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Gino - Regino

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Gino 1 Source fr. Italian element. Short form of Ambrogino (Greek) "ever-living" .. A popular name for babies (#942 in 2014), and found commonly as a first name among the male populace according to the US Census. See also Lino.

[Regino, .. 36 more] Var. of Reginald 2 From Latin word. "Ruler's advisor." Scarce as a name for newborns, Regino is found more often as a surname. See also Regen. ..

Regino 3 Possibly a variant of Reginald or .. Rarely used as a name for newborns, Regino exists more commonly as a last name. See also Regin.

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[Gino - Regino]
Gino, Reginald [Regino], Regino