowley, Roy [Rey], Rudolph [Rudey], Rutley

[Ryley - Shawnee]
Ryley, Sam [Sammey], Sandy [Sandey], Sedgley [Sedgeley], Seeley [Sealey], Selby [Shelbey], Sergio [Sergey], Shandy [Shandey], Shanley [Shannley], Shawnee [Shawney]

[Shelby - Stanley]
Shelby [Shelbey], Shelley, Shepley [Shipley], Sidney [Sydney], Sivney, Smedley, Smokey, Somerley [Sorley], Stacy [Stacey], Stanley

[Stepney - Tavis]
Stepney, Stockley, Stoney, Sully [Sulley], Sunny [Sunney], Sweeney, Sydney, Tandie [Tandey], Tanner [Tanney], Tavis [Tavey]

[Ted - Tobias]
Ted [Teddey], Terence [Terrey], Terry [Terrey], Thandiwe [Thandey], Thomas [Tommey], Thorley, Thornley, Tiernan [Tierney], Timothy [Timothey], Tobias [Tobey]

[Toby - Wadley]
Toby [Tobey], Tony [Toney], Torrence [Torrey], Torry [Torrey], Tracy [Tracey], Trey, Tully [Tulley], Vernon [Verney], Volney, Wadley

[Wakeley - Wetherby]
Wakeley, Wardley, Warley, Waverley [Waverley], Webley, Welby [Wellbey], Wesley [Westley], Westby [Westbey], Westerly [Westerley], Wetherby [Wetherbey]

[Wetherly - Willoughby]
Wetherly [Wetherley], Wheatley, Whitby [Whitbey], White [Whitey], Whitley, Whitney, Wickley, Wiley [Willey], William [Wiley], Willoughby [Willoughbey]

[Worth - Zachary]
Worth [Worthey], Wylie [Wiley], Yancy [Yantsey], Yardley [Yeardley], Yovanny [Yovanney], Zachary [Zackarey]