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-ey names ending with -ey for men. Names that end in -ey are used more often as masculine names. Here is the list of -ey names for girls. These boy names were at the height of their popularity during the years 1960-1969 and are almost as popular today, but with names such as Rodney, Casey, Sidney, Joey and Harley becoming somewhat outmoded. The trendier birth names in this compilation are Brantley (#120), Harvey (#493), Bentley (#89), Brentley (#635) and Oakley (#657), with Harvey and Oakley going through a rebound in popularity.

Abbas - Abel

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[Abbey, .. 5 more] Var. of Abbas 1 From Arabic, Hebrew. "Stern, somber; father." Also suitable as a girls' name. The variation Abbey is a rarely used men's name, occurring regularly (Top 7%) as a surname in the US Census. ..

Abbey 2 Short form of Abbott .. Scarcely used as a boys' name, Abbey is used more conventionally as a last name. See also Abie.

[Abbey, .. 10 more] Var. of Abbott 3 Origin fr. Old English element. "Father, priest." A rare given name for boys which is found more commonly as a surname. A name suitable for both men and women.

[Abey, .. 1 more] Var. of Abe 4 Source fr. Hebrew element. Short form of Abner .. The version Abey is scarce as a men's name. See also Abia.

[Abey, .. 7 more] Var. of Abel 5 Origin fr. Hebrew element. "Breath, vapour." Unique as a name for kids. See also Abba. ..

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[Abbas - Abel]
Abbas [Abbey], Abbey, Abbott [Abbey], Abe [Abey], Abel [Abey]

[Abelard - Barry]
Abelard [Abbey], Abner [Abbey], Abraham [Abey], Abram [Abey], Ace [Acey], Ackerley [Ackley], Adlai [Adley], Adney, Aimery [Amerey], Ainsley [Aynsley], Alan [Alley], Aldrich [Ritchey], Alexis [Alexey], Alfred [Alfrey], Algernon [Algey], Amory [Amorey], Andre [Ondrey, ..], Andrew [Ondrey, ..], Anfernee [Anferney], Ansley [Annsley], Anthony [Toney, ..], Ardley [Ardsley], Arley, Arne [Arney], Arnold [Arney], Ashby [Ashbey], Ashley [Asheley], Atley [Attley], Aubrey [Averey], Audey, Audley, Autry [Autrey], Avery [Averey], Bailey [Bayley], Barclay [Berkley, ..], Barnabas [Barney], Barnett [Barney], Barney, Barrett [Barrey], Barry [Barrey]

[Baxter - Busby]
Baxter [Baxley], Baxley, Beasley [Peaseley], Bellamy [Bellamey], Benjamin [Benjey], Bentley, Berkeley [Birkley, ..], Bernard [Barney], Beverly [Beverley], Birkey, Birley, Birney [Burney], Blain [Blaney], Blakely [Blakeley], Blakeney, Bob [Bobbey], Boden [Bodey], Bogart [Bogey], Bosley, Bradley [Bradney], Brady [Bradey], Brand [Brantley], Branley, Brant [Brantley], Brawley, Brent [Brentley], Bridgely [Bridgeley], Brinley [Brindley], Brockley, Broderick [Rickey], Brody [Brodey], Bromley, Bruce [Brucey], Buck [Buckley], Buckley, Bud [Buddey], Burleigh [Byrley], Burns [Burney], Burney [Beirney], Busby [Busbey]

[Cadby - Covey]
Cadby [Cadbey], Caelan [Caley], Caley [Kayley], Cameron [Kamrey], Canby [Canbey], Carley, Carlyle [Carley], Carney [Kearney], Cary [Carrey], Casey [Kasey, ..], Cassidy [Cassidey], Cedric [Rickey], Chalkley, Chance [Choncey], Chaney [Cheney], Chantrey, Charles [Charley], Chauncey [Chawncey, ..], Chesley, Chesney [Cheney], Cheyne [Cheney], Clancy [Claney], Clare [Clarey], Coakley [Cokeley], Coby [Kobey], Cody [Codey], Colby [Colbey], Cole [Coley], Colley, Conlan [Conley], Conley, Coney, Corey [Korey, ..], Corliss [Corley], Cornelius [Corney], Cornell [Corney], Cort [Courtney], Cory [Corey], Courtney [Cortney], Covey [Covvey]

[Cowrie - Eric]
Cowrie [Cowrey], Cox [Coxey], Cranley, Crosby [Crosbey], Crosley [Crossley], Culley, Curley, Curran [Currey], Cydney, Dabney, Dace [Dacey], Dacey [Daicey], Dahy [Dahey], Dailey [Daley], Dale [Daley], Daly [Dawley], Darby [Darbey], Darcy [Darsey], Darnley, David [Davey], Delaney [Delainey], Dempsey, Denby [Denney], Denley, Dennis [Denney], Derby [Derbey], Destry [Destrey], Dewey, Diggory [Diggorey], Donte [Dontey], Dooley, Dorsey, Dudley, Duff [Duffey], Dunley [Dunnley], Early [Earley], Eberlein [Eberley], Ellery [Elrey], Emery [Emerey], Eric [Rickey]

[Eustace - Hedley]
Eustace [Stacey], Everley, Farley [Farrley], Farnley [Fernley], Fernley [Farnley], Finlay [Finnley, ..], Fortney [Fourtney], Frey, Fursey, Garvey [Garrvey], Gary [Garrey], Geary [Gearey], Geoffrey [Jephrey, ..], Gervase [Jarvey], Gian [Gianney], Gilby [Gillbey], Gill [Gilley], Giovanni [Jovanney], Godfrey, Grady [Graidey], Grant [Grantley], Grantland [Grantley], Gray [Grey], Greeley, Gridley, Grimsley, Guthrie [Guthrey], Hadley, Hagley, Haley [Hayley, ..], Halley, Halsey [Hallsey], Hanley [Henley], Hardy [Hardey], Harley [Arley], Hartley, Harvey [Hervey], Hastings [Hastey], Hawley, Hedley [Headley]

[Henley - Kearney]
Henley, Hernley, Hewney [Owney], Hobart [Hobey], Hockley, Hockney, Horsley, Hugh [Huey], Humphrey [Humfrey], Huntley, Hurley, Huxley, Isaac [Ikey], Jace [Jacey], Jacob [Jamsey], Jaime [Jaimey], James [Jamey], Jamie [Jamey], Jarvis [Jervey], Jefferson [Jeffey], Jeffrey [Joffrey, ..], Jeremy [Jeramey], Jerry [Jerrey], Jesse [Jessey], Jim [Jimmey], Jody [Jodey], Joe [Joey], Joffrey [Jophrey], John [Jovanney], Jon [Joncorey], Joren [Jorey], Jory [Jorey], Joseph [Joey], July [Juley], Kacey [Kasey], Kaelan [Kaley], Kasey [Kacey], Kasi [Kasey], Kearn [Kearney], Kearney [Karney]

[Keeley - Maurice]
Keeley [Kealey], Kelby [Kelbey], Kelly [Kelley], Kelsey, Ken [Kenney], Kenley, Kennedy [Kennedey], Kenny [Kinney], Kerry [Kerrey], Keyes [Key], Kimberly [Kimberley], Kingsley [Kinsley], Kirby [Kirbey], Kirkley, Knightley, Kobi [Kobey], Kody [Kodey], Kory [Korrey], Kyle [Kiley], Lacy [Lacey], Ladd [Laddey], Langley, Lawrence [Lawrey], Leslie [Lesley], Levi [Levey], Lindley, Lindsay [Lyndsey, ..], Linley, Lynley, Mabry [Maybrey], Mac [Mackey], Mace [Macey], Mackinley [Mckinley], Macy [Macey], Manley, Mark [Markey], Marley, Massey, Matthew [Matvey], Maurice [Morrey]

[Maximilian - Redley]
Maximilian [Maxey], Maximus [Maxey], Mc- [Mckinley], Mendel [Mendeley], Mercury [Mercurey], Mersey, Micah [Mikey], Michael [Mikey], Mike [Mickey], Morley [Morrley], Morris [Morrey], Murphy [Murphey], Murray [Murrey], Nicholas [Nickey], Oakley, Olexei [Olexey], Oliver [Olley], Ondre [Ohndrey], Paddy [Paddey], Paisley, Paley, Parry [Parrey], Patrick [Paddey], Penley [Pennley], Percival [Percey], Percy [Percey], Pitney [Pittney], Pompeo [Pompey], Presley [Priestley, ..], Quigley, Quincy [Quincey], Radley, Rafferty [Raffertey], Raleigh [Rawley], Rami [Ramey], Ramsay [Ramzey], Randall [Randey], Randy [Randey], Ransley, Redley [Radley]

[Reilly - Stacy]
Reilly [Reilley], Remy [Remmey], Rey, Richard [Rickey], Rick [Rickey], Ricky [Rickey], Ridgeley, Ridley [Riddley], Riley, Ripley, Risley [Wrisley], Rockley, Rodney, Roland [Roley], Romney, Rooney [Rowney], Rory [Rorey], Rowley, Roy [Rey], Rudolph [Rudey], Rutley, Ryley, Sam [Sammey], Sandy [Sandey], Sedgley [Sedgeley], Seeley [Sealey], Selby [Shelbey], Sergio [Sergey], Shandy [Shandey], Shanley [Shannley], Shawnee [Shawney], Shelby [Shelbey], Shelley, Shepley [Shipley], Sidney [Sydney], Sivney, Smedley, Smokey, Somerley [Sorley], Stacy [Stacey]

[Stanley - Westerly]
Stanley, Stepney, Stockley, Stoney, Sully [Sulley], Sunny [Sunney], Sweeney, Sydney, Tandie [Tandey], Tanner [Tanney], Tavis [Tavey], Ted [Teddey], Terence [Terrey], Terry [Terrey], Thandiwe [Thandey], Thomas [Tommey], Thorley, Thornley, Tiernan [Tierney], Timothy [Timothey], Tobias [Tobey], Toby [Tobey], Tony [Toney], Torrence [Torrey], Torry [Torrey], Tracy [Tracey], Trey, Tully [Tulley], Vernon [Verney], Volney, Wadley, Wakeley, Wardley, Warley, Waverley [Waverley], Webley, Welby [Wellbey], Wesley [Westley], Westby [Westbey], Westerly [Westerley]

[Wetherby - Zachary]
Wetherby [Wetherbey], Wetherly [Wetherley], Wheatley, Whitby [Whitbey], White [Whitey], Whitley, Whitney, Wickley, Wiley [Willey], William [Wiley], Willoughby [Willoughbey], Worth [Worthey], Wylie [Wiley], Yancy [Yantsey], Yardley [Yeardley], Yovanny [Yovanney], Zachary [Zackarey]