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"PER" names ending with -per for men. Names that end in -per are used more often as masculine names. Click here for the list of names containing the element "per", and here for the list of -per names for girls. These boy names were at the peak of their popularity in the year 2012 (usage of 0.0974%) and have remained as popular to this day (usage 0.0937%, down 3.8%), but with names such as Casper becoming less trendy. Cooper (#86) and Jasper (#218) are two of the more contemporarily stylish birth names among these, and there is a rekindling in baby name usage for Jasper.

Caspar - Tupper

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[Casper, Gasper, Jasper, .. 5 more] Forms of Caspar 1 Derived fr. Persian element. "Treasurer." Casper (top 2%), Gasper (4%) and Jasper (2%) occur commonly as last names. ..

[Chipper] Form of Chip 2 Source fr. Old German word. "Free man." Rare, but Chipper is similar to popular -pper surnames Kepper (top 56%), Schnipper (70%). ..

Cooper 3 Stems fr. Old English language. "Barrel maker." Adoption of Cooper as a boys' name in 2014 was down 5.4% compared to a decade ago.

Draper 4 Root fr. Old English language. .. a draper was a man who .. Not in Top 1000.

[Casper, Gasper, Jasper, Kasper, .. 5 more] Var. of Gaspard 5 Derived fr. French, Persian languages. "Treasurer." Uncommon. Casper, Jasper, etc., like Sylver, Baumer, end with the common masculine -er. ..

Harper 6 Root fr. Old English word. "Harpist, minstrel." Gender-neutral name. Harper soared in popularity in 2012 and is less popular today.

Hooper 7 From Old English element. "Maker of hoops." Hooper, like the similar-sounding Hopper, occurs more usually as a surname.

[Hopper, .. 4 more] Form of Hopkins 8 Based on Welsh. "Son of Robert." Hopper (upper 1%), like Happer (upper 59%), Klepper (9%), is a popular -pper suffix last name. See also Hooper. ..

Jasper [Gasper, Jesper, Kacper, .. 2 more] 9 Derived fr. Greek element. .. Possibly (Persian) "treasure keeper". Jasper, Gasper (cf. Esper, Trosper) are popular -sper suffix surnames.

Juniper 10 Plant name .. Popular as last name. Compare Juniper (upper 42%) and popular -per last names Leiper (upper 40%), Kulper (88%).

[Kasper] Var. of Kaspar 11 .. Originally Jasper. Kasper (cf. Kasher, Kasperek) is a common Kas- prefix surname. See also Gasper.

[Neper] Form of Napier 12 Derived fr. Scottish language. Place name .. Not Top 1000 name.

Pepper 13 .. Used often as a nickname for .. Unisex name. Pepper (upper 2%), like Peppas (upper 63%), Peppers (4%), is a popular Pepp- prefix last name.

[Per, .. 20 more] Var. of Peter 14 Source fr. Greek language. "Rock." Popular as last name. Compare Per (upper 69%) with popular last names Pei (upper 20%), Pera (6%), which also start with Pe-. See also Perry. ..

[Per, .. 2 more] Form of Pierre 15 From French word. .. Per and Peer are German and .. Per is scarce as a given name, appearing regularly (upper 69%) as a surname. See also Par.

Piper 16 From Old English element. "One who plays the pipes." Gender-neutral name. Common as surname, and Piper (upper 1%) is similar to popular surnames Piser (upper 70%), Pier (9%), which also start with Pi-.

Prosper 17 Derived fr. Latin element. "Fortunate." Prosper is seldom adopted as a boys' name. ..

Roper 18 Origin fr. Old English element. "Rope maker." Common as surname, and Roper (top 1%) is similar to common Ro- last names Ropes (top 64%), Rower (48%). See also Royer.

[Skipper, .. 1 more] Var. of Skip 19 Derivative of English. "Ship, boss." Skipper is not in the Top 1000.

Tupper 20 Derivative of Old English language. "Ram, male sheep." Tupper (cf. Tuper, Turmer) is a popular Tu- prefix last name. See also Topher.

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[Caspar - Tupper]
Caspar [Jasper, ..], Chip [Chipper], Cooper, Draper, Gaspard [Kasper, ..], Harper, Hooper, Hopkins [Hopper], Jasper [Kacper, ..], Juniper, Kaspar [Kasper], Napier [Neper], Pepper, Peter [Per], Pierre [Per], Piper, Prosper, Roper, Skip [Skipper], Tupper