Names ending with -ie for boys

-ie names ending with -ie for men. Names that end in -ie are used more often as feminine names. Here is the list of -ie names for girls. Usage of these boy names was at its highest in 1940-1949 and it is almost as widespread today, but with names like Jessie, Frankie, Eddie, Jamie and Willie falling out of fashion. Kyrie (#505), Charlie (#225) and Brodie (#681) are three of the more fashionable birth names in this compilation, with Charlie having a rebound in popularity.

Aaron - Abe

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[Arnie, Ronnie, .. 35 more] Var. of Aaron 1 From Hebrew language. "Mountain of strength." Usage of Ronnie as a baby name has fallen off over the years since 1940-1949.

[Abbie, .. 5 more] Var. of Abbas 2 Source fr. Arabic, Hebrew words. "Stern, somber; father." Unisex name. The version Abbie is sparsely used as a masculine name. ..

[Abbie, .. 1 more] Var. of Abbey 3 Short form of Abbott, Abelard and Abner .. Unisex name. The version Abbie is uncommonly used as a masculine name.

[Abbie, .. 10 more] Var. of Abbott 4 Based on Old English element. "Father, priest." Seldom used as a given name. A name applicable for both men and women.

[Abie, .. 1 more] Var. of Abe 5 From Hebrew element. Short form of Abner, Abraham, and Abram. The version Abie is uncommonly used as a masculine name. See also Ambie.

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[Aaron - Abe]
Aaron [Ronnie], Abbas [Abbie], Abbey [Abbie], Abbott [Abbie], Abe [Abie]

[Abel - Adlai]
Abel [Abie], Abner [Ebbie], Abraham [Abie], Abram [Abie], Ace [Acie], Ackerley [Acklie], Adam [Addie], Addison [Addie], Addy [Addie], Adlai [Addie]

[Ainsley - Algernon]
Ainsley [Aynslie], Alaire [Larie], Alan [Allie], Alban [Albie], Albert [Bertie, ..], Aldrich [Ritchie], Alexander [Sandie], Alfonso [Fonzie], Alfred [Freddie], Algernon [Algie]

[Alonzo - Archie]
Alonzo [Lonnie], Alphonse [Fonzie], Alvin [Alvie], Ambrose [Ambie], Andrew [Dandie], Angel [Angie], Angus [Gussie], Ansley [Anslie], Archibald [Baldie], Archie

[Arden - Arthur]
Arden [Ardie], Ari [Arie], Aric [Rickie], Ariel [Arie], Aristotle [Arie], Arley [Arlie], Arne [Arnie], Arnold [Arnie], Artemas [Artie], Arthur [Artie]

[Arvad - Bailey]
Arvad [Arvie], Arvin [Arvie], Ashby [Ashbie], Ashley [Ashlie], Aubrey [Averie], Audey [Audie], August [Augie], Augustine [Augie], Augustus [Gussie, ..], Bailey [Baillie]

[Baldie - Beasley]
Baldie, Barclay [Berklie, ..], Barnabas [Barnie], Barnett [Barrie], Barney [Barnie], Barrett [Barrie], Barry [Barrie], Basil [Basilie], Baxley [Baxlie], Beasley [Beaslie]

[Beattie - Bert]
Beattie [Beatie], Bellamy [Bellamie], Ben [Bennie], Benedict [Bennie], Benjamin [Bennie], Bentley [Bentlie], Berkeley [Berkie], Bern [Bernie], Bernard [Bernie], Bert [Bertie]

[Berton - Bob]
Berton [Bertie], Bertram [Bertie], Beverly [Beverlie], Bill [Billie], Birkey [Birkie], Birley [Birlie], Birney [Burnie], Blakely [Blakelie], Blakeney [Blakenie], Bob [Bobbie]

[Boden - Brockley]
Boden [Bodie], Bogart [Bogie], Bowen [Bowie], Bowie, Bradley [Bradlie], Brady [Braydie, ..], Brand [Brantlie], Branley [Branlie], Brawley [Brawlie], Brockley [Brocklie]

[Broderick - Busby]
Broderick [Rickie], Brody [Brodie], Bromley [Broomlie], Brooks [Brookie], Bruce [Brucie], Buck [Buckie], Bud [Buddie], Burleigh [Burlie], Burney [Burnie], Busby [Busbie]

[Buzz - Charlie]
Buzz [Buzzie], Byrd [Byrdie], Cadby [Cadbie], Calvin [Vinnie], Canby [Canbie], Chad [Chaddie], Chaim [Hymie], Chalkley [Chalklie], Charles [Charlie], Charlie

[Chesley - Clement]
Chesley [Cheslie], Chesney [Chesnie], Chessie, Christian [Christie], Christie, Christopher [Christie], Chuck [Chuckie], Clarence [Clarrie], Clarrie, Clement [Clemmie]

[Coakley - Corey]
Coakley [Cokelie], Coby [Kobie], Cody [Codie], Colby [Colbie], Colley [Collie], Conan [Connie], Conrad [Connie], Cook [Cookie], Corbin [Corbie], Corey [Currie, ..]

[Cornelius - Daniel]
Cornelius [Connie], Cowrie, Craig [Craigie], Crosby [Crosbie], Crosley [Crosslie], Curran [Currie], Currier [Currie], Dabney [Dabnie], Dana [Danie], Daniel [Dannie]

[Darby - Destry]
Darby [Darbie], David [Davie], Delaney [Delanie], Delbert [Bertie], Denby [Dennie], Denley [Denlie], Dennis [Dennie], Derby [Derbie], Derry [Derrie], Destry [Destrie]

[Dewey - Ebenezer]
Dewey [Dewie], Dominic [Dominie], Don [Donnie], Dorsey [Dorsie], Duff [Duffie], Dunley [Dunlie], Earl [Earlie], Early [Erlie], Eben [Ebbie], Ebenezer [Ebbie]

[Eddie - Emmanuel]
Eddie, Edgar [Teddie], Edmund [Neddie], Edward [Teddie, ..], Edwin [Teddie, ..], Eleazar [Elie], Eli [Elie], Elias [Ilie], Elijah [Elie], Emmanuel [Mannie]

[Erie - Francis]
Erie, Ernest [Ernie], Ethelbert [Bertie], Everley [Everlie], Farley [Farlie], Ferdinand [Ferdie], Fergus [Fergie], Finlay [Finnlie, ..], Fonso [Fonzie], Francis [Frannie]

[Frank - Gilbert]
Frank [Frankie], Fred [Freddie], Frederick [Freddie], Gabriel [Gabie], Gardner [Gardie], Garvey [Garvie], Gary [Garrie], Geoffrey [Jeffrie], George [Georgie], Gilbert [Bertie]

[Gilby - Haley]
Gilby [Gillbie], Gill [Ghillie], Gillespie [Gillaspie], Glen [Glennie], Gordon [Gordie], Gridley [Gridlie], Grimsley [Grimslie], Gustave [Gussie], Guthrie, Haley [Hallie]

[Harry - Hernley]
Harry [Harrie], Harvey [Harvie], Hastings [Hastie], Heinrich [Heinie], Henderson [Hendrie], Henley [Henlie], Herbert [Herbie], Hercules [Herculie], Herman [Hermie], Hernley [Hernlie]

[Hewett - Ignatius]
Hewett [Hewie], Hilary [Hilarie], Hobart [Hobie], Hockley [Hocklie], Horsley [Horslie], Howard [Howie], Hubert [Hubie], Hugh [Hughie], Hyman [Mannie], Ignatius [Iggie]

[Ilias - Jefferson]
Ilias [Ilie], Imre [Imrie], Isaac [Ikie], Jack [Jackie], Jackson [Jackie], Jacob [Jimmie, ..], Jaime [Jaymie], James [Jimmie, ..], Jamie [Jaimie], Jefferson [Jeffie]

[Jeremiah - Jory]
Jeremiah [Jemmie], Jeremy [Jeremie, ..], Jerome [Gerrie], Jerry [Jerrie], Jesse [Jessie], Jim [Jimmie], Jody [Jodie], John [Jonnie, ..], Jon [Jonnie], Jory [Jorie]

[Joseph - Kirby]
Joseph [Jodie], Kasi [Kasie], Keeley [Keelie], Kelby [Kelbie], Kelsey [Kelsie], Ken [Kennie], Kenley [Kenlie], Kerry [Kerrie], Kingsley [Kinslie], Kirby [Kirbie]

[Kirkley - Lawrence]
Kirkley [Kirklie], Knightley [Knightlie], Kobi [Kobie], Kody [Kodie], Kyrie, Lacy [Lacie], Ladd [Laddie], Lanny [Lannie], Laramie, Lawrence [Lawrie]

[Lemuel - Mackenzie]
Lemuel [Lemmie], Lenny [Lennie], Leonard [Lennie], Leslie, Lindsay [Lyndsie], Linn [Linnie], Lonnie, Louis [Louie], Mac [Mackie], Mackenzie [Mckenzie, ..]

[Malachi - Melvin]
Malachi [Malakie], Mallory [Mallorie], Manuel [Mannie], Martin [Martie], Massey [Massie], Matthew [Mattie], Maurice [Maurie], Maximilian [Maxie], Maximus [Maxie], Melvin [Vinnie]

[Milton - Norman]
Milton [Miltie], Monte [Montie], Montgomery [Montgomerie], Morris [Morrie], Moses [Mosie], Murphy [Murphie], Nicholas [Nickie], Noah [Norrie], Norbert [Bertie], Norman [Normie]

[Obadiah - Patrick]
Obadiah [Obie], Odell [Odie], Oliver [Ollie], Orpheus [Orphie], Osborn [Ozzie], Oscar [Ossie], Oswald [Ozzie], Paddy [Paddie], Parry [Parrie], Patrick [Paddie]

[Paul - Rick]
Paul [Paulie], Percy [Percie], Perry [Perrie], Randall [Randie], Randy [Randie], Reginald [Reggie], Remy [Remie], Renny [Rennie], Richard [Ritchie, ..], Rick [Rickie, ..]

[Rob - Samuel]
Rob [Robbie], Robert [Robbie, ..], Roderick [Roddie], Rodney [Rodnie], Roland [Rollie], Ronald [Ronnie], Rudolph [Rudie], Sacheverell [Sachie], Sam [Sammie], Samuel [Sammie]

[Sandy - Somerby]
Sandy [Sandie], Saul [Sollie], Scott [Scottie], Selby [Shelbie], Shawnee [Shawnie], Shelby [Shelbie], Sivney [Sivnie], Skye [Skie], Solomon [Sollie], Somerby [Somerbie]

[Sonny - Terry]
Sonny [Sonnie], Stacy [Stacie], Stephen [Stevie], Steve [Stevie], Sunny [Sunnie], Tandie, Tanner [Tannie], Tavis [Tavie], Ted [Teddie], Terry [Terrie]

[Thandiwe - Vincent]
Thandiwe [Thandie], Theodore [Teddie], Thomas [Tommie], Tobias [Tobie], Toby [Tobie], Tony [Tonie], Torry [Torrie], Townsend [Townlie], Tully [Tullie], Vincent [Vinnie]

[Wallace - Willis]
Wallace [Wallie], Welby [Welbie], Westby [Westbie], Wetherby [Wetherbie], Whitby [Whitebie], Wiley [Wylie], Wilkes [Willkie], William [Willkie, ..], Willie, Willis [Willie]

[Willoughby - Zachary]
Willoughby [Willoughbie], Wylie, Zachariah [Zakarie, ..], Zachary [Zacharie]