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"ON" baby names ending with -on are used more often as masculine names.

Adoption of these boy names was at its apex in 2008 (usage of 0.0587%) and has remained as widespread to this day (usage 0.0582%, down 0.9%), but with names such as Jaydon, Brendon, Jaylon, Jadon and Camron becoming somewhat outmoded. The most fashionable names for newborns here are Gannon (#413), Princeton (#517), Benson (#526), Nixon (#587) and Edison (#690), and there is a rekindling in birth name usage for Edison and Gannon. Bacon (top 1%) and Brunson (1%) are common -on last names.

Here is the list of -on names for girls.

pinAaron - Albin

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of -on names: Aaron, Addison, Aron, Arron, Ron

Aaron [Aarron, Aeron, Aharon, Ahron, Aron, Auron, Arron, Ayron, Ron, .. 28 more] 1 Derived fr. Hebrew language. "Mountain of strength." Aafon, Aaronne and Alron are kreatif variations.

[Abelson, .. 7 more] Var. of Abel 2 Derived fr. Hebrew. "Breath, vapour." Not Top 1000 name. ..

[Absalon, Absolon, .. 5 more] Var. of Absalom 3 Source fr. Hebrew language. "Father is peace." Unique. Absalon, Absolon (cf. Allon) ends with -lon. ..

Acton 4 Derived fr. Old English element. "Oak tree settlement." Outside Top 1000. See also Aston.

[Addison, Adnon, .. 22 more] Var. of Adam 5 Origin fr. Hebrew word. "Earth." Outside Top 1000.

Adamson [Adamsson, Addamson] 6 Derivative of Old English element. "Son of Adam." Outside Top 1000.

Addison [Addeson, Adison, Adisson, .. 3 more] 7 Derived fr. Old English element. "Son of Adam." Uncommon. Adisson, var. (cf. Anson) uses the -son suffix. ..

[Adon, .. 2 more] Form of Aden 8 Stems fr. Gaelic. "Fire." Outside Top 1000. See also Adem. ..

Admon 9 Derivative of Hebrew. "Earth." Unique, with the -mon suffix like Amon. ..

[Adon, .. 4 more] Form of Adonia 10 From Hebrew element. "My lord is Jehovah." Uncommon. Adon (cf. Andon) ends with the androgynous -don. See also Aron.

[Adon, .. 4 more] Var. of Adonis 11 From Greek language. "Extremely good looking, handsome." Not in Top 1000. See also Adim.

[Adrion, Adron, .. 25 more] Forms of Adrian 12 Stems fr. Latin element. "From Hadria." Not in popularity charts. ..

Aeson 13 Origin fr. Greek element. Unknown meaning .. Not in popularity charts. See also Aeron.

Afton [Affton] 14 From Old English. Place name and surname used as .. Rare, with the androgynous -ton suffix for Afton, Affton like Atherton.

Agamemnon [Agamenon, .. 1 more] 15 Derivative of Greek language. "Working slowly." Outside Top 1000.

Aimon [Aymon, Haimon, .. 3 more] 16 Root fr. Old German language. "Fatherland." Uncommon. Aimon, Aymon, Haimon, like Admon, ends with -mon. ..

Aktaion 17 Stems fr. Greek language. "One who lives in Akte (Attica)." Not Top 1000 name.

[Alanson, Allon, Alon, .. 22 more] Var. of Alan 18 Root fr. Old German. "Precious." Uncommon. Allon, Alon, like Apollon, has the unconventional androgynous -lon ending. ..

[Albion, .. 16 more] Form of Alban 19 Based on Latin. "From Alba." Outside Top 1000. See also Albinson. ..

[Albinson, .. 5 more] Form of Albin 20 Derivative of English. "White, pale-skinned." Not in popularity charts. See also Albion. ..

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for -on names for boys.

Aaron - Albin
Aaron [Ron, ..], Abel [Abelson], Absalom [Absolon], Acton, Adam [Adnon], Adamson [Addamson], Addison [Adisson, ..], Aden [Adon], Admon, Adonia [Adon], Adonis [Adon], Adrian [Adron], Aeson, Afton [Affton], Agamemnon [Agamenon], Aimon [Haimon], Aktaion, Alan [Alon, ..], Alban [Albion], Albin [Albinson]

Albion - Ardon
Albion, Aldo [Aldon], Aldous [Eldon], Aleron [Aileron], Algernon [Allgernon], Alison [Allyson, ..], Alon [Allon], Alonzo [Lon], Alston [Allston], Alton [Elton, ..], Ammon [Amnon], Anders [Andersson], Anson [Hanson, ..], Anthony [Antwon], Antoine [Antwon], Anton [Toon, ..], Antonio [Anton], Apollo [Apollon], Arden [Ardon], Ardon

Arion - Baron
Arion [Aryon], Armand [Armon], Armon, Arnon, Aron, Arran [Arron], Arvin [Arvon], Ashby [Ashton], Ashton [Aston], Aston, Atherton, Auberon [Oeberon, ..], Aubrey [Oberon], Augustine [Agoston], Avon, Babson [Babsson], Bard [Bardon], Barden [Bordon], Barnett [Barron], Baron [Barron]

Barrington - Bourbon
Barrington, Barry [Barrington], Barton [Barrton], Beacon, Beaman [Beemon], Belden [Belldon], Belton [Bellton], Benjamin [Benjamon], Benson [Bensson], Benton, Benzion, Berger [Bergeron], Berthold [Berton], Berton [Burton], Bertram [Berton], Bevan [Bevvon], Blanton [Blandon], Bolton [Bollton], Boston, Bourbon [Borbon]

Boynton - Bruno
Boynton, Braden [Braydon, ..], Brandon [Branton], Brannon, Branson [Branston], Branton [Brannton], Braxton [Brexton], Braylen [Braylon], Brendan [Brennon], Brennan [Brennon], Brent [Brenton], Brenton [Brentton], Brett [Britton, ..], Brian [Bryon], Brighton, Britton [Briton], Brockton [Brocton], Bronson [Bronsson, ..], Broughton, Bruno [Brunon]

Bryan - Caxton
Bryan [Bryon], Bryson, Burton, Button, Buxton, Byron [Buiron, ..], Caden [Cadon], Camden [Camdon], Cameron [Ron, ..], Campion, Cannon [Kanon], Canyon, Caolan [Kealon], Carden [Cardon], Carlsen [Karlsson, ..], Carlton [Charlton, ..], Caron, Carrington [Caryngton], Carson [Kason, ..], Caxton

Champion - Clive
Champion [Champeon], Channing [Channon, ..], Charles [Charlton], Charlton [Charleton, ..], Chester [Cheston], Chevron, Chilton [Chelton], Christian [Criston], Cimarron [Simeron, ..], Clarence [Claron], Claude [Claudon], Claxton, Clayton [Klayton], Cleavant [Cleavon], Cleon [Kleon], Cletus [Cleon], Cleveland [Clevon, ..], Clifton [Clyffton, ..], Clinton, Clive [Cleavon]

Cole - Dajon
Cole [Colson], Colton [Colston, ..], Conan [Con], Conlan [Conlon], Conrad [Con], Cornelius [Con], Corridon, Corydon [Coridon], Cotton, Coulson [Colson], Covington, Cranston, Creed [Creedon], Creighton [Crichton], Crofton [Croffton], Croydon, Da- [Davon], Dagan [Dagon], Dagon, Dajon

Dallan - Dawson
Dallan [Dalon], Dallin [Dallon], Dalton [Daulton, ..], Damian [Daymon, ..], Damon [Daymon], Dane [Danon], Danton [D'anton], Darian [Darrion], Darin [Darron], Darion [Darrion], Darren [Derron, ..], Darrien [Darrion], Darton, Darwin [Darwon], Davian [Davyon], David [Davon], Davion [Daveon], Davis [Dayton, ..], Davon, Dawson

Dax - Devon
Dax [Daxton], Daylon, Dayton, De- [Deron, ..], Deacon [Deekon], Deion [Deon], Delmon, Delroy [Delron], Delton [Dalton], Delvin [Delvon], Dennis [Dion, ..], Dennison [Tennyson, ..], Deon, Deron [Derron], Derwin [Dervon], Deshawn [Deshon], Destin [Deston], Devin [Devon], Devlin [Devlon], Devon [Devron, ..]

Dexter - Dylan
Dexter [Dexton], Dick [Dixon], Dickinson, Dillon [Dylon, ..], Dion [Deyon, ..], Dionysius [Dion], Dixon [Dickson], Dodge [Dodgson], Don, Donovan [Donovon, ..], Doran [Doron], Dorian [Dorion], Doron, Dotson [Dottson], Dow [Dowson], Drake [Drakon], Dunstan [Dunston], Dunton, Dustin [Duston], Dylan [Dylon, ..]

Dyson - Eldon
Dyson, Eamon [Aymon, ..], Earlston [Earlton], Easton, Eaton [Eyton, ..], Eden [Edon], Edison [Edson], Edmund [Odon, ..], Edward [Edison], Eifion, Efron [Ephron], Egan [Egon], Egerton [Edgerton], Egon, Eilon [Ilon], Einion [Eynon], Eion [Ion], Ekon, Elden [Elton], Eldon

Eliron - Eurion
Eliron, Ellington, Ellison [Elson, ..], Elon, Elsdon, Elston [Elson], Elton [Ellton, ..], Emerson, Emil [Emilion], Endymion [Endimion], Eoghan [Jevon], Eoin [Ion], Ephraim [Evron], Ericson [Erikson], Erin [Erron], Eron, Esias [Esiasson], Esteban [Estevon], Eston, Eurion

Everton - Galvin
Everton, Evian [Evion], Fabian [Faybion], Fabron, Falco [Falcon], Faron [Farron], Farquhar [Farquarson], Farren [Ferron], Faxon, Felton, Fenton, Fergus [Fergusson], Ferron, Ford [Fordon], Freeman [Freemon], Fulton, Gaetano [Gaeton], Galen [Jaylon, ..], Galton [Gallton], Galvin [Galvon]

Gannon - Glenavon
Gannon, Garman [Garmon], Garmon, Garret [Garretson], Garrison [Garrisson], Garron [Geron, ..], Garson, Garton [Gorton], Gaston [Gascon], Geoffrey [Jepherson], Gershom [Gerson], Gibson [Gilson], Gideon [Hedeon], Gillean [Gillon, ..], Gilon, Gilson [Gillson], Gilzean [Gilleon], Girvin [Girvon], Glen [Glennon], Glenavon [Glennavon]

Glendon - Hazleton
Glendon [Glenton], Gordon, Gorton, Graydon [Grayton], Grayson [Greyson, ..], Griffin [Gryphon], Gur [Guryon], Hadden [Hadon], Hakon [Hacon], Halton [Halton], Hamilton [Hamelton], Hampton, Hanson [Hansson], Harden [Hardon], Harman [Harmon], Harrington, Harrison [Harrisson], Harun [Haron], Hayden [Haydon], Hazleton

Hedeon - Ion
Hedeon, Henderson [Henryson], Herman [Hermon], Herndon, Hewson, Hilary [Hilarion], Hilton [Hylton], Hobson [Hobbson], Hodgson, Hopkins [Hopkinson], Horton [Orton], Houghton, Houston [Hutchinson, ..], Hudson, Huntington [Huntingdon], Huon, Hutton, Ian [Ion, ..], Ilan [Ilon], Ion [Eion]

Ivo - Jerome
Ivo [Ivon], Ja- [Jayvon, ..], Jackson [Jaxson, ..], Jaden [Jaydon, ..], Jadon [Jaydon], Jalen [Jaylon, ..], James [Jamison], Jameson [Jamison, ..], Janson [Jenson], Jaron [Jerron], Jason [Jayson], Javan [Jayvon], Jay [Jayron], Jaylen [Jaylon], Jayson, Je- [Jevon], Jefferson [Jeffersson], Jeffrey [Jefferson], Jens [Jensson], Jerome [Jerron]

Jestin - Kannon
Jestin [Jeston], Jevon, Jim [Jimson], John [Jon, ..], Johnson [Johnston], Jolyon, Jon, Jonathan [Jonathon, ..], Jordan [Jordon], Joren [Joron], Jovan [Jovon], Jude [Judson], Julian [Jolyon], Julius [Jolyon], Kade [Kadon], Kaden [Kaydon, ..], Kaemon, Kamden [Kamdon], Kameron [Kamron], Kannon

Karl - Ladon
Karl [Karson], Keaton [Keeton], Keenan [Kennon], Kelton [Kellton], Kelvin [Kelvon], Kempton, Kennard [Kendon], Kenton, Kenyon, Keon, Keoni [Keon], Kevin [Kevron, ..], Kieran [Kierron, ..], Kingston, Kiran [Kieron], Kolton, Kynaston, Kyrone [Kyron], La- [Lavon, ..], Ladon

Lake - Lidon
Lake [Lakon], Landon, Langdon [Landon], Langston [Langton], Larron [Laron], Lars [Larsson], Lauriston, Lawrence [Lon], Lawson, Lawton [Loughton], Le- [Levon], Lebrun [Lebron], Leighton [Leyton], Leo [Lyon, ..], Leon, Leonard [Leon], Leron, Levi [Levon], Levon, Lidon [Leedon]

Linden - Malden
Linden [Lyndon], Linton [Lynton], Liron [Lyron], Litton [Lytton], Livingston, London, Lonnie [Lon], Loren [Loron], Lunn [Lon], Lyndon [Lindon], Lyon, Lytton, Mabon, Macmahon [Mcmahon], Macon, Madison [Madyson, ..], Magnus [Magnusson], Mahlon, Maimon, Malden [Maldon]

Malin - Mellen
Malin [Mallon], Mandel [Mandelson], Manton [Mannton], Marden [Mardon], Mario [Meirion], Marion, Marland [Marlon], Marlon, Marmion [Marmyon], Marsden [Marsdon], Marshawn [Marshon], Marston, Martin [Marton], Maslin [Masslon], Mason, Max [Maxson], Maximilian [Maxemilion], Mckenna [Mckennon], Meldon, Mellen [Mellon]

Melvin - Nick
Melvin [Melvon], Merlin [Marlon], Merton [Murton], Middleton, Milton [Mylton], Mochan [Machon, ..], Monckton [Monkton], Morris [Morrisson], Morse [Morrison], Morton, Myron [Miron], Nachshon [Nachson], Napoleon [Leon], Nathan [Nathon], Navon, Neil [Nealon], Nelson [Nilsson, ..], Nevin [Nevon], Newton, Nick [Nixon]

Nixon - Peyton
Nixon, Norton, Oberon [Oberron, ..], Odilo [Odilon], Ogden [Ogdon], Orion [Oryon], Oron, Orson [Urson], Orton, Palmer [Palmerston], Parsons [Person], Parton, Patrick [Patton], Patterson [Pattison], Patton [Paton], Paul [Paulson], Paxton [Paxon], Pendleton, Peter [Peterson], Peyton [Payton]

Philemon - Riordan
Philemon, Phipps [Philipson], Pierce [Piersson, ..], Piers [Piersson, ..], Plato [Platon], Poseidon, Preston, Prince [Princeton], Quentin [Quinton], Quinton [Quinnton], Ralston, Ramon [Raymon], Randall [Randon], Rawlins [Rawson], Ray [Raydon], Raymond [Ramon], Remington, Renton, Rexton, Riordan [Reardon]

Rishon - Saxon
Rishon, Riston [Wriston], Robert [Robynson, ..], Robinson [Robson, ..], Ronald [Ron], Ronson, Ross [Rosston], Rowdon, Royden [Roydon], Royston, Ruston [Russton], Ryan [Ryon], Saffron [Saphron], Salton, Samson [Sanson], Sanders [Saunderson], Sanditon, Savion [Xavion], Savyon [Savion], Saxon [Saxton]

Scanlon - Simon
Scanlon, Seaton [Seton], Sefton, Seldon, Seton, Sexton, Shalom [Solomon], Shan [Shandon], Shannon [Shanon], Shavon [Shovon], Shea [Shaylon], Sheldon, Shelton, Sheridan [Sheridon], Sherman [Shermon], Shipton, Silas [Silvaon], Silverton, Simeon [Simyon], Simon [Szymon, ..]

Simpson - Talon
Simpson, Sion [Zion], Smith [Smythson], Snowden [Snowdon], Solomon [Shalmon, ..], Somerton, Spiridon [Spyridon], Stanton [Staunton], Stefan [Steffon], Stephen [Stevenson, ..], Stetson [Stettson], Steven [Stevon], Stockton, Sutton, Sven [Swenson], Swanton, Swinton, Syon, Talmon, Talon [Tallon]

Tamson - Theron
Tamson, Tanner [Tannon], Tannon [Tanson], Tanton, Tarleton, Tarun [Taroon], Tavis [Taveon], Tavon [Tavion], Taylan [Taylon], Tayson, Tayton [Teyton], Templeton, Tennyson, Terence [Terron], Terran [Terron], Terron [Teron, ..], Tevon, Theodore [Theodon], Theon, Theron [Therron]

Thomas - Tychon
Thomas [Thompson, ..], Thor [Thorsson], Thornton, Thurman [Thurmon], Thurston [Torston], Tiburon, Tilden [Tildon], Tilton, Timon, Timothy [Tymon], Tomlin [Tomlinson], Tompkins [Tompkinson], Torin [Torion], Travon [Trayvon, ..], Trent [Trenton], Trenton, Trevin [Trevon], Tristan [Triston], Triton, Tychon

Tynan - Watson
Tynan [Tynon], Typhoon, Tyrone [Tyron], Tyson [Tyeson], Upton, Van [Von], Vardon [Verdon], Verlyn [Verlon], Vernon, Vinson, Vinton, Von, Walden [Waldon], Waldo [Waldron], Waldron, Walton, Warburton, Warton [Wharton], Washington, Watson

Wayland - Yukon
Wayland [Waylon], Weldon [Welldon], Wellington, Welton, Weston, Wharton [Warton], Wheaton, Wilkinson [Willkinson], William [Wilson, ..], Willis [Williston], Wilson [Willson], Wilton, Winston [Wynston], Winton [Wynton], Woodson, Worth [Worthington], Wynn [Wynton], Xavier [Xayvion, ..], Xenophon, Yukon

Yves - Ziv
Yves [Yvon], Zalman [Zalomon], Zebulon [Zevulon], Zenas [Zenon], Zeno [Zinon], Zion [Sion], Ziv [Zivon]