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Ine Names

Page 1 of 4. 61 -ine names ending with -ine for boys, listing -ine baby names 1-20. Alden, Anthony, Antoine, August, Augustine, Beau, Carmine and Dane are popular names. Almarine, Alpin, Bellarmine, Blain, Boden, Boyne, Cain, Caine, Celesto, Constantine, Crane and Delaney are uncommon names. View -ine baby names below for name meanings or search -ine names for girls by suffix.

Alden [Alwine]


Alpin [Alpine, Mcalpine]

Anthony [Antoine, Antonine]

Antoine [Antuwaine, Antwaine, Antwoine]

August [Agustine, Augustine]


Beau [Beaudine]


Blain [Blaine]

Boden [Bodine]

Boyne [Boine]

Cain [Caine, Kaine]



Celesto [Celestine, Selestine]


Crane [Craine]

Dane [Daine]

Delaney [Delaine]

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Top 1000 ranking of -ine names: Antoine, Augustine, Blaine, Carmine, Constantine