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"ION" names ending with -ion for men. Names that end in -ion are used more often as masculine names. Click here for the list of names containing the element "ion", and here for the list of -ion names for girls. Usage of these boy names was at its most widespread in the year 1999 (usage of 0.0741%) and is almost as widespread today (usage 0.0336%, down 54.7%), but with names such as Damion, Davion, Dion, Marion and Savion becoming somewhat dated. Orion (#383) and Zion (#255) are two of the more trendy boy names here.

Adrian - Damian

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[Adrion, .. 26 more] Form of Adrian 1 Origin fr. Latin word. "From Hadria." Not in Top 1000. See also Arion. ..

Aktaion 2 Derivative of Greek word. "One who lives in Akte (Attica)." Aktaion is uncommon as a baby name.

[Albion, .. 17 more] Form of Alban 3 Source fr. Latin. "From Alba." Common as surname, and Albion (top 89%) is comparable to popular last names Albitz (top 43%), Albone (72%), which also start with Alb-. See also Alben. ..

Albion 4 Derivative of Latin, Celtic. "White; rock, crag." Albion is unusual as a boys' name. See also Albain. ..

Arion 5 .. Mythology. Arion (cf. Carion, Lorion) is a popular -rion suffix surname. See also Aran.

Benzion 6 Derivative of Hebrew. "Son of Zion." Uncommon. Compare Benzion and common -ion surnames Mansion (upper 62%), Kenion (37%). See also Bensson.

[Brion, .. 13 more] Var. of Brian 7 Derivative of Celtic, Irish, Gaelic elements. "High, noble." Rare as a baby name, but Brion is comparable to the more common Orion. See also Byron.

Campion 8 Derived fr. Middle English word. "Champion." Rare. Campion (cf. Stevenson, Johnathon) ends with the favored masculine -on. See also Champion.

Champion [Campion, .. 2 more] 9 Source fr. Middle English word. "Warrior." Unique. Champion, Campion, like Cliffeton, Mabon, end with the common masculine -on.

[Damion, .. 18 more] Form of Damian 10 Derived fr. Greek word. .. The Belgian priest Father Damien is .. Unusual. Damion (cf. Morrison, Hobson) uses the familiar masculine -on suffix. See also Darion.

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for -ion names for boys.

Adrian - Damian
Adrian [Adrion], Aktaion, Alban [Albion], Albion, Arion, Benzion, Brian [Brion], Campion, Champion [Campion], Damian [Damion]

Darian - Fabian
Darian [Darion, Darrion], Darion [Darrion], Darrien [Darion, Darrion], Davian [Davion], Davion, Deion, Dennis [Dion], Devon [Devion], Dion [Deion], Dionysius [Dion], Dorian [Dorion], Eifion, Einion, Eion [Ion], Emil [Emilion], Endymion [Endimion], Eoin [Ion], Eurion, Evian [Evion], Fabian [Fabion, Faybion]

Garron - Tavon
Garron [Garion], Gillean [Gillion], Gur [Gurion], Hilary [Hilarion], Ian [Ion, Eion], Ion [Eion], John [Eion], Kevin [Kevion], Leo [Lion], Mario [Meirion], Marion, Marmion, Maximilian [Maxemilion], Orion, Ryan [Rion], Savion [Xavion], Savyon [Savion], Sion [Zion], Spiridon [Spiridion], Tavon [Tavion]

Torin - Zion
Torin [Torion], Travon [Travion], Trevin [Trevion], Xavier [Savion, Xayvion], Zion [Sion]